Top 10 List of Fun Online Dating Facts that Expand Your Horizons on Digital Dating

10.03.2015 | 11:49

Andrea Vega



There are many interesting facts about online dating that you probably do not know yet or have already heard thousand times. Anyway, if you are curious about the funniest of them, has picked the top 10 list of fun online dating facts that may be surprising for you and expand your horizons on digital dating. Besides, here you will be able to find more useful links for any online dating occasion.

Top 10 List of Fun Online Dating Facts

Here We Go:

  • Money matters much

While looking for the date, women usually pay much attention to men with the well paid jobs or business. In turn, men are more willing to reveal their financial information than women which already form a certain tendency in filling profiles.

  • Women are very picky

Speaking about picking the dates, men are known to be less selective than women. Women continue being more selective later on being already in relations. This tendency can be explained by the fact that women are more patient in waiting for the best compatible partner on average, while men would rather find something fast.

  • Men prefer young and pretty women

Men are more focused on beauty and attractiveness while women are focused on financial sustainability mostly. Such tendency can be explained by the evolution: men seek for reproductive compatibility while women search for safety and protection. A man wants a woman who will give healthy and beautiful children.

  • Everybody is looking for similarities

Both men and women are more likely to look for similarities, date someone of the same race, however, women tend to that more than man. Many online daters also like dating with people of the same religion or political group. Smokers seek smokers, childless singles — childless singles, etc.

  • Mistakes matter

A lot of users are turned off by grammar or spelling mistakes in profiles. The same with messages. Poor grammar and punctuation is the turn off for both sexes.

  • Honesty is the best policy

Honesty and true to reality presentation of yourself is more likely to lead to the second date than lies and exaggerations in dating profiles. Phrases like ‘I’ll tell you later on’ won’t do. About 20 percent lie about their age, another people about income, etc. If you do the same, do not count on the date. Do not waste both your time and the time of someone who is out there online.

  • There are soft and serious dating sites

Some inexperienced people cannot make head or tail of what the certain site actually is for. Its better to search on the web you are going to join first. In time when one websites are full of people looking for fun and casual sex, another are for the serious and long term commitments. Of course, you should do your homework before spending money and time on the dating web sites.

  • The more options the more complications

It is widely accepted that the more options we have the harder we make decisions. Besides, when faced with more options we are not sure if the previous choices were satisfactory. To hesitate is of human nature, indeed. Keep in mind this factor while picking the online dating web sites.

  • Online dating stigma

Recent survey has shown that less than 30 percent of people think online daters to be alone or desperate. Online dating has become more socially accepted of late because of the decrease of the stigma.

  • Fun photos

It is proven that people like funny photos with people smiling more than sexy or too serious poses, etc. Besides, pictures that show you engaged in some activity attract better and provoke for starting a conversation twice faster. Post photos with yourself doing the things you really like: cooking, skating, playing a guitar, bowling, etc. The truth is that such pictures may be nice conversation starters. They can give a hint to people what to talk about or how to start a message, etc.


If you are looking for love online, the top 10 fun facts will definitely come in handy to avoid 12 Common Online Dating Mistakes, stay generally up dated in terms of digital dating web sites and so on. However, always remember that the following facts are not absolute and the only.

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