What Russian Women Want to Hear from Men in Relationships?

14.04.2016 | 5:48

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Some men may think that they do not know what women want from men. Sure thing, it differs from what men want to hear. Speaking about Russian women, it may be a catastrophic thought leading men to despair. Nevertheless, below you will find a list of magic words: things women love to hear. They do not need explanations. Russian compliments have a special power in charming Slavic women. Use them to achieve success in online dating.

What Russian Women Want to Hear from Men in Relationships?

Try to use these words in a relationship with the woman, and the results will amaze you. If you want to do something really nice for your partner, ask her to close her eyes and read this list aloud. This is a prelude to what women want to hear in bed too. So, here’s what to say to a woman for her to feel beloved:

«I love you».

«I need you».

«I’m so happy that you’re near me.»

«You are my best friend».

«You are to me the only one in the whole world.»

«There is no one who would be like you.»

«I do not know what I would do without you.»

«I can not imagine my life without you.»

«With it’s like in heaven!».

I love you I need you

What do you say to a woman to make her feel that you value her:

«You’re so good to me.»

«I am so happy with you.»

«I appreciate every little thing that you do to me.»

«I like it when you …» (something specific).

«You have changed my life completely.»

«Thank you for all that you are doing».

«Thank you for … (something specific).»

Thank you for all that you are doing

What you say to a woman to feel that she is needed and you are interested in her:

«How was your day?»

«Let’s discuss it and make a decision together.»

«Let’s schedule a … (something specific).»

«What do you think about … (something specific).»

«Can I tell you something?»

«What can I do now for you?»

I'm sorry that I can not always give you what you need

What you say, to find the way to a Russian woman’s heart:

«I’m sorry that I can not always give you what you need.»

«I’m sorry for … (something specific).»

«I promise to do … (something which she has asked).»

«Thank you for that you care about me.»

«Thank you for your patience.»

«I know that is not always easy with me.»

«Please forgive me for … (what she would like to hear from you).»

Let's spend more time together

What you say to increase the ‘deposit’ on your sexual bank account:

«You’re so beautiful!»

«I want you».

«Your body is just perfect!»

«I want to make love with you».

«I can not tear myself away from you.»

«Let’s spend more time together.»

«I miss you».

«I could not love you more!»

«Let’s just cuddle».

What you say to soothe a woman

What you say to soothe a woman:

«Let’s go shopping.»

«Let me clean the house instead of you.»

«Do you want something to discuss with me?»

«Let’s turn off the TV and just talk.»

«Thank you, that you gave me this book.»

«Thank’s for your trust.»

Of course, these are not what do men like to hear in bed, however, you should know and use them in appropriate situations. Apart from this, there are things never to mention. Here are a couple of the so-called verbal bombs, have a try to say it and see what happens. No comment.

«You remind me of my ex-girlfriend.»

«Don’t you want to lose some weight?»

«You’re getting exactly the same as your mother.»

«I need freedom and space.»

«Maybe men are just not made for monogamy.»

And the worst part is just keeping silent or ignoring.

Never Say to Any Woman

Things to Never Say to Any Woman

Russian ladies hate when men shy away from commitments. In this case they can hardly count on compliments men love to hear. What men say and why women do not wish to hear it:

«I have not thought about it yet.» What a nimble and evasive remark! As if to consider the plan it takes so long and hard! I guess men never say it to the boss, when he invites you to take part in the conference and to speak at the meeting, etc. Ladies know that when you, guys, pronounce the sacramental phrase, you just dodge responsibility, go simple and unsophisticated. They  begin to feel insignificant, petty and unnecessary.

«We’ll think about it later.» Do you think that, when you say this sentence, the woman for a moment believes you? They understand that you are not going to build your plans and solve their problems. They feel that you just get rid of them, well, at least polite.  However, hearing this phrase, women want to shout from the hurt and pain.

«Why not?» This phrase requires clarification. Girls ask: «Would you like to come with me to the meeting?» And you say, «Why not?» It is not consent, there is no enthusiasm, but it is not a refusal. They feel as if you opened the box with a gift, and it was empty. You seem to have given them what they want, but just out of pure indifference. This phrase makes a woman feel like a second, third and last. Comments are not necessary.

«Yeah, me too». When they say to you: «I love you», you so often respond «Me too» they say, «I’m so glad we have talked about it,» and you answer:. «Me too» This phrase reminds girls of eating leftovers. You’re verbally lazy, you do not want to build a whole sentence, or maybe you just do not want to talk about something you do not think about, etc. These are halfhearted terms. None woman gonna like them.

«I’m just who I’m». It is a universal excuse for not doing what you do not want in order not to make changes, not to work on a relationship, not take our words and feelings seriously. You are trying by all means to avoid obligations. So why not be honest and say: «I’m who I’m, because I like it this way better.»

Now that you are aware of what Russian women want to hear from men and want they do not, it will be easier for you to dwell on communication and develop your relationships with Slavic girls successfully. Good luck with that!

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  • I’m actually seeing with a Russian woman. What I noticed she constantly needs to hear she is loved and attractive. That’s because Russians are too much self critical when it’s about their appearance. So I tell her all the time she is the most beautiful woman I ever met!