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Odessa women – the treasure of South Palmyra

There are so many cities in Ukraine, but you will never mix Odessa with any other place. Moreover, women in Odessa are so special that no other girl can repeat their unique style. There is even a legend about Odessa women, which truly describes a lady from this amazing city.

The joke of gods

Once upon a time there lived a Creator. Having produced the Earth, he was busy with making a perfect match for every man. He created passionate women for the Spanish, caring wives for the Jewish and got really tired. However, there was one more place left – Odessa, Ukraine. Women were still absent there.

  • Who lives in this city? – the Creator asked.
  • Numerous nationalities, – his assistant replied.
  • Then let the ladies of this city combine the best features of women from different countries. I am too tired of creating. I will take the most attractive quality of every woman in the world and make a girl of Odessa.

And so he did. Women in Odessa are as sentimental as the Indians, as slender as the Jewish, as thoughtful as the German, as frivolous as the French and as loving as the Spanish. Thus the joke of gods – Odessa woman – was created.

Odessa brides are really unique, because they combine many good features. They become perfect wives, amazing housekeepers, great business partners and wonderful mothers. The girls from Odessa also possess a good sense of humour and are very optimistic and proactive. Such girl really took the best qualities from 113 nationalities that dwell in this city.


Odessa women are incredibly stunning. Artists never get tired of painting their portraits. All of these women are different, but there are some features, common for all of them. Firstly, the majority of these girls have long eyelashes and fair hair. They are very graceful and often wear fashionable clothes, high heels and a light makeup. Their nails are always done, as they adore classical French manicure and other styles. Odessa women like experimenting with their appearance, but they never look vulgar.

In general, single ladies from Odessa take care of themselves and have slim figures, apart from pretty faces. Most of these women visit gym regularly and stay slender all the time. When you start communicating with Odessa brides at this online dating service, you will hold your breath in astonishment. These girls are a real treasure!


Any foreigner who visits Odessa points out a sense of humor and charm in the local women. A lady from Odessa can make you laugh within a minute! They are smart, educated and vivacious. Their image is somewhat anecdotal, lively and sensual. If you are fond of literature, you will find the characters that remind of Odessa women in the works of Aristophanes and Boccaccio, Swift and Rabelais. They possess tons of energy and are very down-to-earth and initiative. Joviality is the word that best describes the women of Odessa.

Find temperamental and vigorous brides at Odessa marriage agency! You will never get bored with a single woman from this awesome city. A foreigner, who comes here, says that staying in Odessa prolongs his life, as it is the world’s capital of humour. Local women will flirt with you in the way no one else can and surround you with their love.

Homemaking skills

A remarkable appearance and a good sense of humour of Odessa brides are complemented by excellent homemaking skills. These girls are fond of looking after the house and cooking delicious meals for their husband. Only they can cook stuffed fish called “fishmak” and other unique tasty dishes of the local cuisine.

Men from all over the world come here to find a wife. They call Odessa women “the treasure of South Palmyra” for their beauty and charisma.


As a rule, Odessa brides get married at the age of 27-30. As long as Odessa is a multinational city, international marriages are common for the locals. These ladies often become the wives of the Finnish, Turkish, American, German, Chinese, Israeli and Canadian men.

There is one more reason, why these charming and goal-oriented women are looking for a husband from abroad. According to the sad statistics, there are only 876 men for 1000 women in this city. This issue is also typical of other places in Ukraine, so many single girls resort to a dating agency to find a partner for marriage.


Odessa women are so proactive that they are not usually satisfied with obtaining higher education. They are fond of scientific work as well and often obtain a doctoral degree. There are 1300 postgraduate study students out of 8500 women at the universities.

A bride from Odessa is likely to be successfully employed. Medicine, education and management are the most popular branches that these girls choose. Women make 80% of stuff in hospitals, 76% - at schools, 66% - in governmental institutions. However, there are 10% less women than men who obtain the position of the chief executive officer.

Family life

As a rule, Odessa brides still stick to the traditional gender roles and prioritize their family life. It is considered to be much more important than climbing a career ladder. Thus, an Odessa bride becomes a wonderful wife, who makes an ideal life partner, and a caring mother, who devotes all her time to raising happy children. At the same time, she never forgets about herself and looks as amazing as before getting married.

Odessa women can also successfully combine their professional life with upbringing children and doing house chores. It is not a problem for such girl at all, especially given that she is highly energetic. Many foreigners will be happy to know that these ladies also make great business partners, so you can reach your goal together and make your dream come true, thanks to the excellent commercial acumen of a Ukrainian spouse.

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