Intelligent People Have More Sex

26.12.2015 | 12:38

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

New research showed that the smarter a man is, the latter he gets to sleep, the more he has sex and is more inclined to using drugs.

Intelligent People Have More Sex

The results of the survey were published in Esquire journal. According to the official resource, the students of Oxford and Cambridge took part in the research and were thoroughly examined. They were said to have more sex than smoking marijuana and went to sleep later than their collateral from the less prestigious educational establishments.

IQ Elite also covered this topic in their article, which is rather interesting for everyone.

It has been defined earlier that sexual Intelligence is driving life force, ensuring continuation of the species, the precious gift of nature, stimulating all the other kinds of intelligence, inspiring progress, creativity, accomplishment of discovery and development of the human race as a whole, influencing health status and life expectancy.

Sexual intelligence is closely related to other types of intelligence, such as creativity, personality, etc. Just like other forms of intelligence, it is necessary to develop, and the development of other intelligence helps to improve our love intelligence.

It is believed that people with high IQ often strive to improve  sex, and are more creative in  love games than people with less than a low IQ. The so-called «intellectuals» are trying to make a novelty, a certain delight in the sexual act, are trying to diversify the prelude, etc.It happens that  their aim is not to please themselves, but first and foremost to the partner. As for the men, who are not as mush gifted with high intelligence as others, then, as a rule, they are suitable for this case, guided only by instincts, satisfying primarily their needs, so sex can be rough.

For the women with the low IQ sex can become a purely mechanical action and a funny way to hold a man near him for some time. There are words that the best sex is sex with brains which are fully justified! That is, when the intellect, the mind recede into the background, but the animal instinct takes over.

 That is, when the intellect, the mind recede into the background, but the animal instinct takes over.

As for examples from the history that demonstrate the relationship of sexual and intellectual abilities, there is one worthy of note: Casanova, who is known to many for his love affairs. He, being not a stupid man,  applied all kinds of intelligence to the seduction of his passions, investigating the role of the senses in the «disclosure» of the mind and body of the beloved, constantly inventing new ways of lovemaking; learning the art of words and logic (rhetoric), playing on the religious feelings, telling the ladies that he’s the only hey have and that they are obliged to take the love with him- and God will be pleased with them.

So, if you want to become a first-class lover and womanizer, often strain the head located between the ears, but not between the legs.

Although the above requires have been  careful studied and supported by the facts and numerical data. However, despite the statistics, and each person is different, and if you do not show off the value of the IQ coefficient, but  can be proud on the sexual arena, take our congratulations and, please, do not stop there.

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