Romantic Russian Phrases that Make Your Woman’s Heart Melt

30.04.2016 | 10:50

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

A woman and a man. They seem understandable, but never understand each other. You know it often happens that a Russian woman expects Russian terms of endearment from a man but he does not know what to say. If it seems like you pretty much, we are going to help you with the top Russian word for love.

Romantic Russian Phrases that Make Your Woman's Heart Melt

Due to popular belief that all women love with ears is out of date. Believe us, modern women love your deeds, but not your words. Nevertheless, the ears give her the opportunity to judge the man and how he treats her initially. Beautiful Russian love phrases and other words for your woman are the way to her heart. If you want it to melt, learn how to say you are beautiful in Russian. Men are sometimes hard to find the words for the most beloved woman, but will have to work hard and try, if they want reciprocity and love. There are several ways to do that:

  • Learn Russian word for beautiful
  • I miss you in Russian
  • You are beautiful in Russian
  • You are sexy in Russian
  • You’re beautiful in Russian language.

Also do not be lazy to discover some authentic Russian love quotes, or other romantic Russian phrases like your beautiful in Russian or sweetheart in Russian. Make sure you are well aware of:

  • Popular Russian sayings about love
  • Russian quotes about love
  • Tender Russian phrases
  • Russian love sayings
  • Sexy Russian phrases which are not banal, etc.

Make sure you can easily practice Russian love words, discover more cute Russian sayings and
cute Russian phrases for the period of courtship.

Sexy Russian phrases

Remember that women of all ages are waiting for ‘my love’ in Russian from the beloved people in words alongside the actions. Indeed, how can they be sure you rally love them when you never say it? How do you say ‘beautiful’ in Russian? Do not skimp on the beautiful words. Russian romantic phrases in Russian can say even more to a woman who is more likely to get fondled not only with the ears, but also with the soul.

It is necessary to develop your imagination in choosing compliments. Say your woman is beautiful because she’s prettier than every flower in the world, with children’s tender smile and brighter than the sun. Beautiful words for women must deal with all the color of her eyes, the tenderness of her lips, hair color, mood, etc. Play it around. Be original and use Russian love letters!

Words of praise are also very important for women. If you love a woman, the words to praise her will always be found! It will be tasty cake, which she had prepared for the occasion or without, the warmest scarf or a button on a shirt sewn, even without your request, etc. Words of praise will be sweet things to say in Russian and good to hear for each person, and the woman hearing praise words from the favorite man will be incredibly nice, do not even doubt it!

Words of love and sweet Russian phrases are the best for your woman. Some men are afraid to admit a woman in love. They shouldn’t! Speak Romantic words in Russian and words of love and how and why you love her. Loving woman is ready to spend hours listening to the beautiful words of love, those words that exactly touched her heart and gave a good mood. Her mood is changeable, so support it nice.

According to the woman, thy love Russian flirt phrases about their sexuality and desire. You think not? You are wrong then! Trust me, a woman loves to hear and understand that she is sexy, desirable and looks exciting for his man, it’s very important for getting alone well. Do not hesitate to tell a woman that she is sexy, and other sexy Russian words. Nothing excites more than that she is in good shape and slap on the ass, because you still want her. Word about that she’s sexy in lingerie in her robe, and without it boost and cause the leap of imagination.

And no matter where you are: at home, on a plane, on a vacation or at work, to hear about their sexuality is always a pleasure for your woman from you.

Apart from Russian romantic words, keep track of dates! Men often forget important dates: when you met, when you first saw the darling, women do all on the contrary. They remember everything much better than men, and often get upset when a loved one forgets that exactly one year and four months ago they saw each other at a party of friends for the first time. Keep track of special dates of your relationships, it will be easy for a woman to understand that you like her tenderly and think of her carefully.

track of special dates of your relationships


In this article, we gave you specific direction for finding appropriate romantic sayings in Russian, examples of good, beautiful and tender words for women. Most likely, the man will be able to choose specific words to his woman. We remind you what they want you should tell that they want to hear. And most importantly you know what? Speak sincerely! The words of the men should never disagree with the actions! Speak and act, do everything to make your woman feel and understand that she is loved.

Have anything to add — you are welcome! Do not forget to share the info and leave your comments below.

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