How to Make a Guy Like You?

28.01.2016 | 1:47

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Many women are interested in the question: «How to make a guy like me?» And I am no exception. Let’s try to figure it out together. After consulting with the dating experts, friends, and after drawing the conclusions from own experience, I suggest 10 ways how to make a guy really like you.

How to Make a Guy Like You?

1. Impressive appearance

Do not confuse it with the calling appearance. Try to look at yourself from the outside. Each of us is beautiful and attractive in his own way. You do not have to wear a mini skirt do makeup in the style of a whore in order to please some guy. There are, of course, the brave boys who like it, but most still prefer the natural beauty.

2. Natural behavior

Do not try to impose yourself on boys the attention of whom you want to get. Remember the ugliest thing for the guy is your acting like someone else and fakeness. The attitude towards you will be appropriate if in addition to the natural appearance you will show your real self.

Trying to impose yourself on the guy, do not even think about self-respect on his part. Remember: the guys are hunters by nature, it is in their blood. Therefore, they have to «win their prey» (ie. you)

3. Common interests

Take an interest, what music to listen to, what films to watch,  etc. If you find a common interest, try to have an opinion about it. It brought you together and you will become interesting for him due to the mutual interests.

4. Mysterious woman

Never fully show yourself, leave a little mystery. If you are interesting to him, he is sure to get interested in you. This means that you managed to impress him.

5. Be yourself

You should not overpraise yourself: that you are clever, beautiful, etc. Believe me, if you tell the truth, the impression will be much better rather than if you have lied to him something. Be sincere, it is not necessary to represent what does not exist. After all, you want to please him well, but not invent a new image.

6. Smile

Natural beautiful smile can work. Try it and you will succeed. After all, you do not like sullen and surly guy?

7. Be different

Guys get tired of monotony. You can play a little today if you are romantic, tomorrow be the active, the day after tomorrow a dreamy one, etc. Just do not pretend. Just periodically highlight some features of your character.

8. Grow

You should be able to surprise him (of course, it is nice), maintain a conversation, to tell something interesting. Therefore, read books, newspapers, magazines, interesting articles on the Internet, etc. Grow both personally and physically.

9. Listen carefully

Guys love when they are heard well (and we girls love it no less). Let him say what he wants to say. So you will be even better in his eyes, and learn much  about it.

10. Praise him

We all love ourselves and want to be praised by the loved people. Talk to him more often that he is also beautiful, intelligent, caring, cheerful, etc. After all, he really likes that not less than you do!

he really likes that not less than you do!

There are 10 simple rules that will make guys like you the way you are if you do them right.

Feel free to comment below and welcome with your suggestions.

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