Single Parents Need to Communicate: 8 Convenient Places to Meet New People

14.09.2015 | 12:37

Andrea Vega


Single parents or divorced people who want to start over may be wondering of where to better look for the new potential relationships? Luckily, they can allow meeting new people and dating without much troubles with kids and changing their traditional lifestyles.


The desire of parents to create a new family is quite understandable and deserves the approval: it is useful and, with the right choice of a partner, produces great impact on the education of the child.

However, not everyone knows where to look for new people, having children in their arms. According to psychologists, two of the worst enemies of single parents are isolation and lack of time. Even childless adults who do not always have time and energy to lead an active social life, and care for the child, at times, are completely deprived of such an opportunity.

Even childless adults who do not always have time and energy to lead an active social life

How to cope with the routine?

For parents raising their children alone, it may be important to have friends, or t least the appropriate interlocutors. After all, communication often helps to solve everyday problems such as illness or the need to take the baby to the nursery or back, so on and so forth. The ability to ask for advice or share some joy provides each of us a rational assistance and the influx of new vitality. That’s why single parents should find some new places and opportunities to meet and communicate with other people, not only single parents alike.

Here are 8 nice places that you often visit and can form a new dating circle in meanwhile:

1. Gym

A lot of people visit gyms in order to keep fit. Single parents also should take care of their bodies. If you spend some time in gym regularly, you have a chance to met someone single there as a potential date. Gym is basically a win-win place for many people: it’s easy to start a casual talk, get acquainted, share the numbers, etc. there.

2. Free outdoor concert or festival

Such events gather many people, especially in warm months of the year. Music events and fests are usually kid-friendly and offer a good laidback environment for spending time in the fresh air and meeting someone new.

3. On the web

It is widely accepted that many single people meet each other on the web. There are no bans to do the same for single parents, so go ahead! Here you may search a lot without much time waste and distracting from your kids, work or home duties.

4. Grocery or huge supermarkets

All people spend some time of their lives at supermarkets making daily purchases. Here you will easily meet a lot of interesting and new people from all around. In addition the products that people buy can indicate if they are going to have a family dinner or a friends party, a date or something else.

5. Cycling

If you are fond of the active ways of spending your free time like cycling, while having a walk you can easily meet someone special who can be your potential perfect match.

6. Farmers market

It is common that everyone who has a family needs fresh products and all kind of stuff for home. That is why such events like fruit markets outdoor are worth not only of fresh fruit and veggies but meeting many interesting people who are also looking for relationships. Another win-win situation.

7. Speed dating

In fact, it is one of the most favorite dating events among divorced and single parents. They may have fun and enjoy meeting various interesting people during one evening and who knows maybe one of them will become of particular interest for you. Another reason for trying the speed dating is the dating practice. It doesn’t matter if you do not meet anyone, little practice will never hurt.

8. Park

Park is a great public place that all people are visiting, especially in warm season of the year. In addition, such places as playing grounds and parks are usually no-brainer places and there may be plenty of kids and parents playing around. So, probably it will be the chance to meet another single parent and make friends or find the potential date who likes kids and won’t mind you having them.


Benefits of being a single parent

Very often people simply do not see the positive side of the situation. In such a case, they simply need to reconsider several vital things of being a single parent, especially if divorced:

  • Single parents have the advantages of raising children, as they can help forming a child’s outlook from their own perspective and experience without fear of the negative or dual impact of the co-parenting.

  • Single parents also have the advantage that they do not need to adapt to the interests or moods of a spouse.

  • You do not need to wait for someone or something to coordinate time. Having a day off, you can pick your kids and go wherever you want. Your whole life now belongs to you and your children. In order to do something you do not need the approval or disapproval of your husband or wife.

  • And the biggest advantage in raising children alone is that a single parent is an absolute authority in the family.

Benefits of being a single parent


For single mothers and fathers finding a partner is especially valuable, because all the worries about the child and sustaining the family well being is too hard to do alone, there is no time to even dream about dating.

Now that you know the common places where even single parents can meet new people without any harm for their relationships with the kids, it will be easier for you to understand the benefits of being a single parent, to plan the mutual leisure or simply seek for potential dates. If you are ready to try online dating — will be a perfect place to start out.

Think about the ways of dating that will help you spend less time looking for a partner? Clubs and meetings of interest, social networks, forums and specialized dating sites will help you to overcome stressstart connecting with new people and save time.

If you have some more ideas for single parent dating, you are welcome to share them here.

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