A Real Answer Why Russian Women Want to Leave Russia

11.05.2016 | 1:04

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

You can all hear this question quite often. In fact, this is what interests all foreigners. You can hear from the men and the media: «Why do Russian women want to leave Russia?» Another popular question is: «Why do Russian women want to marry American men?» (Or, «Why do Russian women want to marry Australian men, Englishmen» and so on.)

Why Russian Women Want to Leave Russia

While these questions seem to be different, the answer to all of them is the same: «They don’t want to, they are rather forced to.» What we mean is that the Russian women do not quite want to leave Russia, probably they do not want to marry an American (Australian, British, New Zealander, Canadian, and so on) they just need a real man to love and be loved back. Russian men can no longer satisfy their demands. Do Russian women like American men? Of course, they do, if they treat them like women and love them the way they are.

Why do Russian women want American men?

The influence of media

There are many ads and other media promotions about Russian women looking for American men. No wonder, demand brings forth the consumption of variety of services for online dating and foreign marriage services. Now you may ask me, why there are so many ads about Russian women seeking men overseas, the Internet ads for men overseas: the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. It’s true, there is much media influence, but this does not mean Russian women necessarily pursue the obvious goal to marry someone foreign and rich.

Why do Russian women want American men?

There are several real reasons for that. Demographic situation is one of the most influential factors for Russian women looking for men abroad. There is a huge demographic disproportion in Russia with only 88 men per 100 women. This means 12% of women have no chance to find a husband, get married and create a full fledged family.

The second reason lies in the well-publicized abuse of alcohol among Russian men, which leads to poor health, low potency and inadequate and abusive behavior. Cultural peculiarity of Russian people is consumption of alcohol drinks while stressed, after work, etc. Men are inclined to misuse alcohol, when they gather in groups and get drunk after work, and then go home in terrible state. Women  should look after children and cook these husbands, be polite when they come home from work (which often is a drunken spree), and if a woman complains, it could end up in a verbal or physical violence by a man.

Simply Russian girls want to find and marry someone good, normal, healthy, well educated, manly and financially sufficient. Women in Russia are sick and tired of junkies, gigolos, heavy drinkers, abusers, snotty pussies or social climbers. It has historically occurred that the bigger part of the mankind is perverted. For men, it’s harder to get healed. Russians are looking for someone deprived of a range of qualities as the result of development in quite a different cultural and social and economical background.

Russian women have married foreign men

Sad statistics

  • About 200 thousand Russian women have married foreign men over the last 10 years.
  • Russia as a country is annually losing its natural population of about 800 — 900 thousand people.
  • Such «brides escape» can be compared to the biblical misfortunes. However, the state policies give no respond to the massive export of women of reproductive age.
  • As practice shows, the girls from the most depressed Russian regions leave Russia to marry someone abroad.
  • In the end, from 200 thousand marriages only 60 thousand brides have settled on their new motherlands, the rest 140 thousand were used by guys for moving and legalization in Russia.

Despite the fact, there are many reasons for keeping leaving and looking for better men and lives. The ladies’ magazines and forums are full of heart-breaking stories of disappointed Russians left by their husbands and dramatically offended which provokes massive marriage migrations. However, this migration has always another side to the coin.

Demographics and culture are difficult to change. Of course, ladies do not want to wait the changes for better till the end of life, even if they are about to approach over time. Many of them make sure at the age of 30, after many years of trying to marry a good man in Russia, that to look at the relationship elsewhere is better despite any sad statistics.

 Russian women seeking American men

Anyway, Russian women seeking American men are targeted at success. Posting the profiles on several sites of Russian dating agencies, introducing Russian women brides has been popular since the late 90s in Russia. People keep looking for each other and falling in love despite all pitfalls. You could get married in Russia or elsewhere with the beautiful Russian girls and live happily for many years if you choose the top quality service. Many men abroad dream to get married and have children, dream of Russian women and girls to get married and have a happy family whose major prerogative is not to be rich and have a great career, but be an excellent wife.

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