Understanding Russian Women: What Do Russian Ladies Want in a Man?

05.05.2016 | 3:31

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Many boys and men do not know what women want in men, how to treat ladies, etc. It’s due to the fact that variety of psychologically accused misunderstandings occur, both in the family and so on. Of course, the psychology of men and women are significantly different, but if we learn to understand women, this will allow us to find the best of them and realize how to make a girl want a relationship.

Understanding Russian Women

In this article you will learn what women want in men, advice and tips on how to learn to understand women and what they really want given by experienced relationship psychologists.

Get rid of stereotypes

We live in a huge community of people, and to understand what women want in a relationship with men, we need to think about who imposes on us certain opinions. Of course, being in the community is difficult to have an opinion of your own and stick to it no matter what. In general, we subdue to the opinion of the majority. We tend to think that Russian women need only money, it can be true and not true, since there are women who just need the money, indeed. But there are also those who have completely different values and if you haven’t met such yet doesn’t mean they do not exist.

what women want in a relationship with men
There is no sense to engender such stereotypes in heads, as they interfere with finding a good woman, which is also not enough. You just need to understand that we are all different, but we live in a great society and comply with all the new views and stereotypes. Learn how to make a compliment, because it is important not only to know how to give compliments, but also be able to give them correctly.

Money is what women really want!

We will not deny that women want from men money. Of course, no one wants to dedicate the life to a looser. Would you? This is natural, because by nature man brings prey to the house, and as the hostess, woman is the mistress of all that is brought to the cave by her husband, that kept in the house of her husband, etc. A man does not always understand this and so now the case is that men and women need one another. To find mutual understanding is possible if you start to learn the laws of nature as they discover all the secrets of ‘why and because’ of everything that happens in the world.

women want money from men

Love and attention

What are russian women like is also care. Everyone does. There are those wives who want from men love and attention. It is actually everything there to a woman, but men often do not understand this, assuming, as the majority, that women only want money and nothing more. Do not listen to anyone but keep a close eye on the situation, the relationship and the woman. Learn her and you will understand, is she needs relationships, family or money, etc.

russian women like care


Girls learn how to treat a man in a relationship. But what about men? A man by nature is a protector, hunter, who brings his prey into the house to the woman. Accordingly, some instincts we still have so that women want from men the basic protection, both emotional and physical, and material, as well.


What women want? Women want from a man understanding. Often there is no mutual understanding in the family and in relationships, because of this all the possible conflicts and even divorce occur. Learn to understand women and then they will begin to understand you. That’s an axiom. It’s common that it’s impossible to do, but al least try, it will give you an opportunity to communicate with them and choose the one woman who was meant to be yours by destiny. With her you will be really beautiful, comfortable and happy. After all, each person needs to find the soul mate, but most of us focus the attention on appearance, which can be deceiving.
find the soul mate

Women want a man to be a man

What are Russian girls like? They’re like that! In fact, every woman wants from a man to stay a man in any situation. They’re inclined to believe that the man was made and should remain a man. Then the woman will be a woman and all in a relationship or family will get better. After all, we have exactly as much as a little hoping for. As long as we do not improve ourselves, nothing and no one around us does not change, since all is within you, in your mind and imagination.

Note that the realization of women 80% lies in the sphere of family and relationships. Unlike men, 80% of which are busy at work.

Some of the areas must be a priority. If a woman puts her career in the first place, she will suffer relationship and family, and she can not be fully realized. It can not be felt at first, but over time it will necessarily become painful. If a woman has to perform the duties of men, as a result she loses her femininity, besides gets her relationship problems and health problems. Feminine women are when surrounded by brave men. Therefore, a woman aspiring to material wealth in the family is not bad.


What do women desire? In the view of psychologists, the list of what women want from men is reduced to solving their problems at the expense of men, to the desire for money and gifts, to the enjoyment of a man and pushing on him endless claims, etc. At the same time in your mind it is a perfect woman, and she certainly needs a perfect man.

However, it also happens the other way. Harmony in family, harmony of relations are quite an achievable result. But this is the result of awareness and mental work. If a man wants to be happy, and thinks about how to make a woman happy, he needs to know some of her features and peculiarities, to know the ways of building relationships, etc. Here the understanding Russian women is the key to success. Do not neglect it.

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