What Do Guys in Their 20s Want with Women in Their 40s?

29.09.2015 | 3:32

Andrea Vega


This is a question a lot of women in their 20s ask. In fact, this is a common phenomenon when females over 40 become more sought after by younger men on the dating market.

this is a common phenomenon when females over 40 become more sought after by younger men on the dating market.

Well, it’s high time to answer the eternal question: what do guys in their 20s want with women in their 40s?

Indeed, any single and beautiful girls are wondering why men find older women more attractive. Although people looks at unequal relations are very skeptical, do not be surprised. Mature women know their strengths, besides they are more experienced and feminine. Maybe a couple of years ago, the relationship between a young man and a woman much older than him (the so called cougar couple), would be doomed to failure because of prejudice. Now the question remains as it is, but no one is surprised by the fact that a mature woman can be dating a young man.



There are so many reasons why women in 40s are irresistible. Here is some food for thought:


Ladies in their forties have officially experienced so much in life. They have sufficiently encountered poo for them to be sure about their own particular skin. They have great vocations, a conventional measure of reserve funds and they know which outfit compliment their figures. They know how to feel attractive. They are not frail but instead tasteful. They are not frantic and cloying for consideration. Ladies in their forties are similar to lionesses in the African safari, they realize what that they can convey an execute.

Value of private time and space

A woman over 40 can be interesting to spend time with. She knows how to have fun, indeed.  If   the young man do not like the clubs, he would be interested in another part of life, the one which he probably never lived. The relationship with an adult woman give him a lot, because she loves herself and is not going to dance until dawn in a student club to suffer a hangover in the morning after. It is better to go to the theater, visit a good restaurant or go to a live music concert. Her interests have sophistication and status, which is not a lot of young guys.

Less emotionality

Young girls often show emotional instability, because a lot is happening in their lives for the first time. Because of these men, who start relationships with them, will always worry that it will happen again. Women who are older, have long been aware of the basic rules of life and such emotions are long gone.

She clearly knows what she wants, she just do not want to spoil your nerves. A man who sees calm adequate female, which behaves very discreet, sure to pay attention to her and proves he is worthy of it. Sometimes excessive emotions spoil relationships, and people become strangers because of this.

Experience in building relationships

This means that a woman knows what to do to make comfort for both partners. She will not create illusions and think that the guy who met her is a handsome prince. She knows what the disadvantages may be, calmly react to some difficulties in the relationship with a man, etc. Such a woman is ready for a potentially strong and trusting relationships, so will not spend all her free time trying to find out where he was between work and coming back home  or what’s going on in his  social network profile, etc.

Experience in sex

She is more likely to be experienced in terms of love and sex. Many men want to see a woman who knows how to make it next to them. For them, it’s really important, because in youth when men are experiencing the peak of their sexuality, an experienced woman always show. She knows what to do in order for both to feel satisfied. Sex for her is important, she knows what she wants and when, but also refer to him with great love, understanding and dignity, so the young man will be very comfortable next to her.

«Another reason why men seduce women over 40 is the lack of sexual experience.
Many men believe that a more experienced and skillful woman is a woman of about forty. Some men, however, are attracted by the financial side, because the woman with life experience, basically, has a stable place of work and the rationality of purchases which young girls are deprived of. This in fact is obviously a mercantile reason, however.»

Of course, all these reasons have the right to exist. But the likelihood that a man loves a woman,  quite frankly, is not excluded. Such cases do occur in real life. And do not forget that love, regardless of age, financial situation and the condemnation of society, takes over.


  • The results of the survey conducted by the American magazine «Modern Maturity» in autumn, 2003, showed almost one-third of unmarried American women between the age of 40 and 60 years dated with younger men.
  • Investigations and surveys that are held  in mass media convincingly demonstrate: more and more women are finding their partners much younger than them.
  • More and more people of both sexes consider it normal.
  • Young men whose childhood coincided in time with the rise of the feminist movement, are known to be much more open to new trends.
Young men whose childhood coincided in time with the rise of the feminist movement, are known to be much more open to new trends.

Another fiction cougar couple. Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

 The other side of the moon

Why do women enter relationships with the younger partners? What’s that they benefit from?

The fact is that some women enter love relationships with younger men is bad demographics. The majority of female respondents expect to meet a man more suitable to their age — of the same age or older, however.
Nevertheless, the number of men in this age group often turns out to be not enough: either married, or completely «worn out.» Another are full of patriarchal manners, and so on.

Here are some typical phrases that American women made after surveyed about their younger partners (each phrase refers to different people and couples):

— I need a man younger than me for the tone. With a man older than me I have to spend a lot more energy.
— He’s always fun. We all started with the fact that we made fun of each other, and I treated him like a younger brother.
— If he was older, he would be making more, perhaps. But he most likely would lose the lust in his eyes, which drives me crazy…

The successful and «long-running» relations between a mature woman and a young man are possible when they both cease to pay attention to what distinguishes them, and focus instead on in what they are really united. According to psychologists, one of the main challenges facing women in these relationships is avoiding the role of a ‘forgiving mom’.

More and older women are trying to find out for themselves one thing: their younger male partners need them no less than they need them. What exactly attracts young men to mature women?

 What exactly attracts young men to mature women?

Madonna and Brahim Zaibat, her toy boy, now — exboyfriend

Here are some quotes to the point from an American journalist Frank Kaiser:

— A mature woman knows herself well enough to be assured in who she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom.

-A mature woman is generous with praise, often not entirely deserved. She knows what it means to be undervalued.

— A  woman after forty is little concerned of what you might think about her or about her life. She has a strong sense of self-esteem.

— Mature woman sees right through you. You do not have to confess your sins to her — she already knows them.

— Distract from wrinkle or two, and you will see that a mature woman is much sexier than her young, inexperienced, rival with her own worth underdeveloped.

— Mature women are open and honest. They immediately tell you that you’re acting like a jerk, if this is indeed like that. But you will never have to be ashamed of her behavior, for sure.


The truth is that ladies in their forties are not at all like ladies in their twenties. They are as beautiful as ladies in their thirties, but even more dignified and independent. Most ladies in their forties are already stable and have careers and good source of income. They have well improved the craft of being stylish and dressed up and the specialty of stripping their garments off, if you know what I’m saying. They are totally mystifying. Ladies in their forties are not getting old, they are just in their prime which is especially sexy.

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