The Best Gift for a Russian Woman: How Does it Look Like?

01.03.2016 | 2:28

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Everybody knows that all women like presents. It’s an axiom. Russian girls are not an exception and if you are going to conquer Russian women, you should be ready to show generosity and woo them enthusiastically. No matter the occasion, be ready to fork out to find the best gift for a Russian woman.

The Best Gift for a Russian Woman: How Does it Look Like?

What do Russian Women Like?

Be aware of an imaginary commercialism. Despite the fact that all women love money and gifts, Russian girls value sincerity of your feelings and intentions. So, that’s gonna be your primary gift. Start with it.

Limousines with a luxurious bow on the top will definitely cause confusion: a ride in a comfortable car through the city in a romantic atmosphere will be an ideal variant for this type of woman. She is not used to luxury, so she may feel awkward if you start big.

To conquer Russian women you will sure need to learn their psychology to touch the deepest strings of their finest soul. If you cannot call yourself a perfect seducer or an authority connoisseur of the female psychology, at least study their cultural background to find out better what they like and what they don’t like.

What is too much for the foreigners is the inner world of the Slavic girls because it always remains under a veil of secrecy. That’s why it’s hard to please Russian women, and completely impossible to buy them. Russian beauties have been long intriguing the guys from all over the world concern keeping them on distance. They are attractive and conquer with their attitude, loyalty, devotion, endurance, willingness to overcome troubles in love and relationships and deserve special presents.

attractive and conquer with their attitude

Gifts for Various Occasions

So, what do Russian girls like? What gifts will be especially fruitful for them? Holidays is a great opportunity to show your Russian love how much you love and care. Almost all women love receiving gifts on special occasions, it can be the long-awaited or unexpected goodies and surprises, but in any case the most valuable presents will be the pleasant emotions the girls get while presented. That’s why Russians are a bit unpractical. You cannot just give an ideal housewife a good sharp knife which may be needful, but rather surprise her with the flowers or sweets, jewelry or concert tickets, etc.

It’s not that Russian ladies are trivial or fond of knickknacks, they’re simply too female and strive for rather sensual than intellectual satisfaction. Perhaps the choice of a gift for you will be too complicated, because you do not know what else you can buy or what exactly the enigmatic ladies want, after all, you’ll see everything is there and you can act spontaneously.

Wondering what to give to a girl, be attentive to her interests and hobbies. If the girl is keen on makeup, give her some beauty’s skin products; if a girl likes to take baths often, give her bath salt or aromatic oils and foams, etc. Be specific.

what to give to a girl

Though women are rather down to earth and casual, they are very fond of having jewelry rather than wearing it. This is a paradox of Slavic women. Even not wearing it, they still get them, put on and admire in front of the mirror. Such a gift should be chosen jointly, or, at least, you should know well the taste of your lady and the size of her fingers, neck, etc. In addition, good jewelry is an excellent investment. She will appreciate it.

If you do not have a lot of money — it does not matter, because every woman needs attention, and it is the most precious gift for her. Buy a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates, arrange a candlelight dinner at home. In addition to flowers and chocolates, you can give her a romantic letter or message.

Only think about that: there is the most important thing like your attention which will also do as a gift. Go on and experiment with your imagination. Emotional factors are the basic. The girls understand the language of love. Russian girls consider the emotions from presents rather than their cost in a state of euphoria:

  • teddy bears;
  • flowers for no reason;
  • exclusive perfume;
  • a trip to exotic resorts in winter, etc.

A lady who has «butterflies» in her heart appreciates all gifts from a man of her dream who is always there for her.

However, yet there are still more mercantile ladies who are interested in more material proofs of your feelings and prefer more expensive gifts and generous gestures. Such women demand financial benefits and constant attention. They’re naughty and proud. Here, your generosity may vary:

  • diamond rings;
  • vehicles;
  • vehicles;
  • property;
  • fur coats;
  • and other «small purchases.»

In this case, you need to understand both types of women because it will directly affect your decisions on what you present. Anyway, if you experience some tender feelings and emotions that motivate you to such generous offerings, relax and enjoy in any way.

Creative approach

As for gifts, you need to be always creative, and to abandon the platitudes as often as possible. One of the rules of creativity is the original packaging. Each man can create such packaging with their hands. You pack a present to a regular parchment paper, tie a ribbon and ready to paint a masterpiece. Any girl’s gonna love such know-how. Even if a man questions the selected gift, «hand made» package will create 80 per cent of positive emotions and good mood to the girl from Russia.

If you are at work till late nights and do not have enough time to devote to the present stuff, book a table in a good restaurant in advance, prepare a bouquet of her favorite flowers and secretly leave the invitation for the evening in your girlfriend’s purse. Surprise is ready. All you need is to enjoy.

 Surprise is ready

We wish you happy holidays and memorable gifts and successful dates! If you can not decide what to give to your favorite woman, follow our advice. Do not forget to comment, share the info with your friends and leave your comments below.

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