The New Modern Rules of Dating

21.04.2016 | 5:31

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

The twenty-first century is a time of extraordinary opportunities. The Internet has opened the vastness of virtual dating and communication opportunities you haven’t even imagined. Modern times — modern dating tips.

The New Modern Rules of Dating

The best of dating rules is to stay charming

After posting profiles on a dating site, visited by many people there’s a sense of insecurity. In the world of abuse, rudeness and ultra-violence it’s effective to plant charm and demeanor, grace, etiquette and old fashion within yourself. Many feel that they are worse than others, believe that they fail a competition and have no chance to win the interest of decent men, etc. The best and old fashioned features are a rare phenomenon nowadays. If you have them, develop them and apply — you are more original and thus have more chances in modern dating to stand out than others.

the beauty is subjective

Remember: the beauty is subjective

The problem of modern dating is an excess of beauty both natural and artificial and the lack of competition. Why? Simply because everyone wants to be the best, the prettiest, the most successful, the sexiest, and so on. Stop fitting yourself into everything. Be yourself, narrow your search. Pages of girls on dating sites that are full of variety is always not enough and will be. So, the selection of pretty, active, passionate athletes, and simply beautiful people and a thousand other things should have a REAL GOAL. A string of beauties, which came on the cover of a glossy magazine on a dating site, make no end to think and pick. But what are they doing here? If they can not find someone to love, won’t it be a flashing beacon to you?

beautiful woman for marriage

Always think positive

Modern time is characterized by excessive depression, stress, negative thinking, or lack or critical thinking, etc. To find a real love according to the new modern rules of dating, it’s better to stay positive no matter what, but be objective, as well. Let go of negative thoughts. Each tries to put himself in the best light. Solid models from the majority of dating sites are not at all so in life. A good angle and posture, good knowledge of Photoshop and voi la! Do not forget about the notorious trolls and just people who are looking for communication, but not REAL relations. Modern people are bored and seek for communication novelties.

nicer and brighter packaging

Look for competent dating sites

Recently profiles on such sites are increasingly reminiscent of competent marketing. The nicer and brighter packaging, the more there will be chances to consider top profiles closely. But, as they say, all means are good in love and war. Be conscious in choosing the source for communication and dating and online dating rules, as there are many onlookers on the web, so are the second-rate websites. What are you worthy?

stay positive

Photo is crucial

It’s common that even in real life, people pay attention first to the appearance. Of course, it’s better once to see than many times to hear. Do not neglect it. Whenever you subscribe, the major guidelines will always be: a good and fresh photo is a good online dating start.

Consider the best shots in nature on a sunny day. But remember that the main character is you, but not a beautiful background. It’s you who is a focus. The person should be close up, it is advisable to smile. Do not upload photos in underwear or bathing suits, even if there is something to boast. We have the same course for a serious relationship, do not let anyone be led in the wrong direction by your look.

stay a human in anything you do

It’s a small world

Thanks to technological development and modern science we can communicate without boundaries. However, it also makes it easier to act wrong seemingly with no consequence. Remember it’s a small world and the negative you send even through the virtual channels will come back to you someday. So, it’s effective to stay a human in anything you do and the way you do, even on dating sites. Follow dating rules for women or dating rules for men if you belong to the mankind and respect yourself. 

try to dwell on the virtual communication into a real one

Still mind that virtual never substitutes real life communication

Meanwhile, modern life, with the support of the Internet, separates us from a possible life partner more and more. This is a vicious circle. Although the development of virtual reality contributes to globalization in general, it also strengthens and individualization of each individual, and his or her alienation. Always try to dwell on the virtual communication into a real one. Do not substitute one with another but use one to enable the other and meet your true love.

new dating opportunities

So, if previously girls and boys met and dated through mutual friends, parents, colleagues or acquaintances, the 21st century introduced quite new dating opportunities, and thus dating norms and the top modern rules of dating. If you keep them in mind, you’ll succeed.

Feel free with your suggestions and comments and do not forget to share the info with those who haven’t tuned in yet. Good luck in search of true love and serous relationships!

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