How to Survive With Big Boobs or Why Women Want Less

01.10.2015 | 5:06

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by Dave Cogan

A lot of women in the USA suffer from the big breasts burden. It may be a real gift of the mother nature on one side, and the true nightmare — on the other. Today we are going to discuss the problem under scrutiny making highlights and defining pluses and minuses of gorgeous breasts for the female sex.

It may seem that large breasts should be the dignity and pride of every woman

It may seem that large breasts should be the dignity and pride of every woman. Breast size is defined genetically and is said to be impossible to modify without non-surgical methods no matter what popular magazines and mass media say. All types of woman: with a fragile structure of the body, with the average constitution, and with a pretty large one can have large breasts.

The truth is that a lot of females registered on the dating websites like are rally big breasted. Is it occasionally or regularity? No matter if the boobs are implanted or natural, it’s still a controversial issue for many of us: how to perceive such women, why they suffer, especially in terms of sex and dating.

Big breasts cause an overload of the spine,

Big boobs — big issues?

Big breasts are also a source of major problems and inconveniences, it causes psychological and physical discomfort so that a lot of big breasts owners even seek for surgery to make them smaller, whereas the other women are striving to enlarge their bust dramatically. Here are some real minuses of having big boobs:

  • Big breasts cause an overload of the spine, headaches, respiratory disorders, limiting the selection of clothing, etc. Usually when it comes to large breasts, no one is discussing the problems associated with it. However, people give priority to the beauty and attractiveness, so virtually every woman even with the satisfying breast size dreams»for more.»
  • The fashion and glamour magazines exploit the images of big breasts to look very attractive: high bust lush, beautiful nipples, etc. They still look like breast implants. Natural big breasts have the shape of a drop, weighted at the bottom. After birth, due to age-related changes, there are omissions to any chest both small and large. Anyway, big breast with ptosis looks much less aesthetic …
  • It is very difficult for women with large breasts to keep a beautiful posture ever since this is extremely hard! The back hurts between the shoulder blades: the weight of the breast makes itself fall.
  • You can go sports, but it is incredibly hard to engage in a gym or a fitness group with big breasts.
  • It’s uncomfortable to lie on stomach. Sleepless nights are guaranteed.
  • Besides, the breasts produce a bad effect on the appearance: with each jump there is a risk of ptosis. Though, there is a special fixing underwear for sports, to tie them tightly enough to disable the boobs from moving looks rather ridiculous and is almost impossible.
  • By the way, when doing fitness pectoralis muscle is pumped up which is one of the most famous non-surgical ways to increase small breasts. Large breasts may become even greater, though.
  • After giving a birth, large breasts also increase, but after feeding they get back into shape, however, women experience strong drooping, a huge amount of stretches and so on which, by the way, some owners of small breasts can easily avoid.
  • Selection of underwear for women with large breasts is a special tragedy.

Big breasts are so popular around and much admired by men

Big breasts are so popular around and much admired by men, however, people have no idea that the magnificent bust always demands custom made lingerie and especially huge sizes of clothes. What is sold in retail stores and is considered to be underwear for average people cannot be taken for large breasts, and is uncomfortable and embarrassing. How much you need to make efforts to find a beautiful lingerie for an intimate evening with big tits? I bet a lot!

Swimsuits are a separate topic to deal with. If you’re lucky and you discover the best match for the «up», the «bottom» may be unpleasant and impress you with its huge size or vice verse. Not all girls have big breasts because of the overweight, some simply inherit this beauty in a combination with very fragile figure which seems especially unfair.

So, shopping may turn out a real nightmare in all terms.

How to survive shopping with big breasts and not to kill yourself

There’s an extremely motivating and witty opinion from a British fashion web source in terms of big boobs and shopping that all big breasted women will definitely find useful and should adopt as a rule:

«Huge baps tiny frame? Big all over? Crazy hourglass? No problem, no problem, no problem. The high street can make it seem like the enemy in this instance is your body when hello, obviously it is the high street. There is a reason that all the clothes you’re drawn to—the ones you look at and just KNOW will work on your figure—are completely sold out of sizes 12-16, because that’s the size most people are, and yet there are always millions of 4s and 6s in stock. It’s worth asking that salesgirl in the ear cuff and high-waisted jorts if there are any more of the item you’re interested in in the back. You know what will work and what won’t, but so do your fellow sufferers, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see a lot of it. You can always bounce your sweaterfriends home and see what the online inventory has to offer.» from 

Any individual who needs to find traditional shirts cannot understand the person with big breasts because for her it's rather a mission impossible.

Any individual who needs to find traditional shirts cannot understand the person with big breasts because for her it’s rather a mission impossible.

“You have such big boobs, you’re so lucky!” is maybe the most annoying statement ever expressed to those really possessing huge boobs.
It is clearly not all terrible; there is the previously stated solution to all that, however, there is no denying that it’s hard now and then.

Big Boobs issues and dating

However, there are far deeper issues that women with big breasts often experience. Some of them are more serious than fitting the favorite dress, the food falling into the neckline, sweat stains around the chest or even the car seat belt always trying to strangle. There are many deeper psychological aspects of the issue they are more likely to encounter:

«Interestingly, large portions of the individuals I’ve dated or hooked up with have pulled out all the stops to accentuate that my bosoms are not what pulled in them to me. Since that would simply be excessively standard, I presume. They, as a rule, go ahead to clarify which piece of mine they are occupied with — more often my legs or hips — lest I get the mistaken impression that they’re above objectifying women’s body parts. In spite of the fact that to be reasonable, my legs truly are magnificent.»

