Why Russian Brides Prefer Much Older Husbands?

26.04.2016 | 12:11

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

There are couples in today’s society where a man is older than his lover who may be 20 years old or even younger. It is clear that the shaky family values and a midlife crisis motivate men to look for a new life with a new partner, a young, carefree and a fresh one. What about women? Do Russian women like American men much older than them? Let’s find that out.

Why Russian Brides Prefer Much Older Husbands?

Psychologists say that in this way, people extend their mental youth, overcome the feeling of being outdated, counterchange life and get a lot of pleasant memories from social «chic and style.» No matter, whether a man goes with a pretty young diva for sexual activities or for marriage and vice versa, this has a place in modern society.

Russian women looking for men choose older representatives due to certain reasons. However, it is not quite clear to say that Russian ladies are always hunting older men — it’s a stereotype. Particularly, the problem is the fact that the younger generation of males do not fit the female demands and are too busy making careers, experience much pressure from the previous generation, parents and grandparents still have an impact on men in Russia. Older men are already detached from parents and have enough experience for mature decisions, critical thinking and real adult goals like making a family or raising children, etc.

Russian Women Looking for Husband

Russian Women Looking for Husband

Why women find older men good? A man with his history, with his intense life, with the problems from a previous marriage if any, having already their own children, and are wiser a priori. He can not boast good health, though still has sexual activity. He already has his habits and outlook on life that will never change, so there is no need to adapt. Since he can not be sure how to have fun, he comes to the friends company or meet with classmates, etc. Older man often lead active social and cultural life. Well, isn’t it good enough?

In addition to all these advantages, there are more pluses of mature gentlemen for Slavic ladies. Let’s look at them.

mature gentlemen for Slavic ladies

So, why Russian women seeking American men who are older?

  1. As a rule, this man is interested in personal life. He’s focused and seldom detached from it. Behind him there is some property, stable financial position, no ambitions, etc. There is nothing to prove and to be proved for him. He’s already a full-fledged personality with a set way of life and thinking. The result of his life’s achievements are already visible. He is likely to have a stable job (position, business status) or a steady income. As a result — it’s safer with him.
  2. A man in years is also a well-established person. He knows a lot, he has experience in various fields, a certain status in society, some work or hobby even while retire. He may be smarter. As a result, it may be just more fun with him rather than with the peers.
  3. Very often the high financial status of the partner  is a winning factor. Relevant statistics says, the girls choose poor men rarely (if choose at all). A wealthy man can afford many things in life, alone for a young lady he will provide all the delights of the world. It’s very well to be young and have to try everything, go everywhere, buy expensive or just needful things and drive a good car, while not particularly straining and not waiting long for all this to come only at certain age to you. This social and domestic life on-line is not an eternal race. «But what will happen tomorrow?» is a common question of each Russian lady.
  4. He did not fit into someone’s attitude, he realized many twists and turns in the relationship between a man and a woman, he does not make naive mistakes and is wiser in many situations. He patiently forgives her young whims and complaints or simply her being a woman. Living with him would be easier and safer.
  5. He already has the necessary contacts. Therefore, it will not be difficult to help you with a career, creativity, or give a way out from any difficult situation.
  6. Many women rely on the fact that such man will always admire their youth. He will not flee to the other, he will hang on to his young fairy, etc. In his eyes she will always be worthy to be younger, more attractive.
  7. In spite of the common opinion that at older age the sexual activity is not the same, many men are still in great shape. As a rule, women tend to choose wealthy people because  they very well take care of their appearance, shape and health. That is why sex life is at a normal level too. Many ladies admit that to experience seduction with such partner could be even more interesting and varied in bed.
  8. He can remain a child, which needs to be pampered, taken care, etc. That additionally sharpens female maternal instinct. However, his strong arm and a wise mind will protect from all the hassles of life in turn which is so father-like.

Older husband for beautiful Russian girl

To sum up

Of course, we will not argue that some girls may be looking for some financial benefits while search for older husbands (although, it’s really so). It is reasonable to also mention that they just fall in love with these men. Even love that can not last ‘for nothing’ has a place in these situations. In any case, we especially like the fact that we need that we are interested in what we want. And, as we are convinced, in the mature man there will be enough advantages to the young beauty to put an eye on him, sincerely and at the call of her heart, especially a Russian beauty.

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