How to Dress for the First Date

28.10.2015 | 5:47

Andrea Vega


Following our previous video, you are now welcome to watch some dress up tips for the first date.
 it is essential not to pick a Hawaiian shirt and put it on for the first date and look completely ridiculous.

You may be a very likable person, but unless you dress for the occasion, your likability may go down. That’s why it is essential not to pick a Hawaiian shirt and put it on for the first date and look completely ridiculous.

Don’t suit up

There is no need to put on a suit unless you go to a really fancy place or it is the way you normally dress. Or you are Barney Stinson, or someone from Madmen. Of course, you are not!

Do not be a guy who is trying on a suit and a tie, chooses a different tie and so on the whole evening long. Finally, you won’t like the look, and will take it off in disappointment and be late for the date too!

Ditch the teen spirit

Don’t try to look younger or cooler by dressing like a teenager. And where would you get those outfits anyway? Sounds like a bad idea if you dress up like your kids, younger sibling or something like that. So, do not try on baggy pants, an XXL t-shirt and a baseball cap either.

No prom queens

For the ladies there is a great temptation to pull off a red carpet look. That might work if you go to
an expensive restaurant and it’s not your first date. Go ahead, put your hair up and be stunning! But
make sure the dress you wear is not your prom dress, indeed.

Do not try on a dress that looks at least 15-20 years outdated or the hairstyle that is also old- fashioned. Do not make so that you don’t like your own reflection.

What to do if you wanna get lucky?

It’s totally ok to wear your lucky dress, your lucky shirt or even lucky jeans as soon as they look neat and up-to-date. Your favorite piece of clothing will give you extra confidence, so you are more relaxed and enjoy yourself better.

If you going through a pile of clothes on the bed working through it obviously trying to find something and finally pull out a nice dress (pair of blue jeans) and hold it against you, looking happy, wear it!

You, be cool

Try not to apply too much make-up and perfume so your date gets a headache from just being around you. Try to look relevant to the place whether it’s a café, bowling or a baseball game. Don’t forget to put on your brightest smile and bring your positivity with you.

Next time be ready for the conversation tips. We’ll talk about talking. Don’t forget to comment, like and share the video!

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