How to Pickup a Russian Girl and Get Her Seriously Hooked

22.04.2016 | 7:08

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Even a man who thinks he is a real macho should know how to impress a Russian girl and get her interested. They say Russian ladies are bitchy, cold, possess high maintenance, don’t give up sex easily, without hard work and months of dating and ONLY looking for men with tons of money. Well, to overcome stupid stereotypes and pick up a lady you want, you will require our effective tips.

How to Pickup a Russian Girl and Get Her Seriously Hooked

For bachelors, who are determined to end their boring lives and engage in a search of Russian wives, these tips will help to make the right step in this direction twice faster.

How to Pickup Russian Women?

date with flowers

Tip #1

It is important to evaluate the situation and not to miss the chance when the girl shows at least a drop of interest towards you. Try to get acquainted with the beautiful girl a bit closer reading the interest in her eyes. Your success will increase if you assess yourself and your chances adequately. Do not think that if you think you are attractive, all the girls around will stand in line for your phone number.

conversation with a Russian girl

Tip #2

If you start a conversation with a Russian girl, pay attention to her initial reaction. As a rule, guys throw a few words with girls, hoping for a positive response. Do not be too proud. Perhaps the girls doesn’t even like you, but she is talking to you simply because she is well bred and polite. That’s all. Maybe it will give you the understanding that you just do not have any chance. Or maybe vice versa. Seize the moment, anyway.

Tip #3

In fact to get the girl interested, a guy should first make several attempts to at least start a conversation. The young man sees an attractive girl, but she seems inaccessible to him: «Maybe she has a friend because she is beautiful. Or she won’t talk to people like me?» thinks the guy and does not make any attempts to speak. That’s a first mistake.

come and tell her something to start a conversation

Tip #4

Emotional communication is necessary to overcome the fear. If you like the Russian girls, come and tell her something to start a conversation. Russian ladies like to hear compliments about their appearance, some of them are happy to tell about where the nearest good restaurant is located and so on. Just talk to them!

Dating begins spontaneously

Tip #5

Dating usually begins spontaneously. You either like each other from the first word or you just don’t. Approach to the different girls may be different — because they all have different characters. Design for three unequal access method Russian girls. Please attach to the development of other techniques: go for a walk and communicate with you like a babe. So you will understand what communication style is right for you. Experiment!

go for a walk and communicate

Tip #6

Women like it when they are asked about their opinions concerning a particular event, probably the lives of celebrities or other rumors, but if you ask about some fashionable accessories or the wardrobe things, you are guaranteed to succeed. This is one of the easiest ways to continue the conversation. Women like having their finger in everything, especially fashion things. Simply ask for a piece of advice and look forward to the feedback.

ask about some fashionable accessories

Tip #7

To please the Russian girl, you should always be in a good shape: watch out for appearance, your speech, behave, be well groomed, do not let the conversation be spoiled with the word-parasites or bad manners. Of course, much depends on your inner world, so develop it and fulfill it with the worthy content. Your soul should make an attempt to connect to her soul, seriously. As soon as your eyes meet, start being constantly improved!

much depends on your inner world

Tip #8

Communicate unobtrusively as if you wasn’t planning and talk some sweet pleasant nonsense. Real man know what’s that. Such simple words as compliments, uttered by chance, will increase your chances and allow making new friends anywhere and picking up girls, too. And the details how to do that better you can read and learn here.

Tip #9

The method of making compliments is good because in such way a man raises her mood, and enjoys himself. A little ingenuity and improvising — and everything is in your hands. Simple phrases like «What a beauty», or, «What a Girl,» «How lovely, adorable, smart, etc. What a sweet creature, etc.» are always pleasant, even though girls are on alert. Generally, it does not matter how nice a word is, it is important that you tell it in a very appropriate moment and to the point. Russians feel fakes and hypocrisy more than any other girls.

The method of making compliments


And yet remember that women often think -«It would be great if he comes over to say something, ask for a date…»You can often meet a person like this but cannot even imagine that it’s her and you just do not attempt to talk to her. So, try not to miss the chance and not be afraid of losing your self-esteem. You become more confident in these situations, but not frightened to get down to action.

Tell compliments, nice words to completely unfamiliar girls, do not hesitate like hell. And who knows how it will be. Just remember this: when you say these words, and she smiles back and says something back, it does not mean that she’s already yours. If the woman shows interest, she smiles at you, supports the conversation, etc. although it may not mean anything, indeed. Conversely, looking indifferent does not mean that this is the case. It’s a woman, more over, she is Russian and she also plays her role.

Have more suggestions on how to pick up a Russian girl, go ahead! Share the info and leave your comments below. Good luck in search of your love!

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