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Russian Women

So many men all over the world desire beautiful Russian women despite the cultural differences and communication gaps. Why is a Russian girl more preferable for a foreign man than his female compatriot? Is it worth trying, discovering the “treasures” of Russian culture and making them a part of your own life? We offer you to join Kovla online dating service and decide, whether it works for you.

What makes Russian women so attractive?

Stunning appearance

Presentable looks make a Russian girl incredibly likeable. These women possess a unique style and a stunning appearance, and at times, their beauty might cause envy. Even a supermodel would feel jealous, standing next to a beautiful Russian woman, because most girls there follow fashion trends eagerly. They pay much attention to the shape of their body and often use makeup. Russian women do their best to look great even if they just go out to buy some milk.

Gentle manner

Russian women are more easy-going and open-hearted than most western ladies. Natural mildness and inborn ability to feel their partner make Russian women the most desirable brides for foreign men. Of course, there are certain exceptions to this rule, but the majority of those women are not only beautiful, but also very nice and caring, modest and mature. They want to find a partner whom they will love for the rest of their life. This is considered a great combination for building a strong relationship.


In Russia both a woman’s beauty and her ability to bear and nurse children are of high value. Thus, women from this country worship femininity. They tend to dress in a very feminine way, often wearing skirts, dresses and high heels. You will have to put more effort into finding a single Russian girl, passing you by in pants and sneakers and without any makeup on, than into meeting a beautiful model-type girl. Of course, many men fall for this kind of genuine femininity, which is so vivid in Russia.

Focus on family

Being family-oriented is a general trend, typical of women from Eastern Europe. Such woman will try to make your family life as happy as possible, which is also relevant for Ukrainian women, by the way. Most Eastern-European women are well educated and often make great success in their professional life, but they tend to make their family a #1 priority. This tradition has deep roots in the ancient belief that being a real woman means becoming a caring wife and a good mother. This is the main reason why women in Russia feel incomplete without a family, and so do Belorussian women.

Why so many beautiful Russian women are single?

According to the statistics, about 10 million of beautiful Russian women are single. Historical background and the current demographic situation in Russia resulted in the growing population of females, while the number of men has decreased dramatically. Now there are more women than men in Russia. Here are the numbers:

  • America: 1 man for 1 lady.
  • Australia: 1.03 men for 1 lady.
  • Russia: 0.92 man for 1 lady.

As you see from the statistics mentioned above, there are simply not enough men in Russia. That is why so many beautiful girls are single! Because of the lack of men, their desire to date a foreign partner and create a happy family is growing even stronger. We are glad to present you the most loving and beautiful women at Kovla online dating service!

What do Russian women want in a relationship?

There are numerous myths around Russian women’s expectations from a marriage to a foreign man. Some gossipers claim that these ladies only want to leave Russia and get a roof over their head; that they are craving only for their husband’s money. Of course, it is possible to meet such a scammer, but the chances are low if you use a reliable online dating resource with good reputation. At Kovla, we moderate the profiles carefully in order to provide our customers with the highest security level. The women who create accounts at Kovla are looking for a serious relationship. They value honesty, trust, loyalty, they want to be loved and respected, they are ready to listen carefully and they want to be heard and understood. When you start communicating with the woman you like, you will realize it yourself. If you treat her like a queen, she will be likely to treat you like a king, despite any differences between you two.

5 dating tips to impress a Russian woman

Tip 1. Be a gentleman

Try to be polite. Treat a Russian woman in a respectful way, pay much attention to her, ask about her origin, her family, her interests, study carefully what she likes. Russian men cannot boast about being too nice or too attentive to women. As a rule, a man in Russia is quite rough. But you can make a profit out of it – show your lady how considerate and compassionate you are, always make sure that she is comfortable and feels quite happy. Try to avoid being too “sweet”, though.

Tip 2. Talk to her often

Do your best to pay much attention to your beautiful date, talk to her at least once a day. Communicating with a Russian lady will help you understand her culture better and get used to it more quickly. Ask her about common cultural practices and traditions in Russia. In this way, you will also show your lady that you really care about her and that you probably already love her.

Tip 3. Appoint a real meeting

If you really want to find love, shift your relationship to the real world and appoint an offline meeting with the girl you like and talk to her face-to-face. This is the only way to get rid of illusions, as well as from unrealistic expectations and fears. Meeting the real person will take your relationship to the next level. Do not forget to open doors, pick up the bill at the restaurant without any discussion and always carry her things, except for her purse.

Buy her flowers

When you meet the lady you like offline, buy her favorite flowers and give them to her on your first date. She will be definitely even gladder if you give her flowers more often. Now you know what to expect and how to act, so it is time to move forward. The next step is to start interacting with Russian women online at Let’s get started!