According to research, women with huge bras are known to be extremely unhappy, supremely alone and, thus, unlucky in relationships and dating so far.

«There are quite a few people on the planet who perspective breasts as open property, just questionably identified with the individual they’re connected to. I’ve persevered through some genuinely horrifying pickup lines. I’ve had fellows ask «Are those real?» before even asking my name.»

It is proved that the problem of an intimate nature is the most difficult problem to deal with,

It is proved that the problem of an intimate nature is the most difficult problem to deal with, that is necessary, and the sooner you come to this, the better. More than that, back pain, fatigue, poor blood circulation, respiration and heart pains can lead to much more serious consequences. That’s why many women without further doubt resort to breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction is surgery that allows you to make your breasts beautiful, aesthetically much more attractive, so that you will experience an unprecedented leap of self-confidence and of course some health reliefs.

For example, in 2009, a prfessional Romanian tennis player Simona Halep decided to make such an operation, but all for the sake of her sports career, nothing more, nothing less.

For those, who have no idea what it actually presupposes, there’s a clear medical definition:

  • Breast reduction surgery, otherwise called lessening mammaplasty, is a strategy used to uproot overabundance fat, tissue and skin from the bosoms. On the off chance that you have large bosoms, you may decide to have bosom lessening surgery to distress or to accomplish a bosom size proportionate to your body.

However, it’s also important to remember that breast reduction surgery may additionally help enhance your mental self portrait and fearlessness and your capacity to take part in physical exercises. The emotional and psychological moment here is the key. That is why a lot of women take risks and make operations both prior and after the breast feeding.

That is why a lot of women take risks and make operations both prior and after the breast feeding.

In the case you’re considering surgery, anyway, counsel a board-affirmed plastic specialist. It’s imperative to comprehend what breast reduction surgery involves — including conceivable dangers, as with any plastic surgery, and difficulties and also set expectations true to reality:

«After my breast surgery, the first card I opened in the hospital came from the women at the office. “We think you are very brave,” it read. Anything but brave, I thought.»

Women with big boobs are known to have a lot of issues caused by both physical and psychological aftermath from wearing a huge breast. Reduction surgery, however, is a radical way, which is now offered to women with large breasts, but this may not always be a way. Women who are planning  pregnancy and breastfeeding should avoid such actions. In addition, the risk of losing the breast at all due to the complications in the future also remains.

Most often we hear everything on the contrary in the news. In addition, there are a lot of web sites and blogs about ways to increase the breast which is quite popular, judging by the comments and questions in them, etc.

Big breast research and bias

Men who pay attention to you, are primarily interested in your chest, rather than in your personality — how much is that true?

One study writes that in fact people tend to think women with large breasts to be more stupid. I do not know whether these data is true or not and what it’s based on but a quote from one book by Seligson strikes to the bones: Only think of that: an agent of a strip club tells about about a girl who went to Mexico to make an extra breast on her  back! She probably thought that this new product would be a future trend and can become extremely popular …FTW?! It seems that stupidity of this very girl has nothing to do with her breasts.

One study writes that in fact people tend to think women with large breasts to be more stupid.

  • Interestingly, but  in 2008, William Brown from Brunel University conducted a case study of women with a figure regarded as the most sexually attractive.
  • It turned out that such women are those of small stature with long legs and large breasts: Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson and Rachel Welch type. How the secret of the popularity was explained:» there are no rudeness and masculine traits in their bodies,» and » the overall symmetry of the body is also extremely important.» People with symmetrical bodies were presented as more desirable partners to the respondents.
  • Earlier, Dr. David Perrett of the University of St. Andrews (Scotland), came to the conclusion that the most beautiful oval of the face is considered to be that of a form of  a heart.

The biggest breasts in the world

An American Chelsea Charms with height of 1.57 meters has 164XXX breast size! Of course, it’s implants. She is a stripper which is oddly enough with such a weight over her chest. However, they say in the news that she has lately ceased to work because to hang upside down was simply too dangerous on a pole — the weight of her breasts is almost 24 kilograms! Chelsea has been increasing her bust by means of  plastics for 20 years «to become famous.»Well, I guess she’s got what she wanted to.

helsea has been increasing her bust by means of  plastics for 20 years "to become famous."Well, I guess she's got what she wanted to.

On a photo the girl is in a T-shirt with»fashionable breastfeeding»inscription, but she is more likely to have it at all because in order to increase the size of her breast she used implants with propylene which is banned in some countries that irritate the glands and cause a large release of liquid, which leads to the continuous growth of the breast (In this case about 2.5 cm per month).


The problem may be as follows: huge breasts or even one breast significantly larger than the other, which creates difficulties not only in the selection of underwear, but sometimes dresses, tight blouses, etc. And how much agony it gives to a woman who is experiencing profound psychological problems, inferiority complex, which does not allow her to lead a normal life, and sometimes even strikes up a relationship or any other issues of personal nature, as revealed in the intimate moments.

Anyway, love your body the way it is and for what it is! I guess that’s all I can say about it. I like the way one mother wrote about the dreams of large breasts:

«You look at yourself in front of a mirror and put up some stuff to push them up dreaming of how it would be cool when it’s bigger. Put some weights into your bra and you’ll see how’s that like!»

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