I’m a Lesbian and I’m Proud of It

04.12.2015 | 7:06

Dave Cogan



by Dave Cogan

Since a woman is a rare guest here, we are going to discuss one of the perpetuated and stereotyped female issues like being a lesbian with the help of our today’s guest. The truth is that the lesbians comprise a great portion of people who search for their love through the dating sites, and this is a directly related topic to our traditional research.

I'm a Lesbian and I'm Proud of It

So, we are going to hear what such women feel and how they live and many other interesting things.

I: -Interviewer

G: -Guest

I: —  Hi, how’ re you? What’s up?

G: -Hi, I’m ok. Thanks. Being around on mission from my church.

I: — Are you a churchwoman or something?

G: — Yeah, I’m a mormon.

I: — Are you saying that you’re a mormon-lesbian?

G: -Yes, I am, and I’m proud of it (smiles)

I: — Is your advent aware of the fact?

G: — They are not curious about my private life. They never make people uncomfortable by such questions either.

I: — I see. So, you haven’t yet made your gay incoming?

G: — Not really. My friends know that I’m a lesbian. People from work — don’t,  because it makes no difference.

I: — But how d’you know that it doesn’t if you haven’t yet come in to them?

G: — I do not mix business and the private life, so, they shouldn’t either.

I: — Ok. It seems that you’ve decided for them. However, what inspired you to dedicate your life to the church?

G: — I belive it was my mother. You see, I was raised in a homosexual household from the time I was three until I was eighteen.

I: — And that additionally influenced your sexual orientation?

G: — Maybe. I though of it as a calling. I was fortunate enough to have a mother that allowed me to attend church and would take me to practically anyone I desired to go to.

I: — I see. How did you react on what the church says about gays, gay marriages and children raised in homosexual surrounding?

G: — When I learned last night of the Church’s decision toward the children of gays I was initially in disbelief.

I: — Why? What was that?

G: — One thing that few people understand is that the Church at large is one of the most welcoming and understanding churches there is when it comes to homosexuality.

I: — Really? How’s that?

G: — The church’s teachings regarding the judgment of homosexuals at the final judgment is one the reasons I looked further into the church in the first place as a matter of fact.

I: — What do you mean?

G: —  I believe that Heavenly Father wants us to understand why things are the way they are so far as we are able to comprehend them.

I: — Things like what?

G: — Initially, it is basic that a child comprehends the conventions of the Church and comprehends the genuine importance of marriage. Being brought up in a gay person family can be extremely befuddling for a few youngsters and hard to accommodate the statutes of Heavenly Father with the case they see at home.

I: — So, the statutes of Heavenly Father do not reject the existence and practicing of homosexuality as per your words. What’s the point for numerous protests against the gays on behalf of the church then?

G: — I believe the old school church teaching are too radical against sexual minorities and paint them as too disadvantageous. But the devil is not as black as it has been painted. The real world is not an ideal one like the church wants it to be. There are various people, including homosexuals that should be welcome in church anyway. Besides, the feeling like we have to choose between our families and something else is rather excruciating. So, let us not as mortals assume that we know more about what is right for God’s children than He does.

I: — So, you are on the gay’s side, right? Is that only because you’re a lesbian too? Would you say the same if you were straight?

G: — No, I don’t think my sexual orientation would change anything. It’s my viewpoint no matter if I’m a gay myself or not. Besides, they do not know I’m a lesbian in my church, remember?

I: — Oh, yeah. I forgot. How very convenient of you. (slight irony) I see your point. Thanks’ for coming.

G: — Thank you too!

Typical female mormonsTypical female Mormons

Unbelievable, but this also happens that a woman is a lesbian and serves to church which seems to contradict dramatically. Nevertheless, in search for love and harmony, people are able to make unexpected decisions and do unbelievable things, indeed. Take care! See you!

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