All You Have to Know About Russian Mail Order Brides

01.04.2016 | 7:06

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

In order to successfully realize free mail order brides, each date hunter should learn the secrets of successful correspondence with a foreigner. Today, more Russian and Ukrainian women get acquainted with foreigners hoping to arrange their private life, date, communicate, define positive directions in destiny, and to escape gloomy reality they live in. In many ways, the girls on dating sites like this are much sought after by the foreign men who appreciate decent girls. They are help, where you can meet and talk with foreign men. Even if a site system is quite simple, you have to just register, after which you can either write the most liked girls, or answer their letters. To do that, you should know some E-mail dating refinements.

All You Have to Know About Russian Mail Order Brides

Young Mail Order Brides Tips

Many Ukrainian mail order brides believe that registration is enough to make the relations built. In addition, this correspondence is not given much importance. Girls believe that it will somehow be arranged ok. In fact, no matter how surprising it may sound, we must be able to correspond adequately. Otherwise, all your communication may be terminated after the first 4-5 letters, if not after the first one, actually.

Correspondence is more complex than real communication. Communicating in person, you can see facial expressions, gestures, human body language responses to your words if not verbal. There is something you can explain, when notice if offended someone or answered inadequately, etc. When you e-mail, you cannot read these signs. When you write a letter, you deprive yourself of all this. And you do you think if he or she was offended or just busy, waiting for an answer long days.

Of course, we can not provide absolutely all cases, but at least you can avoid the most common mistakes that girls make in their correspondence. How to do it and how to correspond, that it has all the chances to turn into a real date is the most basic question.

Correspondence is more complex than real communication

How to start a correspondence

Once you have selected some interesting profiles, you need something to start a conversation. Usually, you have two options: write them a message, or send a wink , smile or some more ways to give a person a sign to understand that you are interested in him or her. If we compare these two methods, it is best, of course, to write a real personal message, which makes it clear to the man that you are interested, to ask some questions, make a small presentation, etc. Sure thing two pretty women from Ukraine are more likely to respond to a man who wrote a message, rather than those who just winked. In these terms, Russia or Ukraine may be the best country for mail order brides. They like straight and sincere men.

In regard to the first message, you should not be limited to the words «Hello, you have beautiful photos» or «Do you want to meet me?» These messages come widely and are rather banal, and so become boring. It should stand out and be interesting, then your chances will be much higher. By the way, no matter how emotional you are, no need to get involved in many questions, commenting and so on. Do not use thousands of exclamation marks. When you read such letters, there’s a feeling that people are either too young or just not serious. To make a conversation or even worse — a relationship with such people is extremely promiscuous.

What about the messages with hidden meanings, hints of intimate nature, etc? Many women think that a hint of sex in the first message may spur the development of relations because all men want sex anyway. In fact, it’s not quite so. This is illusion, of course. The relationships will hardly be one you expect. It is unlikely that many men who want to find a life partner and wife, choose words about sex, not knowing the person. The ratio in this case is extremely low if not equal zero.

messages with hidden meanings

How to respond correct to have a date

How to continue the conversation, so that no one of you lost the desire to communicate? The main advice is banal, but effective. It is necessary to maintain and to warm up interest to him or her. Of course, the advice is much easier to say than do. But still it’s real. For starters it is recommended stay enigmatic and never show all the secrets at once. Remember that a woman should be a mystery. And if you have 2-3 letters telling us all about yourself, since babyhood to the present day, the mystery will be gone. But do not take too seriously this advice and never remain silent in response to all the questions of your interlocutors. Begin with a greeting, then briefly tell about what happened to you the last few days, and then respond to his or her questions and ask those of your own. In the end — a little bit talk about the past. Do not get carried away with the stories of his former love and unhappy life. In all correspondence there should be both possible and negative information. You must radiate joy and optimism.

Every man likes to talk about himself, so if he is asked questions about his life and works, the chances of winning his heart is very high. Everything should be to the point. It is not necessary to arrange a one-sided interrogation, but remember respond to everything you need. In particular, in order to flirt subsequently ask what the outcome of a particular event is and how he or she spent a vacation or business trip, etc. Obvious mutual interest flatters and she will understand that you carefully read what she wrote to you or vice versa.

Do not significantly exaggerate the strengths and opportunities. If you hate to cook or knit, you do not need to talk about the culinary talents. Stay yourself because you would not be pleased by the fact of fraud. For example, if a man told he’s homesick, or vice versa, likes playing golf, go out and so on and at the meeting you find out that he saw golf on TV, that’s embarrassing. You have to slowly form your image in his mind, which he unfolds due to your stories about yourself, reactions to certain words, etc. Ironically, men love women living with their advantages and disadvantages, but not some ideal mythical creatures. All due to the fact that with a simple woman it is easier to build relationships and family.

Beware of spam and skams

By the way, skams and various cheating on the I-net is very popular now. You should be aware of that. This is when people get acquainted with in order to lure money from each other. However, they do not disdain any pretexts. Therefore, talking with someone, be careful. Make sure it’s a paid user, it is a real person and so on.

Do not write about financial sides of your life: your needs, that you constantly short of money or that you earn much, or that you urgently need some amount of money for some reason even if it’s true. Of course, you may write it in the context of your every day errands, just wanting to share your problems with someone. But people can interpret it in their own ways, and some will definitely think exactly that you are asking for money or at least give a hint on that.

In the best case, a person will just disappear from your horizon, and you’ll be wondering why he or she disappeared so suddenly. In the worst case, your profile, photo and all information about you will appear in the black list of brides, where you will appear as a fraud, defraud money, etc. Therefore, no financial requests. By the way, some previously deceived men thereby provoke women, offering them money. They test them for decency. And as soon as they agree, they accuse them of scam. It is best to refuse, especially at first. Why you need money from him, yet you are just trying to find the person to love?

Why you need money from him

In general, when dealing with people online, rely on experience and intuition. If you have something that tells that there’s no need to rush things and to discuss certain topics, just don’t. We assure you that normal people, people who care understand and appreciate it.

Remember that all messages should be genuine, come from the heart and soul, then you will be really interesting to your opponent and succeed in dating and search of true love.

If you have more ideas how to do that, welcome with your suggestions. Do not forget to share the article and leave your comment below.

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