Top -10 Online Dating Tips — infographic

19.01.2015 | 6:18

Andrea Vega


All the best Tips for Online Dating you can find below. Use them and you will never «get lost» in an online dating world.

Top -10 Online Dating Tips - infographic -

But first: Did you know that 40 million Americans use online dating services?

Statistics shows that people changed their attitude towards dating websites within last eight years:

Year 2005

  • 44% of Americans agree that online dating is a good way to meet people
  • 29% of Americans agree that people who using online dating websites are desperate

Year 2013

  • 59% of Americans agree that online dating is a good way to meet people
  • 21% of Americans agree that people who using online dating websites are desperate

Statistics of American adults in each age group who have used online dating sites or apps

Online daters by Age group:

  • 18-24 (10%)
  • 25-34 (22%)
  • 35-44 (17%)
  • 45-54 (8%)
  • 55-64 (6%)
  • 65+ (3%)

1. First of all you should find your site

It’s really important to know what exactly do you want to find online.

What are you looking for

Not really important, person to chat with, someone to flirt with;

Or you just want to go out, be friends, find a travel-mate or even get married

Choose gender (Guy/Girl)

Specify the age of a person you are searching for

Don’t forget to mention country and a city where you want to find your future date

2. Choose best pictures for your profile.

A professional photo is 6 times more likely to get viewed than a self-taken one.

Say no to selfies!

3. Fill your profile with information that will describe your personality and interests

And don’t try to add some fake data, as a unique and original information attract over 5x views than non-original info

Profile views comparison:

  • Unique and original info with a professional photo in a profile 38%
  • Professional photo with an average profile (with ok, nothing special data) 32%
  • Unique and original info with a selfie as a profile picture 23%
  • Plain profile with a selfie 7%

 4. Just be yourself! “Don’t forget to be polite”

First message statistics have shown that by using a proper grammar you are 4x more likely will get a positive response

Phrases that perform the best:

Pretty Sure

Cool Howdy!

Pretty good

It’s nice that…



Pretty nice

How’s it going?

What’s up?

Phrases that failed:






you’re pretty

u r







5. Be ready for a date!

If you follow all the previous steps, you will definitely end up on date.

Statistics shows that each one out of four people you contact online will go for a face-to-face date.

 6. Be aware of possible fraud!

Usually one of ten users of a dating sites are scammers.

But it doesn’t mean that you will meet one for sure, and even if you will, our tips will help you to identify one!

7. Plan your first date

First date is always exciting and very important for your first impression, so make sure you planned it right.

Best places to go on a first date: Theater, Hiking, Bowling, Aquarium, Driving range, Art gallery, Local music show, Play tourist, Ice-skating, Try new cuisine

Worst places to go: Bar, Movie, Clubs, Family meetings, etc.

8. Prepare a back-up plan for your first date.

As you’re going on a date with someone you’ve never seen before, you’d better come up with a plan B, in case your date won’t «satisfy your requirements» or something goes wrong.

You can ask your friend to call you for some «emergency» or find some better excuse, but better think about this in advance.

9. Don’t give up if your first date failed!

There’s always a chance that something might go wrong on a date, or it might appear that your date is not the same person he/she looked like online. But you don’t have to give up after first failure!

Keep searching for new people and you will definitely find the one for you!

10. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself!

You have to realize that dating websites are not just for desperate weirdos, you can actually find someone decent there.

And it doesn’t matter why you are on a dating site, whether you’re searching for a true love or just want to chat with new interesting people, just enjoy your time there!

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