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Kazan brides – a gift, sent from above

Meet amazing brides from Kazan – the capital and the biggest city of the Republic of Tatarstan! Gorgeous and kind, these ladies differ greatly from other Russian women thanks to their unique and authentic features. There are more than 1 143 000 people who live in this republic, so you have a wide choice of brides!

Register an account at Kazan marriage agency and find your perfect match in the eighth most populous city in Russia! With the help of this dating service you will meet a lot of charming single Kazan women and chat with them a lot. In order to make your communication easier, we prepared an overview of Kazan brides. Read further to know the most typical characteristics of these ladies!

What makes Kazan women so special?

- Appearance

Did you know that Russian women look different in different parts of this enormous country? For instance, Kazan brides have a special physique because they belong to the Tatar ethnic group. Their appearance resembles the one of the Mongols: their hair is dark, they possess an olive skin tone, prominent cheekbones and Asian-type eyes. In general, these ladies are not very tall. Assimilation with the Slavs has been taking place over several centuries, which had a great influence on the women of Kazan. Not all of them kept the Mongoloid type of appearance, many also obtained a fair complexion, red of blonde hair and became much taller than their average 165 cm.

- Originality

No matter how much the assimilation affected their appearance, Kazan brides managed to protect their authenticity and traditions. These girls stick to their own style and look rather unique. Apart from taking a good care of themselves on a regular basis, visiting a beautician and a hairdresser, doing their nails and buying fashionable clothes, the women of Kazan also like adding national motives to their appearance. If you come to this wonderful city, you will see a lot of beautiful girls who wear stylized clothes, adorned with embroidery and applications with flowers, typical of Kazan nature. You will also be surprised by their shoes that reveal their national identity. They are called “chitek” boots – a national Tatar footwear, made of leather, that a foreigner might find somewhat funny.

- Character

The women in Kazan are not simply gorgeous, they also have an amazing character. It is in their culture to keep a good connection between each other. They keep in touch with their parents, relatives, friends and will tend to establish a reliable communicating with the people whom their husband worships. Just like other Russian women, a Tatar bride prioritizes a profound relationship between people, so she does her best to be nice to others. She is modest and has a generous soul, which makes her a real gift, sent from above.

A rich inner world is something that sets Kazan women apart from other brides. For many centuries these girls have been raised in the families with traditional gender roles. Their fathers were decision-makers and breadwinners, while their mothers created a cozy homely atmosphere and took care of the children. Following this example, Kazan brides become amazing wives who take an incredible care of their husbands. Peaceful and tolerant, spiritual and benevolent, they are a constant source of inspiration. A Tatar wife is also a great cook, who learnt the secrets of the local cuisine from her mother and granny. She is also keen on raising children and is a good housekeeper, which makes her very good for marriage.

Apart from being calm and patient, Kazan women can also be stubborn and perseverant. When it comes to reaching their targets, it is time for them to reveal their strong character. They have a strong will and are able to overcome the hardships of life with courage and dignity.

- Tatar traditions

On our website you will meet a lot of pretty single ladies from Kazan who want to date a man from abroad. Surprise them with your knowledge of Tatar traditions!

The women in Kazan have a deep respect towards a man. They obey their husbands and love them. A man’s word is inviolable in this region, so keep it in mind when you are communicating with your Tatar date online. Be as precise and decisive as you can. If you want to have a wife from this city, you should become a person she can fully rely on. The mentality of these brides is revealed with the help of a local proverb: “A woman without a husband is like a horse without a bridle!”

- Tatar customs

Some Tatar customs partially resemble Georgian values. For example, Kazan wives are very hospitable. Guests are worshiped in this part of Russia. If you just happen to drop by and suddenly visit anybody from Kazan, you will be told, “My house is your house!” Tatar people will be glad to invite you in and cook a delicious meal for you. It does not matter what status or origin you have, you will be treated likewise. Even if the hosts are not very rich, they will consider it an honour to share their meal with a guest.

Respect for the elderly people is another feature, common among the Tatars. They know that old people have a whole life behind them and can share their wisdom with a younger generation, if it deserves it.

- Tatar habits

When a Kazan woman becomes your wife, you will live in a very clean place. In fact, keeping a house clean is a part of the Tatar culture. Kazan brides will never tolerate any kind of mess and will get rid of all the dirt they see. No matter how rich you are, Kazan brides will maintain a perfect neatness in the place where you both live.

- Unique national cuisine

Just like other brides from Russia, Kazan women are amazing cooks. From an early age they learn the best recipes of the tastiest dishes. Apart from the traditional Russian cuisine, they can cook Tatar national meals that actually make a big difference. Despite not being very healthy, they will make you eat like a horse because they are tasty. Their main ingredients are dough and fat. There are so many incredible things that can be cooked with the help of these components!

Tatar marriage traditions

Tatar girls are looking for a long-lasting relationship that can result in a marriage one day. Their marriage traditions are rather old and unique. Thus, a young girl does not start living with her husband right after the marriage. On the contrary, she should dwell with her parents for one more year and only then move to her husband’s place! Before that he visits her as a guest in the house where her family lives.

Some men in Kazan have more than one wife, an older one and a younger one, but this tradition is not very popular these days.

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