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02.04.2015 | 10:19

Andrea Vega


There’s no denying that dates can be lavish nowadays, at any rate in the event that you stick to the routine things. The inspiring news is that it doesn’t need to be. A little imagination blended with some «non-material approach» can empower you to have some astonishing and unforgettable dates on a shoestring plan. Indeed, they’re most likely more fun than the standard and (most of the time pretty boring) dates, that we all got used to.

Keeping things crisps can build relationship fulfillment and bring back those «butterflies» that we’ve all had on the initial dates.

The best part is you don’t need to look too far to discover fun and cheap way to spend time with your soul mate. We’ve assembled a rundown of 20 recommendations that are ensured to pump up the fun and sentiment in your life. Most of them are absolutely free, the rest will cost you less than 30$ (which is definitely cheaper that you were ever spending on a date before).

Use these tips and you will never get bored on a Friday night or weekends, no matter how much money do you have!

Check our infographic below. It includes some shocking statistics and the list of the best «Cheap Ideas» for you and your beloved one.

Best Ideas for a Cheap Date - infographic - Kovla.com

There’s no wonder that one simple date can cost you lots of money, especially if you want to celebrate any occasion or holiday, such as Valentine’s Day.

Did you know that:

  • The total amount of money that was spent on Valentines day only in the USA in 2012 was $17,6 billion!
  • An average amount of money spent for each person who celebrated this holiday was around $126

This might be one of the reasons why half of adults ignore the celebration of Valentines Day

But what about other holidays, occasions and simple dates?

Will you ever be able to ignore them just because you broke?

To solve your problem, we decided to gather one of the best cheap date ideas!

Cook a Dinner Together

Romantic dinner with candles, where you both setting a table and cooking some delicious meals, what can be better? Especially if it would cost you nothing, as you can use food and beverages that you already have in your fridge. You can experiment and try something new, use your imagination, and you both will have the best dinner date in your life!

(Estimated cost $-$$) *

Go to the Museum

In every museum, they have this one or even a few days per month, when you don’t have to pay to see the exhibition. Track those days and you have your date settled. Create a calendar or use Kovla’s calendar to keep track of all free exhibitions in your town, ask your date to participate in your planning as well, so you both make sure you want to visit the same places and for the same reason.

(Estimated cost 0-$)

Take a Bike Ride

It’s always for free! You can reach some new, awesome places by bike, and try who’s quicker on your way there. Sure, if you both have bikes that won’t be a problem, but even if you don’t, you can always rent a bike for a few hours or even a day, and it won’t cost too much.

(Estimated cost 0-$)

Sit by the Fire

That’s something that everybody likes! At all times, no matter where you are, sitting by the fire is one of the most romantic things ever. And now it’s your call, whether it would be just a fireplace in your house, or in some cabin in the woods (nothing in common with that movie, so don’t worry). You can make it even more special, and sit next to the fire on a beach or in the woods, or even the backyard. One thing is important, that you both will enjoy your night together.

(Estimated cost 0-$)

Poetry Reading Nights Together

Be prepared and you will have the best time of your life! We sure it’s something you’ve never done that before. Create your own poem if you have enough talent for that. Or don’t bother, if you can’t write something yourself, your date knows that all those poems that you will read describes your love, so don’t be shy, and try something absolutely new.

(Estimated cost 0-$)


One of the most romantic things ever! It’s always so nice to do it with your date. Take some blankets and go to a beach or some park. Make yourself cozy on those blankets and watch starts. Dream together, as this is one of the best things about being in the relationship.

(Estimated cost 0-$)


Just pack all stuff for the picnic and go to the closest park or beach. You will definitely enjoy your time outside. Same as with a dinner at home, you can try some new recipes and surprise your date. Open a bottle of wine and just listen to the sound of waves (if you’re on a beach) or singing of birds (if you’re in a park).

(Estimated cost $-$$)

Game Night

Stay at home and play all types of games you have there. 100% Sure that you have not only cards, twister and monopoly. Try to find some games that just two of you can play, then you don’t have to invite your friends on a date. Or arrange a double-triple date with your friends and enjoy your gaming night all together.

(Estimated cost 0-$)

Video Game Marathon

Everybody can enjoy video games, not only Geeks. Try it and you will know it for sure! Choose those games that you will both enjoy and see who’s better now.

(Estimated cost 0-$$)

Unplanned Drive

You never know where it can take you. Check it out, it might be fun. Just get in your car and keep driving, try new roads, new places, explore this World together.

(Estimated cost $-$$)


It’s probably the best idea for a sunny day. Just pack everything what you need out there, make a trip plan and enjoy hiking with your partner. These types of activities are always good for couples, as you both care about your health.

(Estimated cost 0-$)

Fondue Night

Melted cheese or chocolate, it doesn’t really matters. Just choose what suits you better tonight, and dip some bread or fruits in! Do something new with your partner all the time and your relationship will last much longer.

(Estimated cost $-$$)


You can go to the cinema or stay at home and watch something that you both would like. In any case, it’s an idea for date of all times.

(Estimated cost 0-$$)

Cocktail Night

Bar in your neighborhood or you as a bartender at your own place, that should be fun in both cases. Try some new cocktails, there’s so many of them, you will definitely find the best one tonight! And the best part of this that you both will get drunk, so no fights required!

(Estimated cost $-$$)

«New in a City»

Just imagine like your date is a tourist, who never seen this city before. As a guide you should show the most interesting and unique places. Make a plan and everything will work for you!

(Estimated cost 0-$$)


Always wanted to do something good but never had the time and the chance to do that? Well, now you can volunteer together, let it be your unique and special date.

(Estimated cost 0)


Winter time and you still thinking what to do on a date, are you even serious? Go sledding! Have a time of your life while dipping your date in a snow and joy!

(Estimated cost 0-$)

Open Houses

If you ever wanted to have a big house, but just can’t afford it now, just go check open houses that are for rent or sale. One of the best things to do as a couple is to plan your future life together. Who knows, maybe you will have such a big house in the future, you can fantasize about it now.


Treat your date with a nice massage. You can prepare some nice oil and relaxing music along with candles, and make this evening not just relaxing, but also really romantic.

(Estimated cost 0-$$)

Learn Something New

You can always take some classes together on your date. Learn new dance in a dancing class. Cook something new and delicious in a cooking class. Learning something together is always fun!

*Price Key (in dollars, approximate):

0: free
$: 1-10
$$: 11-20:
$$$: 21-30

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