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Russian lady

Ladies from Russia are desirable mail-order brides all over the world. Feminine and friendly, tender and beautiful, they mesmerize a foreign man. Due to the lack of men in Russia where there is only 0.92 man for 1 woman, these girls compete to win the heart of a gentleman and find a partner for marriage. In order to attract him, a Russian woman does her best to look stunning and take a good care of herself all the time, and so does any Ukrainian lady, too.

Some foreigners find single Russian ladies somewhat mysterious because of their charm which makes men fall in love with them at first sight. will provide you with the best profiles of real ladies from Russia where you will hopefully find your true love. Get a chance to date gorgeous women and get to know them inside out!

As long as single ladies from Russia attract very much attention, there are a lot of rumors around those beauties. No one knows where those legends came from, but they might put a spoke in the wheel of your future relationship, if you have those myths in mind. Do not let any rumors spoil a good communication with a kind woman who might become your wife one day. Here are the common legends about ladies from Russia, which are totally wrong.

Legend 1: A Russian lady hates her home country

Many foreign men think that single girls hate Russia so much that they become mail-order brides only for this reason. However, getting a green card and a one-way ticket out of their home country is not the motivation for most Russian women. It is rather hard for a woman to leave her house and travel abroad. It is also very challenging to abandon all family members without a possibility to see them every day. Russian girls are very attached to their families, and such separation might cause a lot of stress. It is the lack of local men that makes her look for a foreign husband, not her hard feelings towards the place she lives in.

Legend 2: Russian ladies do not like Russian men

If Russian women did not like Russian men, how would the population grow in this country? ☺ However, this legend has some roots in real life, as some Russian men actually behave in a rather aggressive and offensive manner. Many women suffer from domestic violence for this reason. So a lady from Russia wants to find a decent foreign partner to spend her life with. This is also relevant for a Belarusian lady. But in general single Russian girls do not hate their men. There are simply not enough men for every woman there, so girls are looking for nice men from other countries at online dating services, such as

Legend 3: Russian ladies crave too much money

No matter how much money a Russian woman has, she will do her best to look beautiful under any circumstances. She would rather do her nails and hair than have her dinner. Even if a Russian lady does not earn enough, she will still find a way to look attractive. In view of this, some foreign men might think that Russian women always need a huge pile of money to spend on their glamorous looks, which is not true. A lady from Russia is used to looking gorgeous even if you do not grant her thousands of dollars. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. Just let her take good care of herself when she needs it.

Legend 4: Russian ladies are poor and illiterate

If you meet a beautiful girl from Russia at and find out that she lacks some knowledge of the English language, please do not consider her illiterate or stupid. In fact, many women from this country have a basic knowledge of English, which does not prevent them from finding a decent partner for marriage on our online dating website They create accounts here in order to meet love and are ready to learn English. Many single women are currently attending language courses. Of course, it is true that Russian people still have to deal with poverty. But they are not that poor and most of them can afford studying at the University.

In the process of communication try to focus on your goals, such as meeting your love and creating a happy family. These are the things, common for both you and your partner, no matter which country you come from.

Legend 5: Russian girls are extremely timid

This legend claims that when a girl moves to your place, she will feel too shy, restrained and even scared of leaving the house. Of course, this is only natural to feel timid when you move to another country for some time, but not to such an extent.

This legend is based on the trait, which is common for all Russian girls: they all keep their family a #1 priority throughout all their life. Since early childhood, beautiful Russian ladies learn how to maintain their house and keep it clean, cook delicious meals and take care of the man. He is believed to be the breadwinner and the head of the family. A Russian lady perceives a man as a leader whom she will follow, showing him respect and loyalty. However, it does not mean that she will turn into a timid and submissive housekeeper. A lady from Russia is more likely to run the house with pleasure, raise happy children and give much love to her husband.

As you see, there are many rumors around the ladies from Russia, which are not true. What is actually true about them is their incredible beauty, patience, psychological flexibility, femininity, loyalty and dignity. You will be happy to date with a woman who is able to compromise and create psychological comfort in your house, so that it finally feels like home.

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