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Ukrainian lady

Beautiful Ukrainian ladies are believed to make incredible wives. Foreign men are eager to date single women from this country and finally find the one for marriage. Ukrainian ladies possess such character traits as compassion, loyalty, generosity and honesty. They look so stunning that the men who visit Ukraine for the first time are totally hypnotized by their femininity and gorgeous wide smiles. However, if you are willing to meet a nice single lady from Ukraine and want to develop your relationship with her, you will need to understand Ukrainian mentality and the way of your girl’s thinking.

There are some huge differences between the outlook of the people from Western and Eastern Europe. Here are some useful tips that will help you understand your beautiful Ukrainian lady better. When you get fully involved into the relationship, try not to forget about these pieces of advice.

5 Tips how to court a Ukrainian lady

Tip 1. Win the heart of a Ukrainian lady

Ukrainian ladies may seem very approachable and easy-going at first sight. They will show you a rather emotional and humorous attitude; behave in a spontaneous and carefree way. However, despite this open-mindedness, it is not that easy to win the heart of such a girl. A Ukrainian lady will not lay herself out in order to provide more of an accelerant to the fire. She will need time to get used to you, so try not to put too much pressure on her.

Please note that this tip will not be very helpful in case you just want to drag the girl to bed. It will help the men who truly want to establish a stable and long-term relationship with a worthy woman and win her heart. To cut a long story short, this tip will be useful for those men who want to love and be loved.

To win the heart of a single beauty from Ukraine, you need to focus on her soul. You can be the most handsome man, you can have a lot of money, but it will not help much if you are not interested in her totally, if you do not fall in love with her. So choose only the women you are really curious about at and start communicating. Just let yourself go and let your talk be as natural as possible. Ukrainian ladies will appreciate if you ask them a lot about their origin, their family, their likes and dislikes etc.

Do your best to be a good listener, this will make your girl very happy and show her that you really care. When it comes to you, do not be shy to express your thoughts and feelings openly. Just enjoy the natural flow of your communication.

Tip 2. Choose appropriate compliments

The most appropriate compliment at the beginning of the relationship with a lady from Ukraine will be: “You are beautiful!” If you want to shower more compliments on her or create a more personalized approach towards the girl you like, be sure that it does not sound either lascivious or insincere. Try not to describe a specific girl’s trait in an offensive way. To avoid any kind of misunderstanding at the very start of your communication, just stick to her incredible appearance. As long as your relationship develops, you will feel for sure what your girlfriend will find pleasant to hear. There is no need in big poems, a short nice phrase will do. Make your Ukrainian lady shine with your gallant compliments.

Tip 3. Never compare a Ukrainian lady to your ex-girlfriend

When a foreign man dates a Ukrainian lady, he might get very surprised at the difference between her and the western girls who he used to date. It is true that women in Ukraine will hardly ever care about the following things:

  • Competition caused by climbing the career ladder and winning more success than a man. A Ukrainian woman is very family-oriented and does not lay so much emphasis on her career, just like a Belarusian lady.
  • Standing for women’s rights, feminism, sexual harassment suits. Ukrainian women simply do not care about achieving the same rights as men. They are rather homely and feminine, which is reflected in the way they dress and behave.
  • Neglecting a man’s needs or feelings. A lady from Ukraine will show you a lot of compassion and will do her best to satisfy your needs. Since childhood she was taught to treat a man in a good way, learning by the example of her mother, same as a Russian lady.

As you see, the difference between your ex-girlfriend and a Ukrainian lady might be great. However, never draw any comparison in the presence of your girlfriend. Every woman is unique, and it might be quite offensive to say that somebody is worse or better. Therefore, try not to talk about it with your Ukrainian lady at all. No matter what pain you had to go through in the past, do not blame your ex. Be a gentleman who does not boast about his victories and does not cry about his defeats.

Tip 4. Be romantic

Remember that you need to win the heart, soul and mind of a beautiful Ukrainian woman before meeting her in real life. So do your best to establish a good communication before you decide to visit Ukraine. Only if you implement all the abovementioned tips successfully, your date will think about sharing some intimate moments with you. Therefore, have more patience and start making some implicit jokes and allusions. She must understand your desire, but she should not see it.

Tip 5. Take a small step forward, but do not push

You will find this tip helpful in case you are not sure how to bring your relationship to the next level, especially if you have already come to Ukraine. If the first meeting with your date went well and you think that it is time for moving forward, relax for a while and analyze the situation.

Imagine that you have already come to Ukraine. What if your beautiful girlfriend does not express any obvious signs? In this case, you should not make any abrupt moves towards her. However, you can take small steps in order to find out what she feels towards you and help her decrease her probable fear. If today she is afraid to kiss you, take her by the hand. If today she is afraid to seem too frivolous, kiss her on her cheek or on her forehead. Each small step is a step towards her heart. No matter if it takes a lot of time, it is still a step forward to find a girl for marriage.