I’m A Guy Who Stopped Dating

12.01.2016 | 2:53

Dave Cogan


by Dave Cogan

Following the series of interesting interviews of other people, somehow related to love, sex, dating and relationships. It would be hard not to invite a guy who stopped dating. Stopped forever, as he claims. Let’s see what he is doing now if not dating with the girls and what’s the point of such an unusual and untypical for the modern days celibacy? Let’s figure it out.

I’m A Guy Who Stopped Dating

I: -Interviewer

G: -Guest

I: — Hi! How’ that, that you stopped dating girls, huh? Your news seemed to put me to a standstill Why do not date? If you like a girl, why not dating? Unless not dating — means not liking her or there is some terrible flaw in your eyes which cross all «likes.»

G: — I stopped dating because I found next best thing.

I: — And what’s that? What can be better than girls? Are you a gay or something?

G: — No, of course, not. I’m just a guy who found better things than constant disappointments with the girls and relationship stuff…

I: — Oh, right! That’s the reason. Well, how predictable of you. So, what happened?

G: — When I turned 30, I knew I was entering 10 years of exclusive standards. Without a doubt, I knew it was a development age, and I had finished the majority of what I set out to do — aside from discover an ultimate affection.

I: — You mean ‘the love of your whole life’ or what?

G: — Something like that.

I: — D’ you know that it doesn’t exist? (bored)

G: — I see your scepsis. However, it’s not that I’ve suffered another painful partition, shut down, developed a complex and don’t give a shit of that anymore because it is costly mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. And not a guarantee that in a few months after I meet her, she won’t suck all the juice out of me, and won’t go to another one. I do not hope to meet a decent and very smart girl because I’m busy doing something else what I really love.

I: — Isn’t it the same thing? Isn’t there a place for sex or love in your life? I though, everyone has it…

G: — That’s kinda complicated. I had interesting encounters in the dating field that began to make me question the whole process and its intended purpose. Dating was more inconvenience than it was worth. And there are a few reasons why.

I: — So, tell us, then!

G: — My next best thing that was greatly affected when I was dating girls is the gamesmanship. In addition I finally realized that looks are deceiving, but in the field of dating, that never turns out to be the case. Dating is rather an overused and outdated rule, and it doesn’t actually bring as much happiness as it should. In addition, I have my own opinion about hook up culture, dating apps, and online dating.

I: — What do you think about it?

G: — I think men destroyed dating.

I: — Really? How? What do you mean?

G: — Yes, I’m a man, and yes, I’m stating that men destroyed dating. How? All things considered, generally, men are committed players with fears for duty and settling down. They’re given to the technique for being pick-up artists while counting the quantity of times they scored along the way.

For some, mobile applications intended for hookups have turned into their chasing grounds. They scout the clubs looking for their most recent one-night victories. They concentrate on the field, outfitted with their very much made conversation starters, intended to captivate their chose targets, etc. In the case of success, they get their precious one night stands. I just I can’t help that men did, in fact, ruin the dating tradition with their flat hook-up philosophies.

I: — Now I see your point. I can not disagree with that. We’ve got what we want. What are you doing instead?

G: — I made a list of the things that always interested me and I committed to them. I deleted my online profiles and no longer feel awkward in front of the happy couples. It’s not that I’m not interested in marriage and the prospects of having a family; I feel there’s a much bigger part of life I need to live and I’ve only been scratching the surface yet.

I: — I wish you all the best. Thanks.

G: — Thank you too!

Well, at least our hero has a noble and respectful reason for not dating women.

Well, at least our hero has a noble and respectful reason for not dating women. Of course, it’s his own choice and he’s responsible for that.

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