What’s Motherhood in Life of Russian Women

15.03.2016 | 1:27

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

If you’re in search of a Russian beauty, you should also keep in mind that these women put their family and motherhood in the first place, but not the career, even if they are successful business ladies, they will more likely sacrifice it in sake of the future of their children. What a noble feature, isn’t it. Let’s see what’s motherhood in life of Russian women a bit in detail.

What’s Motherhood in Life of Russian Women

What catches your eye is that Russian women always look good, whether they go to a shop or a romantic dinner or walk with their children. It is common for American or British, that a woman, becoming a mother, is fully committed to the child. In Russia, mothers do everything for their children too, but do not lose their beauty, manage to build a career and still feel like a woman. What is their secret? There are several key moments.

Russia is a vast country, where almost all the population grew up in small apartments. All people at home usually wear simple clothes: comfortable sneakers, sweatpants, etc. On the streets they however, dress up in more beautiful garment: it is not good to walk around in sweat pants and sneakers in Russia. Of course, some people wear sneakers, but they are always selected according to the latest fashion trends to fit a hipster image. To some extent Russia is a country where people love the show up.

The most vivid memories of pregnancy for Russian girls are associated with the ubiquitous advice and being indifferent to other people. Everyone is asked about the state of health. Even shop assistants became a little friendlier, especially when they notice that a girl doesn’t have a wedding ring. In Russia, pregnant women are not allowed to lift heavy things, men open up the doors in front of them and give way to the subway, etc. Here, the pregnancy is not a disease, and the Russian women are always surrounded by respect and care.

Motherhood is taken for granted by majority of Russian women, indeed. It is always taken as planned even in most unexpected cases and all that is left is to give the young mothers a chance to rest and prepare for childbirth. What would you say to American, who work until they deliver remaining longer at work if  possible and leave to have a baby at the latest term.

Motherhood and Russian Culture

In Russia, there are a lot of superstitions. Perhaps they take their roots from the traditions of the Russian remote places where extremely religious and thus too superstitious people initially lived.

Russian ladies who are well-educated girls and often occupy scientific positions like a teacher or medical professions may be superstitious during pregnancy and motherhood which is a direct contradiction.

They may admit that during pregnancies they do not cut their hair, because cutting hair while waiting for a child is a bad sign. Russians can spend hours telling horror stories about pregnancy and childbirth in the USSR. They are passed on from one generation to another, and it probably makes modern moms to be too superstitious.

You can also be amazed at what costs — both financial and time — the Russians are ready to find a suitable clinic to deliver their children. Of course, the attitude to medicine changes, but it is still far from the European standards. So, you may often hear the stories how Russian girls are forced to erase the nail polish, completely shave if they want to deliver the child well. That is why it’s essential to seriously approach such stuff and be as hard as a rock if making up your mind to marry Russian girls and have children with them.

deliver the child

There is a practical sense in that the Slavic girls overprotect their little children: Russian mothers treat the newborn as very fragile creatures, whom it is important to hide from friends and relatives, to keep them in peace and quiet regime. Unlike, the American reality shows often demonstrate a dozen relatives who go to the hospital to visit young mothers and babies, and then return home mom with a baby met by a party with a barbecue for 40 people. I’m sure if you show these programs Russian mother, she did not believe it.

Another peculiarity of Russian motherhood is the fact that grandmas are needful for serious support rather than for entertainment of children. A typical representative of the Russian grandmothers who collect photos of their grandchildren, arrive and visit them twice a year for a few days cannot be compared with the grandmoms from America or Europe who often even do not see their grandchildren for years.

Russian women need the help of their moms to raise their children and often ask for their advice: what gifts are better, what games to play, how to calm children, who are crying from colic, what kind of food they gave to their children when they were babies. The Russian families are beginning to help the grandmothers immediately after they are assigned for retirement and rarely send them to the nursing homes. They may also sit with babies, engaged in farming, and be helpful when there is some free time when Russian women are at work or do some other stuff.

European or American lady being with a two-month baby and going to work for a full day, fall into despair. They would probably give away any child, only to have some sleep for a few hours, but not the Russians. They are completely devoted and go till the end while raising their children without even doubt that they’re doing anything wrong or have no desire to do all they have to do.

 They are completely devoted to children

In the end, women from the other countries are more likely to entrust their middle-aged children to nannies with a good heart. They also hire second nurses, who work for many years in the public kindergarten to take care of little children, etc. Intuitively, they always trust the nurse more when grandmoms are far away because they are trained to support people and love all children with no exception. The behavior of the babysitting in America or Europe are different and does not alarm, but Russian women are less likely to entrust their offspring to someone else and rather up bring them on their own no matter the costs. That’s why motherhood in life of Russian women is something which is sacred and sometimes cannot be explained from the perspective of a stranger.

If you’re searching for a Russian beauty, mind that motherhood is important for her and you will succeed in marriage and happy living together.

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