Long Distance Relationship Rules for a Far Away Boyfriend

18.04.2016 | 10:46

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Distant relations are so exotic that do not look like any other form of joint life between men and women. They are always a real challenge and an extreme you have never experienced before. For a man this is a long distance relationship test that would seem have no rules. In fact, that’s not quite so. Here are 10 long distance relationship rules for a far away boyfriend you should know to find a long distance relationship and succeed.

 Long Distance Relationship Rules for a Far Away Boyfriend1. Learn to say compliments over the phone

Do not be afraid to go too far with the sentimental nonsense and do not even be afraid of this word. Say sweet things in telephone conversations. The fact that in an ordinary conversation a large part of your positive attitude towards the other party is transmitted through expression, gaze, gestures and intonation, the telephone communication eats it all. So, the man speaking in his usual manner, seems much more cold and distant than it actually is. So feel free to give the green light to all sweet things you know in your speech.

Learn to say compliments over the phone

2. Provide clock free communication

If you buy the microphone and download free software that allows calls you can stay connected round the clock and almost for free, even when you’re half a planet away. The effect of the presence given is stunning. There is a feeling that the person is in the same apartment with you. It can be even more technologies process, utilizing the camcorder. Yet it is better to do without it: the feeling that someone watches is rather annoying.

3. Date on neutral territory

She lives in Vladivostok — you are from LA. Why not to arrange a meeting in Helsinki? So, none of you will bite secret thoughts like»Aha, arrives when he wants, and sit, wait, when he makes his mind to show up!» Or: «Is it worth all the endless winding here and there, those damned airplanes, lack of sleep and big money, if here I do not seem too happy?» And in an unusual place for both of you will have a real date, unpredictable and full of life: no «hosts» and «guests». Besides, in this way, your relationships are real, no longer traditionally distant.

Date on neutral territory

4. Be more clear to her

Exotic tastes, language and appearance excites only at first time. In the future, these charming dissimilarities, conversely, discourage people. If you want to continue to romance in long distance relationships with a charming stranger — weep, but learn her language. Avoid constant opposition of «in your country» and «in this country» — let her know that you are the same guy, like everyone else. Just better.

5. Do not expect too much from the meeting after a long break

Yes, if you’re lucky, you fall into the arms of each other at once. However, there is a slight chance that during the time of your separation, she had a Bob Dylan haircut and put sapphire brackets. Nevertheless, much more important is that you and she will smell and see. The truth is that only 2% of information about the world a person receives from the smell, and about 98% with the eyes. But these 2% will be even more decisive when it comes to intimacy even if you had never seen each other in reality or haven’t met for a long time. The shorter was the separation, the greater is the chance that pheromones of the partner have not been written off as useless, and after several days of painful memories all goes as it was before. The chemistry is an important thing.

 the meeting after a long break

6. Be ready to other difficulties

Passionate sex after long separation can also be rather dull, if happen at all. That is not the fact that it will not happen, but the chance of this is less than desirable. Thus, never have too high expectations from a person. For both partners, to minimize the risk of a date failure, it’s better to spend some time establishing the physical contact and become closer, before you end up in bed. Holding hands, walking arm in arm and other tenderness will be very helpful: they weaken the barrier of detachment and contribute to cope with the possible excessive excitement.

7. Do not make her jealous

Basically, it’s one of the most important long distance dating rules. Jealousy often spoils the happy unions, sometimes making them even stronger, but when it comes to relationships at a distance, it is converted into pure unadulterated poison. These relations can only be based either on absolute trust or absolute lies. Jealousy, which is impossible to control or unseasoned is transformed into a sophisticated torture that includes self-cooling mechanisms. If among the partners there are doubts, such relationship is almost certainly doomed to failure.

8. It is better to meet one day per month, than one week every six months

Psychologists have a term: «mutual recognition — a person’s ability to take pleasure in the fact that he or she receives any information about the other person. So, mutual recognition is a very long process that takes a lifetime. It builds relationships of a mother and the child, family and the friendships, etc. For success, it must be more or less continuous. Mother Nature takes care that we are able to forget what we love, and make it very tough. Therefore, if it is so important to keep the relationship, it is better to snatch time for brief meetings.

meet one day per month

9. Do not make a waiting room out of your life

You can, of course, give up on all the pleasures of life, build an altar of her clothes and photos and spend long nights looking at far stars which she may be looking at the moment. The fact is that we are ill-suited for the suffering, and the factors that make us worry excessively, like long date expectations, quickly move into the category of junk.

10. Do not enter a relationship at a distance if you can

If you really value these relations, drop everything and stay in. Or grab a young lady in your arms and drag her to your place finally. Work, home, friends: all of this can be sorted out. Still, long-distance relationship is not for the strong emotions as it’s often assumed. Quite on the contrary: they are much more pleasant and unpretentious with an almost complete absence of any sense at all. Mind that!

If you have any questions suggestions or comments, you’re welcome. Do not forget to share the info and good luck in search of serious relation ships online!

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