«It Was Hell»: Men who Were Raped by Women

21.12.2015 | 5:15

Andrea Vega


by Andrea Vega

Statistics of rape and the phrase «rape culture» are constantly used in the ideological struggle, but the idea that the subject of rape can be a woman, not a man, is still perceived as mischief.

 "It Was Hell": Men who Were Raped by Women

Here are several cases where men talk about sexual violence committed by women towards them and the consequences in several hot quotes.

Case # 1.

‘In fourth grade I had a nanny. She brought us to the guy, and I had to watch them fuck. One day she brought porn and forced me to touch her, and she touched me. Then it played tricks on me at school when asked about the difference of male and female genitalia, people were very surprised how well I knew everything. But as far as I know, everything is okay with the nurse now.’

Case # 2.

‘I organized a home party to which my friend called a couple of new girls just for fun. It happened that I was very drunk, and then a huge unattractive girl, which we were not even familiar with, grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bathroom. Do not even remember what happened and how long it lasted, but remember that after I had passed out and vomited upstairs.
Then I had a long argument with my friend, who still believes that it was not rape, because, even if I was dead drunk, it did not mean that I did not like the sex. We are no longer friends with him.’

Case # 3.

‘My friends and I once decided to make a detour on the way to Miami. Have a stroll around the local clubs. The last thing I remember was that how I was chatting to one girl. I was not that drunk — in the last couple of hours drinking a cocktail of all three. But I woke up at her’s with no idea of what had happened. It turned out that she put something to the cocktail and raped me. Friends saw what things were going on, but did not stop that — they thought it was okay.

When I told that she raped me, they just smiled. Having said that I’m acting strange — I had sex, I should be satisfied. I talk about it no more. I was very furious with the whole situation: I could catch something or make her pregnant…’

 I was very furious with the whole situation: I could catch something or make her pregnant

Case # 4.

‘So, I was 11, we were at a friend’s birthday, he’s just turned 14. All the guys from the same street, and there was a girl who was 15. I didn’t even speak to her, I thought only about how to run on the streets, eat cakes, and play video games. Well, you know, normal children’s joy or something.

And so we end up devouring the cake late afternoon, I stayed in the kitchen alone with the girl, the guys went out into the street. It was the first time and she started talking to me — this was the first female attention in my life, I felt strange, but supported a dialogue. Then she asked if I want to «have fun» upstairs. I said, «No», I still found that not all that interesting. She continued to push on me, and then she got a knife out of the kitchen drawer and threatening to hurt me if I do not go with her dragged me upstairs.

Out of fear I went upstairs, where she made me do all sorts of things with my body and her’s. It was terrible. All my early teenage years crumbled, I could not get satisfaction from sex, always felt that the girls wanted only physical intimacy from me, and I did not feel like it for a long time. I even visited a psychiatrist a couple of times secretly from my parents. They still do not know.’

Case # 5.

‘I broke up with my ex in April, but she blackmailed me over the next months, forcing seeing her and sleep with her. Several times she threatened me with suicide. Threatened to compromise my work, and that he would tell the police that I beated her and raped, etc.

Every time I had to sleep with her, I recorded everything on tape, so to have proof of her consent. I saved every message from her. Out from work. Everything stopped only when she tokk away my Gmail mailbox, somehow changing the password. I fixed her IP on my mail and recorded on tape, whre she admits that broke box and read a couple of letters. After that I threatened her that if she did not calm down, I’would go to the police.

Last time she made me have sex on 7 November. I still can not feel at ease with women, and record all my sexual fantasies, to avoid the accusations of rape. Her actions  literally affected my masturbation.’

So, there are stories told by men that are not less shocking and unbelievable than the more common female rape cases. However, such things always make people think twice about who they are close to and that all the sexual complexes and current problems are more likely to be from the deep childhood.

Be healthy and loved. Welcome with your comments and suggestions.

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