Know What: Things You Should Never Say to a Russian Woman

19.04.2016 | 7:54

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

If you want to conquer a heart of a young lady from Russia and succeed in Russian women dating, you should have your communication skills well developed. How? Easy. Simply, know how to behave and what to say. Here are things that you should never say to a Russian woman if you’re eager to succeed with your Russian beauty.

Know What: Things You Should Never Say to a Russian Woman

Men who are interested in Russian ladies should know how to date a Russian girl effectively, how to communicate so that to get what they want and never offend a woman or hurt a fragile Russian soul. So, here we go. 

Do not ask about age

Do not ask about age

Even if it’s indicated on the profile and you know it, there’s no need to discuss it. To ask a woman about the age is considered to be impolite in many cultures, especially in Slavic countries. In addition, there is a notion of age discrimination, which no one wants to experience. The fact is that this is a conspiracy against the older generation. After 50 years it is difficult to find a job, although keeping silent on this particular issue, the problems of Russian society like retirement and other age related issues remain. Though personally for them, there is no discrimination, you still should avoid such conversations.

No complaints or snitching

What do Russian women like is confident and mature men. They hate miseries and never take such men serious. Never show your weakness in a way ladies do, especially in a verbal form. If you do it, you will be listened to, but remember, this is not good for your final result, and almost catastrophic if your final goal is marriage.

Do not say banally unpleasant things

It is impossible to say unpleasant things anyway — you may object. However, sometimes your tongue slips and says something redundant. Despite the fact that only stupid people get offended, women are a special case, not because they are stupid, but because they are emotional. You’re not supposed to taunt, or trouble, or laugh at someone, etc. Of course, proud people take offenses to close, and are very difficult to forgive.

Do not discuss religion

Do not discuss religion

There are a lot of various religions. According to UN statistics in the world, there are more than 20,000 religious teachings among the Protestants. There are many of them in Western hemisphere, but in Slavic states people are mostly religious and they are Orthodox. All of them believe that they are right and, among other things, may conduct propaganda against each other or other religions. Therefore, all that many religions and sects get along, if you do not talk about it out loud. It’s especially useless when we speak about love and relationships that break any boundaries, unless you are fanatically religious and a partner of the same religion is a must or something like that.

You can not possibly talk about politics with your future lover

No politics!

This is even worse than the previous one. You can not possibly talk about politics with your future lover! What for? Do you really care if she’s democrat or nationalist? Unlikely it’s gonna stop you if you really like her. That means you may touch some issues, but only generalities and with no in-depth debates and emotional claims.

Avoid opinions on sexual minorities

You may come from a civilized state with freedom of word and thoughts, but that doesn’t matter that you should oppose your own freedom on someone else. People from the rest of the world may have a lot of bias, prejudice and so forth simply because it historically appeared and the shifts in social or cultural backgrounds occur too slowly and unconsciously. Some topics Americans avoid talking are ok with Russians and vice verse. Do not be afraid of these topics, but do not initiate them or hurry to talk about it either.

Do not talk about your personal problems

Do not talk about your personal problems

Or at least do not focus on them. Trust me, girls from the third world countries have far more to discuss than you, far more objective problems and other hardships. They are mostly secretive, can not, are not used and do not know how to open ourselves and discuss their own personal problems. So, be as hard as a rock. Be someone who at least shuts up and listens if not solves them. Therefore, if someone is talking about personal problems, it is very confusing and interferes with finding out what Russian women want, in particular.

 it is impossible to believe that everything is OK

Do not say everything will be just fine

People from Russia are sick and tired of hearing that phrase. Even if you symphasize with the problem you hear from a girl or something like that, do not give her any banal or empty comforts. Often, it is impossible to believe that everything is OK. When you say that everything is OK, it does not mean that everything is in order. As mentioned above, Russians do not know how, and it is very difficult for them to speak about obviously unpleasant things of their reality in the face, or even worse — be given cheap recommendations from a stranger. Therefore, you need to listen, follow the idea and give wise advises if any.


It is better to remain silent if you cannot control and stand keeping yourself from hot discussions of the above mentioned issues. For the time being you have mastered the science of online dating communication with the people from different cultures and that’s already a half success. With Russian ladies it is better to talk less, and watch and listen. Also, do not forget that they are proud, think they know much and say that everyone knows, are inquisitive of other nations, easily assimilate and interested in your opinion only if they ask. Knowing that, it will be effective and twice easier to date and build serious relations with them.

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