5 Strangest Celebrity Dating Sims

08.12.2015 | 1:40

Andrea Vega


by Andrea Vega

There are many weird things you can come across on the I-net. However, the weirdest will be the dating sims that I’ve found recently.

5 Strangest Celebrity Dating Sims

So, if you are a fan of the craziest celebrity stuff, here are the 5 strangest celebrity dating sims that may be of a particular interest to you.

1. Justin Bieber Date

Justin Bieber Date

Justin Bieber currently has 60 million of  faithful Twitter followers, so this dating simulator seems quite a hopeless place.

The story commences with a chance of meeting on a plane. In the wake of awing him with your broad learning of his private life, Bieber welcomes you to meet him in a recreation center. There’s a short discourse about how marvelous dogs are after which you’re welcome to hang out backstage before a show. The more inquiries that you answer effectively, the greater Bieber’s grin gets.

2. Kiss Paris Hilton

Kiss Paris Hilton

Kiss Paris Hilton is not quite the same as whatever remains of the titles on this rundown. You don’t really get the chance to kiss her, in light of the fact that she’s always kissing different popular individuals, Jared Leto, for example. You’re only the lookout, ensuring that Paris and her playmate don’t get busted. That’s all.

3. 1 DreamBoy 2

1 DreamBoy 2

As you’ve probably already guessed, this is a One Direction dating game.

In case you’re searching for a virtual dating knowledge with One Direction, get ready to be overpowered with decisions. In the wake of spending just a couple of minutes looking, I figured out how to uncover about six One Direction dating sims. What’s more, I quit looking, on the grounds that my program’s pop-up blocker was being overpowered. Got what I mean?

I general, you will figure out how to discover an exceptionally basic, content based sim that permits you to take a seat and talk with each of the band individuals independently.

4. KimYe


Dating sim for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is one of he VIP dating test systems on the rundown. KimYe is the one and only that really made it to the App Store and Android Marketplace. However, it’s been brought down for various copyright infringement.

The players tackle the part of Kanye West and endeavor to win Kim Kardashian’s heart while dealing with an occupied music profession.

5. Steve Buscemi Date/Experience

Steve Buscemi Date/Experience

Yes, this is a genuine amusement, yet playing it is difficult. On the off chance that you need to date Steve Buscemi, you’ll have to buy an improvement project called RPG Maker. This’ll make your wallet 70 bucks smaller, which is an excessive amount to spend on an amusement that is facilitated on Tumblr. All that you can get is that Steve pays your dinner up or shows the collection of his animals. Weird, yeah?

If you’re kinda dating pervert and a crazy dating sims fan, this info will be useful for picking the most wow-effect games with celebrities.

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