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Samara brides – amazing women from the southeast of Russia

Have you ever met a girl, as beautiful as an angel? Samara is a city of gorgeous single women where every lady in the street looks like a movie star! Men from other countries admit that Russian women are incredibly attractive and feminine, which makes them desirable brides all over the world. The girls who live in Samara possess an angelic beauty and a nice character. What exactly makes them special?

Typical features of Samara brides

In every corner of Russia the women are quite different because it is a very large country. In this article you will find specific features that set Samara brides apart from the rest of Russian girls. Get to know about their appearance, character, family traditions and many other. Find your perfect match at this online dating service! Manny happy international couples have already been created at, so do not hesitate to join in. Create your profile at Samara marriage agency and view the profiles of the real single beautiful brides who are looking forward to meeting their soulmate! Find your true love and become a happy husband.

Ethnic groups of Samara

Samara is a multinational city that was once called Kuibyshev. It has a population of approximately 1 171 000 people, and about 3 million people also live in its suburbs. Samara is situated on the Volga river, one of the longest rivers in Europe.

On average, the share of Russian urban population of Samara region dominates and makes about 87%. There are also other Slavic people there: the Ukrainians (2.7%) and the Belarusians (0.7%). Thus, 90.1% of the urban population of Samara have a European type of appearance.

The second group of urban population consists of the Turkic Tatars (3.0%), the Chuvash (1.8%), the Bashkirs (0.1%) and the Kazakhs (0.1%). The average share of the Turkish population among the citizens makes 5.0%.

There are also the representatives of the Finno-Ugric population of urban settlements, such as the Mordovians (2.6%) and the Mari (0.1%).


As you see, the most women of Samara look like the Europeans. They have a white skin, fair or brown hair, a slim figure and are quite tall. A foreigner who visits Samara for the first time is usually carried away by their beauty and intellect.

As for the ladies of the second ethnic group, they possess an Asian type of appearance, typical of the Mongols. Their deep dark eyes and black hair, olive skin and sensual lips make men go crazy. Women of this type are usually 160-165 cm tall.

No matter whether you are dating an “Asian” or “European” girl from Samara, you can be sure that she puts a great effort into looking attractive. Any lady from this city would rather refuse from food than cancel an appointment with her hairdresser or a beautician. Her hair and nails always look perfect. Samara brides also love wearing makeup, despite the occasion. Looking gorgeous under any circumstances is a strict rule, following which is a must.

The reason for such behaviour of the locals is, probably, the lack of men in Samara. It is an overall issue in Russia, so the girls push themselves to the utmost in order to attract men’s attention. There is a certain rivalry among these brides, so they take a really good care of themselves.

Most of them look very feminine and wear long or short skirts, clinging dresses, high-heeled shoes and nice accessories. Eagerly following the latest fashion trends, Samara brides become the masters of choosing elegant clothes that suit them. No matter what style they stick to or how much money they have, these girls will manage to look stunning. The result that they get is definitely worth the attention that they pay to their looks. Men from all over the world lose their minds when they meet the women from Samara marriage agency.


Samara girls have a unique character that includes both an overt femininity and a strong will. Vitality and amiability are probably the most prominent features of these girls, as well as their sense of pride and a high self-esteem. These girls love setting targets for themselves and achieving them. No matter if it is a working project or a culinary challenge in their own kitchen, they will accomplish it with an “excellent mark” and feel proud of the result. Their weak side and the greatest fear is, probably, “losing their face” if something suddenly goes wrong. For this reason, they are very prudent and try to avoid any unnecessary risks, making a lot of preparations for many activities in their life. The local ladies also hate lies and tend to speak out truth, even if it can hurt their opponent.

The women in Samara are also generous and down-to-earth. They are fond of the guests and like throwing a party. Being incredible cooks, they are never tired of perfecting the recipes, which they received from their mothers and grannies, and inventing their own “haute cuisine” dishes. Their guests are fond of the house specialties, which makes Samara brides really happy. There is no wonder why men want to make these girls their wives – apart from being beautiful and kind, they are also wonderful housewives and loving spouses!


Samara women have a lot of hobbies, but they are especially keen on sports: swimming and jogging, yoga and pilates, dancing and skating etc. Such deep interest towards sports activities is also underpinned by the desire to become slim and slender and win a man’s heart with their beauty. Indeed, the local ladies are simply irresistible, thanks to being in a perfect physical shape.

Attitude to family

rom an early age Samara brides want to build a strong relationship with a reliable partner and create a happy close-knit family. It is in their culture to be close to each other, respect their relatives and communicate with them quite often. A woman from this city will do her best to make her husband feel satisfied and relaxed at home. These girls will turn your house into a cozy place! If you move to a detached house, your wife from Samara, who is fond of gardening, will be happy to plant a lot of beautiful flowers and trees that will blossom and raise your spirits.


There is an agreeable peculiarity of how Samara women speak. They stretch the vowels with their melodic voice like this: “Privet, Gaaaal!” (“Hi Galina”) or “Poka, Oooool!” (Bye, Olga!). Many men from abroad consider this feature to be very sexy.

Lots of love to you
from Samara women!