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18.11.2015 | 7:53

Andrea Vega


Following the previous video classes, we continue with the best advice for effective dating. This time it’s about the first conversations and the way you should arrange them and make the atmosphere really unforgettable.

So, what would you do if you’re in the car together, heading for your destination?

So, what would you do if you’re in the car together, heading for your destination? Play some light music on the radio, it will help you two to relax and start a small chat.

  • Tune in

But please make sure you are both ok with the station! 

Imagine the guy opens the car door letting the lady in. Before driving he tries to find a nice song on the radio. We hear some loud Marilyn Manson song, something like “I don’t like the drugs, but the drugs like me…”Or something else, noisy and disturbing. So, what’s the lesson?

  • Don’t be blah-blah

Once you’re there and your dinner has started, watch out for word-vomit. This is especially  dangerous for women, but men get into that trouble too. Don’t tell him that it’s your bad hair day, you barely fit into that dress, your stilettos are killing you and your cat puked a hairball at you AGAIN.

Women who drink too much cocktail or wine and start talking and gesticulating are out of question. The man will at first look amused but very soon he will look ill at ease, start sinking in his chair and it all will end with a facepalm. She doesn’t seem to notice how her babble is killing him.

  • Axe the ex talk

It is never a good idea to bring up your exes. It’s very likely it will ruin your date and that you will make a fool of yourself.

No one wants the guy to take  his wallet and pull out a picture of a beautiful woman. The picture that has been torn apart and then glued back together and it’s of his ex! You will sure look at him in disbelief and with disapproval.

  • You are what you like

It’s ok to mention your work without going into too much detail. It’s a good idea to talk about your hobbies and interests – big chance you will find something in common. The same goes for movies, music and food.

  • No phone zone

But remember, you’re here on a date with a person; it’s not a double date with your gadgets! It’s bad when both sit at their table, deeply absorbed in their smart phones. He or she giggles at something on the screen. Looks like they’ve forgotten about each other and all they need is their phones. So, do not repeat these mistakes and a perfect date will be guaranteed!

Next time we will discuss what can go wrong on a first date.

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