15 Most Interesting Facts About Love of All Times

26.11.2015 | 8:02

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

When you are about to start new relationships, you must be aware of the facts that may influence the pace of their development.

you must be aware of the facts that may influence the pace of their development

There are 15 most interesting and original facts about love of all times that will be of use.

  1. Scientists suggest that deep look into the eyes of another person is the most important precursor of love. In the experiment, people of both sexes were left alone for 90 minutes, they had to talk about the intimate details of their lives, and then just looked into each other’s eyes and kept quiet. Many people indicated that there was a very strong attraction between them after this experiment, and a few pairs were married six months later.
  2. There is a natural desire to love within each man. The desire to love is the same primitive like sexual desire and hunger from a biological point of view.
  3. Men are more likely than women to exhibit flexibility in romantic relationship if they are looking for short-term partners, but if they have serious plans, they become very picky in terms of the values of the future partner.
  4. The longer and more careful the process of wooing is, the more there are prospects for a successful marriage. People who are very quick to start a relationship and get married, get divorced more often or simply split on dating period.
  5. A sense of intimacy. Women feel loved when they are talking with a partner face to face. And men feel they are close emotionally with their women, when they are working or playing side by side with them.
  6. The secret of harmonious relations. To save your love, the experts advise the couples to actively listen to their partners, ask questions, give answers, evaluate, remain attractive, grow intellectually, give your partner more space, to be honest and trustworthy, to respect, to accept the weaknesses, never be afraid of divorce and say «no» to cheating, and always makes relationships vary.
  7. Affection is not a surety that the marriage will keep going quite a while. Different elements assume critical part as well, including the age of the mate (spouse, who is 9 years or older than his wife will probably separate, the individuals who wed before the age 24 will do likewise). How many marriages the person had before, whether he or she has children from previous marriages, whether he or she has kids from past relational unions, and additionally the budgetary position are likewise critical. The components that don’t influence the accomplishment of a marriage: the quantity of kids and their age, job of wife, and also the quantity of years spent by wife working.
  8. Romantic love usually lasts more than a year, because the brain is not physically able to stay in a state of romantic bliss for more. It requires very strong energy costs. With the weakening of romantic love, there is love affection that appears, thus, to keep this feeling is the goal of each.
  9. Women’s preferences. Women all over the world often fall in love with men with ambition, education, respect and status in society, a good financial situation, sense of humor, as well as those who are above their growth. In addition, women prefer the men who have shapely cheekbones and strong jaw, which indicates a high level of testosterone in the body on a subconscious level. During ovulation, a woman still is actively interested in men with signs of the presence of high levels of testosterone.
  10. New research shows that passion not always disappears in time of relationships. The brain scans showed some activity after the years of relations in the areas of the brain that are responsible for long-term affection and sexual desire.
  11. Probability of love. Researchers from the University of Chicago found that people were twice more likely to find their half through friends and family than a cafe or a disco.
  12. Several lovers. Scientists suggest that most people fall in love about 7 times before they get married.
  13. Men’s coldness. Signs that a man is going to leave: he spends less time with his woman, he is no longer romantic, passionate kisses are becoming fast and cold (in particular, there is no kissing during making love).
  14. Amorous mixture. A well-known symbol of love — Cupid (or Eros), originates from Chaos and is a mixture of forces of love and desire.

If you know more incredible love and relationship facts, welcome to share them and comment on the given info below!

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