7 Basic Questions you Should Ask Yourself Before Searching for a Russian Wife

29.02.2016 | 2:45

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

How do you know whether you’re really ready to start a family with a Russian wife? You may need to discard emotions, and have a closer look at yourself. Are you ready for having a strong and loving family or not?

7 Basic Questions you Should Ask Yourself Before Searching for a Russian Wife

The truth is that looking for Russian wife means to be ready for a long-term and serious relationships with the happy ending and having a healthy and strong family after all. There are people that do not understand that to the fullest. Anyway, if you are eager to find a Russian wife, you should understand that young people now have poor understanding of Russian psychology, why Russian girls are so special and what’s the marriage with them looks like, why you need it, and most importantly — whether you are ready for it.

Statistics of divorces in the country your beloved is from is rather gloomy with each passing year. Previously, every third marriage broke up, now, it’s every second. You don’t want to become a part of that sad statistics, do you. That is why you should be ready to ask 7 basic questions, seriously think all the «pros» and «cons «over before you search and engage with a Russian girl.

So, let’s take a look inside yourself and see what really motivates you and evokes the desire to find a relationship. Ask yourself the most basic questions. Perhaps they will help to understand how to find a Russian wife and better understand your feelings to make the right choice.

Is the reason deeper than just ‘not to be alone’?  

Is that all this fuss, daily routine, single or married friends and relatives pushing on you or something else that forces you to search someone in distant areas or simply out of a friendly circle or something? If you’re doing it out of despair, curiosity or have mercantile reasons, that won’t do simply cause Russian ladies are used to serious approach to everything, including dating and relations. There are no ‘not serious’ relations for them. If you’re planning to go even further and find a Russian wife for free, mind that wedding will be a great holiday and a huge responsibility. The main goal for most Russian women is not the update of the status on social media, but creation of a family.

most Russian women is not the update of the status on social media

Are you a mature man?

Some people get married after high school and live happily long. That’s great, but we should not lose sight of the fact that up to 25-30 years, your values and outlook may undergo significant changes. As with the maturation, accumulation of errors, meetings with various people  you’re acquired with much experience. The people who were nice to you at school, college and even after, then can become quite boring. You have to mature enough to be confident in your choice. At least you’ll know what you want exactly.

 what you want exactly

How strong your desire is?

When young people start dating, they are blinded by romantic relationships. At this time, you can fly on the wings of love, without thinking about something serious. But after the wedding, the relationship always changes. Life will test your strength, tossing tests, which you do not expect. If you do not become one, your connection will be broken off easily. That is why you should realize the greatness of your desire to find a Slavic woman and how much you dedicate to it, as well the decision making.

 the greatness of your desire

Do you trust people?

All Russian ladies want is trust and strive for the partners that can be trusted. If you are going to engage with the Russian, you should trust her.  No matter how many months or years you’ve been together, you have to fully trust each other. If you are unable to build trust and respect for each other before marriage, then  it will be harder. The husband and wife are the closest people. So, then what kind of harmony and mutual understanding can be hoped if there is no trust in the family?

kind of harmony

Do you want to change anyone?

If you are going to find someone to change her the way you want, that won’t do because Russians never obey to anyone if forced. Do not expect that after the wedding, your lady will change for the better. That’s not gonna happen. Simply take her as she is. The wedding will not solve your problems, on the contrary, they can escalate them after it. If you can not resolve conflicts, discussing soberly, and often quarrel, the voltage will increase. Only showing understanding and respect for each other, you can form a healthy foundation for a marriage.

showing understanding and respect for each other

Are you ready to support her hobbies?

Each person must have a purpose in life, for which he or she is willing to give more. Russian girls also have ambitions, do not think that they live for the sake of marriage. How do you feel about this? If you have to travel a lot, or, on the contrary, for a long time to sit at home alone, can you go with it? You admit that  she may have a lot of contact with other people, and the work takes a certain time, etc. Be ready to ask yourself if it will be okay with you. 

 it will be okay with you

Will you be able to live without each other?

If you cannot imagine your life with another person, feel free to do this step. If you are not sure that you will fit into life of a girl from another cultural background, do not rush things. Better deal with all the above-mentioned issues, make a final decision and go ahead in search of your Russian beauty!

If you know other questions to ask yourself before searching for a Russian wife, feel free to add them, do not forget to comment and share the info with your friends. Good luck!

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