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Russian girls

Russian girls are considered to have a conspicuous appearance and an appealing personality. This is why so many foreign men resort to online dating resources in order to meet their love in Russia. When a foreign man sees a beautiful Russian girl, his heart melts immediately.

Why Russian girls want a foreign husband?

Many happy international couples fond love with the help of online dating resources. Their success in now known worldwide, so many Russian girls just follow the example of their friends who already found their happiness outside their home country, and date a foreign man. There are also numerous “success stories” on the Internet that describe the opportunities of meeting a good partner among single foreign men. A Russian girl would probably think, "If others do it and achieve success, why I can’t I try to date a foreigner as well?” And here starts the journey for the real love, full of ups and downs. Most Russian girls manage to go all the way and build a strong and happy family with a foreign man.

However, on their way to happiness Beautiful Russian girls face numerous obstacles when trying to meet a decent partner among their compatriots. It is not that easy for a number of reasons, including a hard demographic situation and the immaturity of men in Russia.

Decrease in the male population

There has been a decrease in the male population in Russia. As stated by the statistics, there are 10 million more women in this country. At the moment, there are 100 women for only 97 men, so beautiful Russian girls have to find partners from abroad. What is more, women’s life expectancy is about 13 years longer than the life duration of men. Russian girls die young not as often as men do and almost never go to jail.

Immaturity of the local men

Due to some historical factors and the Russian mentality in general, a vast majority of men do not grow mature in Russia. Their behavior usually falls under two extremes, and they both reveal immaturity. Those are arrogance and infantilism.

Beautiful Russian girls suffer from violence

Single men can sometimes be self-assured and aggressive towards a woman. Female emigration from Russia can be explained by a high level of violence towards women and sometimes even towards children. Sad statistics claims that approximately 14-15 thousand Russian girls are killed by their husbands every year. Ukrainian girls fall the victims of such violence quite often as well.

Beautiful Russian girls hope to find a foreign husband who will never even think of such an option as beating them or their children. In their home country, such women feel rather insecure. Moreover, male aggression can also go alongside with alcohol or drug addiction. The men who show much arrogance are highly inclined to excessive drinking and using narcotic agents. They fight quite often, that is why they have to face serious issues at the police office, and sometimes they even go to jail.

Russian girls need a strong guidance

Another type of single men is usually raised by over-protective mothers. This type is “opposite” to the aggressive one and is quite inert. The representatives of this class of single men hardly ever drink vodka. As a rule, they do not have any bad habits, except for their addiction to their mothers. She is usually trying to control every sphere of her son’s life. She needs to know whether he put on his warm scarf, if he had his dinner on time, if the girl he likes is good enough to meet her expectations etc. Such man cannot simply make his own mistakes and grow old as a result, so he is doomed to stay immature and, probably, single even in his old age. He will constantly feel the need to get love rather than give it. Not every Russian girl is ready to marry a childish man who cannot take full responsibility for the relationship, family and the future of their children. No matter how patient and caring Russian girls are, they still need love and the guidance of a strong mature man.

What kind of men are Russian girls looking for?

Head of the family

A beautiful Russian girl would like to date a strong man who can take full responsibility for the whole family. She definitely would not mind if a man shows his leadership skills and guides her through life.

Decision maker

A Russian girl would love to meet a decision maker. Feminism is not of high value in her culture. Beautiful Russian girls still stick to their feminine style, so they will be quite happy to follow their partners’ decisions.

Attentive lover

Apart from power, strength and ability to make decisions, a man should also be an attentive lover if he wants to win the heart of a beautiful Russian girl. Listen carefully to what your lady is saying, pay more attention to her feelings and thoughts, provide her with your feedback. Being attentive will help you understand a Russian girl better and get to know her faster. Show your lady that you are a gentleman: open doors for her, pull out her chair and give her flowers if you want to impress her greatly.

Russian girls in a family life

Many foreign men are eager to meet beautiful Russian girls because they are believed to be great wives. It is true, family ties are usually very strong in Russia. Russian girls worship their family and keep it a #1 priority throughout their life. For most of them, career is usually not as important as their family life, although they often achieve great success in the professional sphere as well. This is also relevant for Belorussian girls and other female representatives of Eastern Europe. Their mothers teach them from an early age how to run a house and cook delicious meals. Beautiful Russian girls become good housewives and mothers and expect a man to be the provider for the family. In most cases, there will be no need to hire any maids or nannies because a Russian girl would like to take care of the children herself. Western men who already married beautiful Russian girls usually agree that they really become amazing wives.

A Russian girl will do her best to satisfy her husband’s needs if he treats her well. Remember, it is not your money that will make your woman a caring wife. It is your love and attention that will evoke her inner ability to weave a cosy nest and make you a happy man.