Marriage With a Russian Woman: Slavery or Equal Relationships?

07.03.2016 | 2:42

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Men from overseas like Russian brides very much. No wonder. Russian women have many virtues. Never believe those people who say they don’t. Statistics prove that Russian women are in high demand on the marriage market.

Marriage With a Russian Woman: Slavery or Equal Relationships?

Firstly, they are racially close to the Europeans with their European-like appearance. Moreover, a lot of very beautiful women and their beauty overseas have Russian origins. And no matter how slim and bright the foreign movie stars and top models are, for the vast majority of men (73%) there are no better and more beautiful women in the world that Russian girls. Only 17% of them think that the beauty lives in France, 7% — in Poland and 3% lives in Ukraine. The facts speck volumes and now you know why it’s so. Be sure to guarantee the marriage with Russian woman as not a slavery but equal and happy relationships with her and you will be surprised how much you’ll get in turn.

Secondly, a Russian woman for marriage is not just beautiful, but also has averagely higher education and cultural level than some women in Europe. Among urban women about 55% have higher education diplomas and constitute an absolute majority, for example in the field of education and public education, health and science, etc. They love to read, are fond of novelties in literature and art, learn new things quickly, including foreign languages. It’s interesting to communicate with them, they will always be classy, you will not be disgraced at social events with them.

The foreigners are attracted by both these features of Russian women, in addition, kindness, diligence, desire for home comfort and many other things will turn your relationships into a real pleasure. An important feature typical of them like empathy, the desire to understand each other, a well developed intuition, readiness to help, go through a difficult period together and many other things make these girls exceptional.

Thirdly, the majority of European and American men are sick and tired of those «pinned» triumphant feminists. Any Russian woman can impress a man with their williness to be a female but not ahead or behind his man but simply always stand by his side. That is why there is nothing more promising than Russian girls to marry.

A lot of people sometimes are too worried because of the stereotypes of Russian girls as gold diggers and are afraid to get into a financial slavery or something instead of a happy marriage. They must be sure that there is nothing more sincere that to start your family with a Russian lady who will never want to be a head of the union.

Russians — Perfect Wives

The obedience and not monding of Russian women of a secondary role, their willingness to perform any work and take the brunt of everyday family life  on their shoulders, their modest household habits, tradition to support her husband in the difficult moments of his life, lack of pretension, etc., — are the main qualities of these girls, if they are, of course, received the «proper» education. In short, the appearance of Russian women is very attractive, so that marriage with them is very common in Europe and America and much sought after.

willingness to perform any work

Most often the basis of such marriages is sincere and mutual love, romantic passion. However, after the marriage the prose of life begins. Which is more important is that this prose will be brighter with women like that, but do not count to enslave a Russian, never and ever. Russian nation is full of rebels which is historically explained. You will never make them do what they do not want to or force to obey. Every girl is a lioness deep in her heart and you’d better not to wake up the beast if you dare to tame her. Slavery is not what she expects when she opens to a foreigner. She expects respect and chivalry she cannot get from the compatriots that is all you can manipulate with.

However, very often international marriages are faced with big problems. Starting with the fact that they are doomed to certain complexity or inconveniences, because the state institutions and policies intervene in them and so on. However, this is not to the reason to refuse a great opportunity to finally find a real females.

Women are trying to analyze where their problems start. It is recognized that the things may change after the marriage with both men and women. A man with a situation on the work after his marriage to a Russian undergoes significant changes. Girls who marry people from the other foreign cultural background suddenly enter the lives they have never had before, etc. It’s emotionally more intense situations rather than when marriages are between the representatives of the same culture.

 the things may change after the marriage

If you’e totally prepared for the marriage, nothing will stop you despite the fact that all this, in turn, will affect your position in the circle of friends, where husbands have to change the habits, your circle of communication at work or with relatives, etc. It is no secret that Russian girls have been stereotyped as gold diggers or heart breakers in recent years which may complicate any relations with anyone. Nevertheless, all this makes man nervous and doubt whether to marry a Russian or not, which does not improve the atmosphere in the house. That is why it’s essential to keep in mind the virtues of these women for making a family, their personal benefits and the contribution they can make while being wives.

So, do not expect your woman be your servant and target at equal but classic gender relationships with the Russian brides. Add more advice, feel free to comment and do not forget to share the info!

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