What’s Being An Alpha Female

11.12.2015 | 12:49

Andrea Vega


by Dave Cogan

We have already researched the macho men or alpha men phenomenon. What about women? Do we observe the same tendency among the females? In, fact, yes, we do. The truth is that there is a notion of alpha female that has emerged in the modern society alongside alpha men term which has been well known since the early 90s.

What's Being An Alpha Female

So, why not to investigate what’s being an alpha women?


The urban dictionary defines the term as follows:

«An Alpha Female is a prevailing female in a group. She dates the same number of guys as she needs, is solid and certain, and a diligent employee and in addition often busy. She is typically wry on the grounds that she’s intense and perky. Alpha Females are smart, scholarly issue solvers; and however being an alpha female is to a greater extent an intellectrual perspective than a physicality, an alpha comprehends that dressing up or being attractive expands her energy and power in the public arena, so she does it. Alpha Females are frequently unpleasantly misjudged by Beta women and the men.»  

The last one is a sad but truthful statement. In reality, alpha women can certainly encounter some relationships problems with the men because can compete or even are better than males which hurts the feelings of the letter pretty much. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they do not deserve happiness in relationships or something, simply they either do not need it that much or have no time for.

An Alpha Female is a prevailing female in a group


People  talk about the mythical alpha-males much that they rule the world with one hand and hold a basket of blondes with the other. About the alpha female version  — not a word! So are there any alpha females?

There is a hypothesis that this term which is taken from the zoological field: monkeys and wolves are the alpha, can hardly be implied on the human community which is much more complicated. In primitive societies such as a school class or a club, Alpha and Omega can be traced, however, leaving the school yard, a person can easily change and try quite a different role on.

On the other hand, women are much less likely to club and stick together, that’s why women’s community is terribly amorphous. If men still somehow can be traced as per their hierarchy, the women are all very, very confusing. Pure concrete alphas here for life do not exist.

If there are alpha men of all sizes and colors, and it is worth noting that if the alpha male in the group to immediately notice him, (if he is out there at all, of course), then with the alpha females everything is complicated. Normally she may be taken for a loud lady-butcher, or the most beautiful (according to the observer) woman in the company. More often both are mistaken.

«To avoid an Alpha-male rising, the Alpha female must have the ability to bully, dominate and even kill the Beta males who insist on attempting to mate with her or otherwise demonstrate their own Alpha status. An Alpha woman eats Beta men for breakfast.»

Rough enough, but again it much reflects the reality. The truth that alpha ladies cannot stand weak men because with them they cannot feel themselves ladies. It’s a kind of vicious circle. Of course, it’s not their fault that they cannot compete or simply have weaker character or nature than an alpha lady. Alpha when in turn cannot stand the men that make them feel like men and show the determination, power and will the way the men actually should or provoke some kind of other male character features.

In addition, men tend to accept only beta women as an example of a real female. That is why alpha women are often misunderstood, ignored, hated, envied, and so on by men. Men dream of a woman that will obey, follow their will and so on as we know it from the psychology. That makes men to e men in classic meaning. But when an alpha female appears, men feel inferior or doubt their power, that depends on whether it’s an alpha man or a beta male.

However, the general idea is often exaggerated and alpha ladies are often made monsters with no reason at all.

the general idea is often exaggerated and alpha ladies are often made monsters with no reason at all.


So, there is a range of misconceptions that can be defined out of the above-mentioned information.

№1: Alpha females compete with males

Not at all. The one that competes with males, is excluded from the women’s hierarchy. Such women are overly aggressive, silly, overenergetic and even torn, poor old things. They have not a hierarchical rank and as a result they are the females, that are trying to behave like males. What for?

№2: Alpha should be the most desirable woman in the group

In fact,  unlike some monkeys or hyenas,  any individual, even omega  has the right of reproduction.  Attractiveness  is an important feature, but completely insufficient. The female leadership is based on  the effect on women rather than on men, and is often correlated with age. But the most well-groomed woman in the group may really be an alpha.

№3: Alpha makes everyone

Nonsense. All subordinate and close to the leader betas and omegas make the others, alpha is laconic and too individual to do that. If a woman is impossible to stop while chatting, points, and hits someone with no reason, having her finger in everything, she is not an alpha. It’s someone else who’s made her.

№4: Alpha  has many lovers

What’s the point for that? Men need to disperse their genes around the world, that’s why it’s more typical of them to be called alpha when having many affections. All the attention is the number of partners. Women sow nothing, they only reap, and they are focusing on quality. That means that the alpha woman doesn’t sleep with the first the best.

the alpha woman doesn't sleep with the first the best.

Signs of the Status Lady

1 — Status female has a good posture and relaxed facial expression: she does not seek to occupy less space and is never shy.

2 — She is always at home, that is, looks natural in virtually any, even the most bizarre situation.

3 — She is good, well dressed and generally gives the impression of a very well-groomed woman.

4 — People come to ask for advice themselves. She is independent of their opinions,  does not hide behind anyone and is not trying to stick to anyone or rely on.

5 — She does not press on the interlocutors, doesn’t try to humiliate them, is polite but not obsequious.


If we put the phenomenon of alpha women in certain hierarchical structure that  can exist in the human community, the key here is not to put a cliche. There is a concept of «bio-social rank» that a man should fit into, the way we observed in macho theme. However, there is also a theory that the individual can occupy different positions in different social hierarchies.

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