6 Basic Rules to Help Find the Ideal Wife from Ukraine and Russia

22.03.2016 | 10:08

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

No one’s perfect, but a way to find the ideal wife from Ukraine and Russia still exists. Legendary
Russian girls wife who are known to be one of the best in the world are eager to meet new people for serious relationships online. So, each respected man has a right to register at a favorite dating site, and find the ideal candidate for marriage there. Here are 6 basic rules to help find the ideal wife from Ukraine and Russia that you may forget.

6 Basic Rules to Help Find the Ideal Wife from Ukraine and Russia

Dating tips for men will be useful in the case they do not quite know what to start from or what to do to attract Slavic girls and get better chance to find a good wife among them. Of course, you can find a dating guide for men on how to find a wife through a dating site on the Internet, but what we offer is some basic rules that will help you succeed when you do.


Russian women are very sensual, romantic and delicate creatures, so they prefer emotional communication. In these terms, they are very similar to the Italians. Russian women love beautiful words, politeness and a certain expression in expressing their feelings.

When you have a desire to Russian wife mail order bride and express your feelings of a certain woman, you need to make it as vividly as possible. The originality is always evaluated by the Russian or Ukrainian girls positively. And if you’re stingy with words, the Slavic woman will not correctly understand you, considering your attitude toward her as a lack of interest or something like that.

If you want to spend your date successfully, it is necessary to know which topics to discuss with a woman, and which are to be best avoided.

 topics to discuss with a woman


If you want to get a Russian woman wife, you should also know that there are specific topics that mist be avoided in discussion during your first second and any further conversations. Family, former relationships, wealth, health and other delicate issues may be a taboo. Be careful with your humor and pranks, in particular. Slavic people do not understand rude, filthy naturalistic jokes or something like that. No need to discuss human body peculiarities like farting, vomiting and so on. They won’t get it the way other people do. You’d better leave some extremely spicy issues to better times. When your girl becomes a Russian bride wife, then you will have a plenty of such dirty talks.

 you will have a plenty of dirty talks


  • Your and her former relationships,
  • Ex-boyfriends,
  • Problems and failures,
  • Illnesses, physical disability,
  • Hers or  someone else’s appearance, especially its drawbacks, even if you have noticed any,
  • Her age (in Russia or Ukraine it is not polite  to talk about the age of the women, even if they are very young),
  • Do not talk about the details of your work, a girl can not understand you,Do not say that you do not like something or someone, do not judge anyone or about anything in a rude and strict manner, and so on.
  • Do not say that you do not like something or someone, do not judge anyone or about anything in a rude and strict manner, and so on.


  • Talk about her beauty, of her lovely personality, character and nature,
  • Say compliments,
  • Be interested in her family, friends and the loved ones,
  • Talk about your family, friends and the loved ones,
  • Discuss your job in general terms,
  • Talk about your plans for the future, the opportunity to discuss your overall plans for the future and how they can be realized,
  • Talk about family and children, about how the family is important to you, share your ideas about what it should be, what kind of family you would like to have, how you want to spend time together, what to teach your children, and so on,
  • Talk about your and her interests, hobbies, music tastes, film preferences, sports, celebrities, etc.
  • Tell funny and interesting stories from your life,
  • Be a mess. Russian women love men who can make them laugh,
  • Talk about life and love and so on.

self-respecting woman seek true gentlemen


Russian women are very fond of the unconstrained men with the good sense of humor and reality. You do not have to be too down to earth, they appreciate intelligence too. But it’s better to show that you stand on the ground with both feet. You should be pushy, talkative, confident. At the same time delicate, gentle, soft, dignified, strong character is what Russian women wife seek. No wonder, self-respecting woman seek true gentlemen. All this you can show during your communication, keeping in mind what can be said and what should not be discussed with a Russian woman.



Despite all the rules and recommendations, try to stay a good person, the way you are, who you really are. Russian ladies feel fraud and disguise fakes immediately. They have a well-developed sense of self-preservation caused by many factors. If they smell cheat, they run away. You’re not gonna get them back, ever. Do not risk or play with them. Do not pretend to be someone else. Ukrainian girls may hate you for pretending. What is natural is of especial interest to them. Even if you have a plan on your mind, make them believe it is a natural pace of events and state of things. Even if they notice you have put an eye on somebody and take pains to get what you want, they will pretend not to see it as if everything happens naturally. In the end, you will be happy and thankful for letting you be a real hunter.

Mind the rules, feel free to comment and do not forget to share the info with your friends. Good luck in search of your true live in Russia or Ukraine!

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