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Murmansk brides – the diamonds of the North

Meet amazing women who live in the North-West of Russia in Murmansk. Situated near Norway and Finland on the Kola Peninsula, this city is the warmest place of the Arctic Circle, thanks to the warm current of the Gulf Stream. Get to know what women in Murmansk are like and how to melt their big hearts. Create a profile at this Murmansk marriage agency and discover the diamonds of the North!

What are Murmansk brides like?

There are many nice girls in Russia, and they are all special in different parts of this enormous country. Murmansk women are not an exception. Their character and appearance, as well as their culture, are unique and quite remarkable. Apart from being very beautiful, these ladies are well-bread, educated, respectful, tolerant and kind-hearted. Many happy men say that Murmansk brides make incredible wives who surround them with much love and care.

The place, where these ladies were born, had a strong influence on their temper and world outlook. It is rather cold in Murmansk, and there is a lack of sun. There is a certain time of year, called a polar night, when the people cannot see the sun for 42 days. All streets become gloomy, but, at the same time, romantic, thanks to the northern lights. There is darkness everywhere, so the citizens get pensive and melancholic for this period of time. When the polar night is over, though, the locals become more active and joyful. They hold a holiday, which is called “Hello Sun” and involves mass celebrations, contests, dances and fairs. The mood of the citizens changes with the emergence of light.

There is also a period of polar day in Murmansk, which lasts a little longer than for 50 days. If you come to this city in summer, you will be able to experience a “white night”, when there is no darkness. There is not even a shadow because there are no high mountains or tall trees in this area.

These climatic peculiarities are reflected in the character of the women of Murmansk. They are as deep as the darkness during the polar night and as loving as the perpetual light during the polar day.


A girl from this part of Russia has the appearance of an angel. As a rule, she has white hair, blue or grey eyes and fair skin, looking more like a Scandinavian. These ladies are quite tall and slim, which is also typical of the Northern people’s appearance.

Murmansk women possess a natural beauty, which they emphasize with the help of a wonderful nude makeup. They manage to enhance their best features and present themselves as beautiful and self-respectful women. The proximity to European countries also influences the way these brides look. They do not tend to use too much cosmetics and prefer comfortable but stylish clothes for daily purpose. As any other Russian woman, they love to dress up, of course, but they always fit the occasion and put on evening wear when they go to a restaurant or a theater.

In Murmansk marriage agency you will meet a lot of attractive single Russian women and be pleasantly surprised at how much effort they put into looking great. They would rather spend money on a good hairdresser or a professional beautician than eat, if they face such a rough choice.

These ladies take a good care not only after their face, but also after their body, visiting gym and fitness classes on a regular basis and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Those who already reached their 40-s usually use quality anti-age cosmetics to look young and fresh. As a result, Murmansk brides are beautiful and slender, and evoke fascination in men.


Any foreigner will find dating single women of Murmansk at this online service enjoyable. It is a very pleasant experience to communicate with a charming, smiling, open-hearted lady who might become your wife one day. So many men get mesmerized by the kindness and warmness that these brides emanate. And those traits are just a small amount of treasures that happy husbands discover in their Russian wives after marriage.

A lady from the North might seem reserved at first, but be sure that she keeps a wide range of emotions inside her big heart. If you want to melt it once, show her a sheer interest in her personality and your true intentions. It is better not to start your relationship with lies because a lady from Murmansk will never tolerate them. These women are honest and loyal, and require the same attitude from their partners.

What differs Murmansk brides from the rest of their compatriots is their high flexibility and agility. For many centuries they had to deal with cold and other severe conditions of living above the Arctic circle, so they will probably be able to get used to their new surrounding faster than any other bride from Russia.

Demographic situation

Currently, the number of citizens of Murmansk is about 300 thousand people. There are more women than men in this region, so the girls resort to online dating services, such as Murmansk marriage agency, to meet a partner from abroad. Here you will see the profiles of real single attractive ladies who are looking for the love of their life. These girls are considered to be very good for marriage, thanks to their natural beauty and inborn kindness. They become loving wives and caring mothers.

Did you know that a bride from this city would prefer to bring up the children herself, without the help of a nanny? Are you aware that many of these girls are also fond of looking after the house and make excellent housekeepers? These girls also love cooking and know the secrets of the most delicious dishes of the local cuisine. It is believed here that the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach, and a hungry man is an angry man.

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