Who’s Your Daddy? A Talk With A Pimp

25.11.2015 | 12:23

Dave Cogan


by Dave Cogan

There are a lot of people of unusual, weird, dangerous, criminal or generally singular professions like a stripper, for example. Well, if it’s possible to call it a profession, we are going to talk with a pimp, that’s a man who organizes traffic for the so-called sex services. This is a job that is socially outcast, considered illegal and the people who are involved morally deteriorated. There’s much bias and controversy about it. Well, if sex sells, a pimp is the first to know how.

Who's Your Daddy? A Talk With A Pimp

Let’s find it out cause what’s a ho with no pimp, and what’s a pimp with no hoes.

I: -Interviewer

G: -Guest

what's a ho with no pimp, and what's a pimp with no hoes

I: — Hi, what’s up?

G: -Hello, my friend. I feel like a million dollars. What’s up?

I: — I’m fine, thanks. Shall we start?

G: — Sure.

I: — How long have you been on streets?

G: — I’ve been for many years in business since 18 or something. That’s already 30 years.

I: — How did you start?

G: — I grew up on streets, knew a lot of people like me. One of them offered this job and taught me everything.

I: — What was your first case?

G: — I remember a lot of girls looked for a job on newspaper ads. I wrote such ads and published in some local newspapers offering a legal job abroad. Lots got hooked on that. There’s no law against living the good life, you know. The called and I offered them to work as prostitutes in Denmark. If they agreed, I directed them to my European partners. That’s how the traffic was organized.

I: — Have you ever forced anyone to do this? I mean have sex for money and all stuff like that?

G: — Never. They just came to me wanting some fast and easy money, you know.

I: — How exactly did you organize the traffic?

G: — I controlled the process while the departure was organized, bought tickets to Copenhagen, etc. The girls were accompanied with my people, compatriots mostly from the criminal groups that took away the lion’s share of their earnings and gave to me.

I: — Fees were deducted from the income of the prostitutes?

G: — That’s right. I found the clients and the girls shared their earnings taken from them with me. It’s a simple and fair scheme. (grins)

I: — How fair is it? What’s the payout percentage?

G: — Usually, 70/30 in my favor.

I: — How do you work now?

G: — I take the girls to Cyprus. I take them to engage in prostitution at fashionable nightclubs. My job is to select the girls and fabric their documents.

I: — Have you ever been arrested?

G: — I was arrested just before I sent two first girls abroad. However, I didn’t get to jail, they had not enough clues. I lost the transaction and failed the deal which was even worse, you know.

I: — Do you have any undercover for especially dangerous deals or something?

G: — My people are my undercover. In reality, only my clients and the hoes know me in the face. Either can set me up anyway. The first have no time for tiny businessmen like me who supply them with the fresh flesh and forget, the letter are scared to shit and usually have either have no guts or like what they do.

I: — And your people, what about them? Do you trust them?

G: — No, I don’t. That’s why I said they are my undercover. I’m ready to sacrifice them any minute. (smiles)

I: — Well, I’m sure you have iron balls to say like that.

G: — Absolutely.

I: — Have your methods of work changed much with the pace of time?

G: — Yes, they did a little. We work less on the streets and almost do not meet the clients on live. The Internet changed everything. I can find all that I need on the network, submit the ads on fake profiles, publish them on social networks, as well as come across the ads from the girls who want their services promote and so chose newer girls faster and better.

After that I win their confidence, we chat on Skype and trying to persuade the girls to engage in prostitution, I practically form an impressing traffic in hours.

I: — What do you say? Any guarantees, mountains of gold?

G: -I explain very precisely where they need to go, and what they will do. I also vow to protect the girls, assuring them that everything will be fine which is quite true to life. After the girl agrees, the communication with the owners of the clubs takes place and so on.

I: — Aren’t you afraid of wiretapping?

G: — One of the conversations was recorded by police. But I had a lot of friends in police, that’s why the clues somehow disappeared and I was detained not for a long, you know. Working with people you have a lot of friends too, not just enemies.

I: — How often do you need to convince the girls to get in?

G: — There are girls that get in accidentally and really regret. They need to be persuaded that everything will be just fine if they agree and blah blah to send them abroad. The other part of people I hire is completely aware of what they are about to mess around and simply find me themselves. But their final decisions are up to them anyway. I’m not a rapist, I’m a businessman.

I: — I see. How interesting. Don’t you ever think of how most of the girls get into business? Statistics show that their decisions are not quite their own decisions in 80% cases out of 100. Most of them are dope, alcohol addicted, victims of domestic violence or rape, homeless or simply hard teens coming from adverse families or orphanages, and finally underage rebellion sissies who have no idea of what sex actually means. There are a lot of them who are sold into sexual slavery or have similar experiences otherwise.

G: — I understand that. But ain’t a doctor. It wasn’t me who made them come to the one like me. You know. Probably I’m the last salvation for the most hopeless of them.

I: — Have you ever slept with any of your girls?

G: — No, I haven’t. I prefer not to mix business with personal life. It can cost me life, you know.

I: — You ain’t look like a good old pimp in flamboyant fur, color blocking suit with stylish whiskers, expensive watch, with the golden walking stick and in shiny shoes, you know. The way a lot of people imagine them. What d’you think?

G: — Wind up with clichés! In reality people like me shouldn’t stand from the crowd even when they’re on retirement. The only thing I can afford is a blue Hugo suit with a pair of stylish shoes, at least when I meet the client.

I: — All pimps should have a favorite. D’you have one?

G: — True, True. It was Sparkle. Her real name was Boyana from Slovenia. She was a professional and an astounding beauty. They say European women are the best. Now I’m sure they are. (sighs)

I: — What happened to her?

G: — She left the business when her mother died, back in Slovenia.

I: — I’m so sorry. Such a loss.

G: — That’s ok. It was long time ago.

I: — Thank’s for your detailed story.

G: — Thank you too, my friend, adios! Have a call if want some fun, by the way. (winks)

Obviously, the profession of this man is not the one we got used to deal with. There are a lot of such either directly or indirectly connected with sex and human trafficking. However, that does not necessarily mean that people who are engaged in that cannot at least look and demean like normal ones. Anyway, we are not the ones to judge.

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