Russian Dating Dressing Standards: Tips on How to Impress a Russian Woman

25.02.2016 | 8:24

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

If you want to win a Russian beauty, you should be well aware of the fact that Slavic girls like to take care of themselves and seek for the same with men. Apparently, they are so scrupulous about their appearance that many elderly women keep taking care of their skin and figure, dye their hair in funky colors, etc. But the foreigners may have the opposite attitude of beauty and dressing standards. So, in order to win the Russian women, you should know how to impress a Russian girl and your appearance will play an important role in that.

Russian Dating Dressing Standards: Tips on How to Impress a Russian Woman

As the result of an anonymous survey, girls accurately pay attention to 6 basic things about men: your face, haircut, figure, various trivia, behavior and of course, your intelligence. So, mind that while you approach the Russian dating. To be honest, the chances that the watchful eyes of your new passion miss something are extremely scanty. So, be ready to be examined up and down and therefore it is better to prepare for a date to the maximum, so you do not puzzle out that something’s wrong.

If you do everything right on the first date with the Russian beauty, you will realize that rendezvous is an exciting beginning of a new relationship. It develops into the true love and leads to marriage if everything goes right. According to the German psychologists, your appearance plays a huge role in dating Russian ladies.

Your appearence matters

Tip #1

The main rule is to avoid extremes and not to experiment. Dress modestly, and at the same time stylish. We should not forget that you need to feel comfortable in the dress to choose. The one who usually goes in jeans and a sweater, will certainly feel uncomfortable, while dressed in tight-fit suit. And the lady will certainly feel it. However, you should look nice with Russian ladies’ no matter what, but do not overdo and rather be yourself.

Tip #2

It is best to opt for that outfit, which you have already worn and therefore you  have pleasant memories of it. Then you will feel confident and respectively, to radiate positive energy.

Tip #3

What you may not understand is why women are so demanding in terms of male white shirts (they should be snow white and well ironed) and hate mustache on your face. So, it’s better you dress up in a suit or simply neat clean casual wearing and be well shaved too.

neat and shaved

Tip #4

Russian woman like men with tidy gorgeous hair. However, do not be upset if you’re balled. They find it sexy. Another surprise that some of Russian women wash their hair every day and know exactly what to do with it to look pretty. So, keep your hair clean and well groomed.

Tip #5

Another advantage of Russian women is much love to luxury perfumes. So, they won’t mind your smelling tasty. No wonder. That gives a sense of cleanness and freshness which Slavic women much appreciate in men. Do not overdo! It will be enough to pour a few drops of nice perfumes on your neck to impress Russian girls.

Use luxury perfumes for her to like you

Tip #6

Moscow is a paradise of beautiful female hands. Know why? Moscow manicure is known to be one of the best, even Italian masters admit their beauty parlors cannot to be compared with the Russian. Probably, the reason is the climate: it’s often cold and dirty there, so the hands need a constant care. So, you should also watch your hands and take care of your nails, your hands should be groomed just like your hair, because male hands can tell a lot about their owner, you know.

Tip #7

Russian woman dating presupposes spending time together, having a relaxed talk and chilling. Do not forget that your appearance should match your true intentions. If your plan is to drag the girl into the bed on a first date, forget about Russian ladies. They won’t notice your perfect suit if they feel you’re not sincere and polite.

Your look is always important

Tip #8

If a woman carefully considers every detail of the wardrobe before the first date, a man often puts what comes handy. And thus commits a fatal mistake, because someone who is a lady, judges upon your appearance, for sure. Most importantly, a young lady should consider you prior to the first date on perfectly clean, well-kept shoes.

Tip #9

Russian ladies pay attention to the condition of your shoes. Most women do not like worn out and unpolished shoes and look down at them with disgust. Here neither expensive elegant suit nor a fashionable shirt will save the situation. Remember!

pay attention to your shoes

Tip #10

Another taboo is a jogging suit (unless, of course, you have a date at the fitness center). Tuxedo, of course, is too much (unless you’re going to go with the girl in the VIP lounge, opera, ballet or something). Variegated «aloha» shirt won’t do as well. Just a couple of taboos.

Tip #11

In general, a primary psychologist advise to men is to pick up a decent, modest and clean image for a first date with the Russian girls. You may chose sports clothes or some elegant style. Jeans, monochrome or patterned shirt or sweater should be fine. Men who are not versed in dressing stuff, may seek some advice from their sisters if any, from their female colleagues, or even better ask a salesgirl in a male clothes specialized shop. After all your appearance will be the key to self-confidence and, consequently, success with Russian women which will guarantee the second and third date and even more!

The look for a first date with the Russian girls

Welcome with more useful tips on how to impress a Russian woman, feel free to share the info and add your comments below! Good luck!

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  • A good dressing sense matters a lot to Russian women, she like to look stylish all the time and she also accepts the same from her man. But, beyond dressing also there are lot many things that a man should take care of such as his attitude towards the girl, behavior etc., this blog have all the essential points that are important for a man to know for impressing a Russian girl.