How to Have an Extremely Successful Meeting With a Russian Girlfriend

12.04.2016 | 7:27

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Not every guy is capable to easily find a girlfriend online and get acquainted with her in real, while remaining relaxed and confident. However, there are some rules, following them will enable you to learn how to generate interest in the opposite sex without any problems, how to find a good girlfriend and arrange an extremely successful meeting with a Russian girl.

How to Have an Extremely Successful Meeting With a Russian Girlfriend

How to meet a girl is the most basic question of every man. Psychologists often offer that the first introduction and the first meeting will be successful and will most likely provoke a further date only if the guy will behave naturally, without focusing on flirt or work or himself, etc. You do not need to accomplish the conversation through force, right? So, you’d better watch your mouth and demeanor, as well.

dating online with a girl

Chat is perhaps the most ambiguous place for dating online with a girl. Use it to the fullest when time comes. Someone finds it a great place to find the girl, and someone prefers dating in contact. Like all other places to search, Russian chat room has its own peculiarities. And in order to successfully find a suitable partner, it is important to know how to meet with a girl in chat.

In order to interest Russian girlfriends it is important to make them lough and shine. And every time when you start to chat with a girl, she looks at your profile. A girl that doesn’t look at your profile is an exception to the rule, indeed.


As for chats, the profiles lose any value in chats. At the forefront, your ability to make and develop interesting dialogue will be a priority. Therefore, in chat rooms there are almost no girls, to whom it’s important to know whom they are talking to.

But there are those who really do care with whom they are communicating. Although in this case, of course, there is no need to expect a quick agreement to go out. The girls would consider such as a dialogue a completely noncommittal entertainment.

What kind of girl is there in chat?

  1. The first category of women are those who are ashamed to talk with the guys in live and satisfy their needs in online chats. This includes those who experience pleasure talking with anyone, regardless of whether they are afraid to do it in real life or not. Their motto is «nothing personal — just a chat.»
  2. Second type are those who are at the expense of a dialogue trying to raise their self-esteem and to satisfy their ego. This, by the way, is a group that needs to be avoided. In the first case you have the chances to continue the dialogue on a real date, in the second you can hardly count on any dating.
  3. Third are liberated women who want to get acquainted and meet guys. That’s the area of your particular interest. Do not be afraid to find a Russian wife among them.

women who want to get acquainted and meet guy

How you can avoid the second category of girls and get to the third or the first? Despite the real intentions of the first category, there is always a chance to draw their interest and communication in real. After all, your goal is to get acquainted in a chat and continue Russian girlfriend dating, but not just talking or dating with someone.

Once you’ve  developed an interesting dialogue and managed to draw her attention, invite her to a date. Do not rush to finish a dialogue, if she refuses. It is important to look at exactly how she’ll refuse. If she writes that there is a guy, and refuses even to repeated invitations, there is unlikely any chance to succeed.

If the refusal is not quite clear or is pronounced in a combination with slight humor, then there is a big chance that she is interested in your offering, and you just need a little more talk or a bit of time to wait.

However, do not linger with the invitation for a date, otherwise you risk losing everything. Be more persistent and be brave. Russians like that very much. To chat with a girl for a long time, and then suffer a sharp rejection is very disappointing, however, be ready and be brave.

Great importance is given to your sense of humor. If you know how interesting a joke should be or can friendly play jokes, the efficiency of your acquaintances will be much higher than among the other guys. Lead your friendly communication honestly and create an image of a positive guy, sometimes making fun of serious themes without hypocrisy.

 Russian girls are emotional

Sometimes it is useful to complete communication for a while, not responding to her message. She begins to think that something has happened or gone wrong, will worry, etc. This will definitely intrigue, keep her tensed and challenge this girl. And then the probability of a successful continuation will have a strong increase, for sure. Russian girls are emotional and used to live their lives to the fullest which can give you extra chances for success.

Now that you are aware of how to have an extremely successful meeting with a Russian girlfriend, go ahead and practice it with the chosen one. Also, feel free to leave your comments and share the tips with your friends. Good luck!

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