What is ‘Hook up Culture’ in the Broadest Sense

06.07.2015 | 4:39

Andrea Vega


In fact, there is some piece of information on this very particular issue on the I-net which is however, rather blur or simply not quite enough for the average reader to understand what a hook up culture actually is.  That is why we decided to make the post about that  in order to satisfy demands of all the dating amateurs or dummies who have no idea of what it is at all. Anyway, less talk — more action, so here are some ideas.

Hook up Culture


When you search the new term on the I-net, the first you see is wiki explanation. So, here what wiki says about the hook up culture:

«A hookup society is one that acknowledges and energizes easygoing sexual experiences, including one-night stands and other related actions, which concentrate on merely physical delights without fundamental emotional commitment or long term connections.»


The majority of researchers including dating psychologists tend to refer the emerge of the hook up culture to some youth subculture like American college culture. Most research on hookups has been centered around the American undergrads, yet hookups, however, are not restricted to school campuses.

Thus, the origins of the phenomenon is for the most part connected with Western late pre-adult conduct and, specifically, with the casual college dating. The truth is that the term ‘hookup’ itself has a questionable definition on the grounds that it can also demonstrate kissing or any type of other physical sexual movement between the partners. That is why it’s often hard to define exactly for an outside observer if the partners are just hooking up or they are in really long term relationships or even married.
The truth is that adolescents, developing grown-ups, boys and girls, men and women take part in hookups for a range of reasons, which may extend from the moment physical delight, to satisfaction of emotional needs, to use it as a method for discovering a long term sentimental partner. Media response to the hookup society, however, has been defined as ‘good panic.’

Hook up Culture Public Awareness

To understand the idea of the hook up culture better you need to learn how to call a spade a spade. The matter is that hook up relations undermine the ordinary perception of dating and instead of relationships, presuppose the so called non-relationships that are simply condoning and still unacceptable for many people. Here are some refinements you should be aware of:

  • ‘Not certainty’

This is the first and perhaps the most obvious sign. More men do not behave and sound really articulate. They are too vague and more of them should ask women out with the definitive plans in mind, really confidently instead of asking if they’d like to “maybe” hang out “sometime soon,» and so on. The perfect

  • ‘Not dates’

Unfortunately, quite a few people are dazzle enough or at least try to do such and accept that not giving a second thought or playing it excessively cool are viewed as alluring, yet it’s really demoralizing, hostile and regularly hopeless. There is a pandemic of aloofness, absence of time, good values decreasing and carelessness that incite the hook up society to develop, particularly in immensely huge cities.

  • ‘Not breakups’

If hook up is not a relationship, hooking up is not a date and the end of it definitely cannot be called a breakup that is to say. WTF does it mean?- a hard old school dater may ask. The problem is that this is a hook up culture reality. People tend to substitute the meanings of many vital notions. This is a kind of escapism with the modern dating generations too.

Indeed, how can a breakup be called a breakup if you have never been to what is called relationships at all with this or that partner? Only think of that! Old fashioned courtships and chivalry has been pushed far into the past by a generation of nonchalant hookupers.

Not breakups

Those people who have at least once tried one night stands or casual sex, group sex, friendship with no strings attached and so on, claim it’s always much of fun.

They also consider no commitment to be a huge advantage, no worries, no responsibility, as well.

Hook up as a great stress buster is also viewed. This comes out of the research that shows: the physical contact helps much to increase serotonin and dopamine levels, and your mood as a result!

Sexual risks that you do not take normally may be taken with the hook up. In fact, any engagement with a new partner can lead to stress and unsafe practices that can take on both your mental and physical health badly.

Hooking up with several partners, one of them may turn out to be your friend or even your best friend. It will be rather unpleasant to find out, is it?

Both partners may completely forget what happened. The point is that hook up culture associates not only with many sexual experiences but also heavy alcohol consumption following that.

Hook up Culture Public Awareness


Is Traditional Dating Dead?

Hook up culture alongside online dating have much undermined the meaning of traditional or simply more old fashioned dating ways, however, let’s not make an elephant out of a fly. The truth is that mutual communication is essential for any and all hookup scenarios, as well as for non-hook up ones.

The most important is to be confident and stay away from this culture in the case, it’s worthless personally for you. Though traditional dating is dying, it is not yet dead. There are still men and women out there who prefer communication to sex, or prefer having sex to better know each other instead getting acquainted to have sex, which is a huge quality difference.

The main policy and defense of the hook up culture is protection against the painful breakups and all possible losses on the dating background. Well, it seems like utopia, in fact. Another reason why many young people resort to such an extreme is that they are diffident and feel abandoned in modern societies as individuals, are under the public pressure or peer pressure, etc. They do not respect themselves in most relations and compensate with sex and alcohol to feel needful again to someone at least for one night.


Now that everyone is aware of the hook up culture in the broadest sense of the word: its definition, origins and main features, you can think all the pros and cons over and decide if it’s suitable personally for you or not or whether you have reasons to at least once try such relationships. Compare it with the traditional dating you got used. Kovla.com wishes you success in your dating experiences anyway, no matter the choice. Good luck!





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