11 Myths About Ukrainian & Russian Women for Marriage You Probably Do Not Know About

04.03.2016 | 8:39

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Since Russian brides for marriage are much sought after by men, myths about them and the marriage with the Russian women keep growing like mushrooms with years. Many of them are spread through the clients of international agencies, incompetent people and other speculators who have turned marriage into a real industry. We will open your eyes and help to get rid of the most ridiculous images of lush and stately Russian beauty who can «stop a galloping horse.’ Let’s deal with 11 myths about Ukrainian & Russian women for marriage.

11 Myths About Ukrainian & Russian Women for Marriage You Probably Do Not Know About

Myth 1

Amid the feminism tendencies growing worldwide, Russian women have the glory of beauties that are out of competition, not really corrupted by new ideas, intelligent, sociable, docile (at times) who value family, have children, loving husbands, etc. The beauty of appearance very well come along with the inner qualities at the same time.

Thus, Spanish men find Russian women physically very attractive, burning and gentle, hospitable and eager to meet new people.They think that education in Russia is still free, so the cultural level of Slavic girls is higher. Russian ladies for marriage are addicted to art, music, are great athletes, etc. which is true. the cultural level of Slavic girls is higher

Myth 2

With all the presence of ‘good manners’ Russian women often lose in their external openness. No wonder, they are not used to trust people, not mentioning men. Women smile always attracts and a serious face deters (and it is understandable, because people from the other cultures do not know that to smile for no reason is a sign of something else, but do not the intelligence).

Nevertheless, the myth of excessive severity of Russian women is still alive, though, people tend to refer it to the severe climate. Foreigners are afraid of Ukrainian women or Russians who are difficult to read emotions. They never gesticulate a lot and do not accompany their facial expressions with statements. Some foreigners even  think that a normal conversation between Russians is similar to the unpleasant ‘showdown’.

Foreigners are afraid of Ukrainian women

Myth 3

Sexuality and showing the feelings. The hottest girls in the world are said to be in Cuba. The myth of the Russian girls, cold and reasonable, however, is something absolutely subjective. Simply, Slavic girls try not to show affection in public: kisses and caresses are done in closed and private places. But this is not due to their ‘coolness’. They are educated in a different way, more reserved and careful, prefer to leave the love to the loved, privately.

kisses and caresses are done in closed and private places

Myth 4

Russian women have a strong character and are homemakers. The fact that the family should be in the first place, is a very important indicator for the men from overseas. Russians take too close to heart the problems of their foreign husbands who at first can not understand the reason for the excessive care of them. Then get used to the fact that women treat them like children. This is not like that. This is their manifestation of care that puzzles.

Russian women have a strong character

Myth 5

Most Russians are not aware of the differences between them and the western standard of living, the differences in the relationship between man and woman. Russian women do not believe that their life is not normal. That it is not normal to work from morning till late night, constantly cook, clean, wash, go to work, teach children — and do it all herself which is abnormally. That it is not normal to clean the streets from snow in the terrible cold, etc. Russian think that life in the West is brutal, boring, and this is in spite of the beautiful cars and comfortable homes, etc. Well, like Russian myth that they are endowed with such qualities as honesty, understanding, and that they are not so materialistic, and not adapted to life as people in the West, and that they have their ‘secrets’ and ‘features’ of Slavic soul all that is not quite so either.

Russian think that life in the West is brutal, boring

Myth 6

Russian women marriage often is used as an opportunity to get their ‘dolce vita’ abroad. Some girls pursue personal enrichment and fall for wealthy men. This gave rise to the myth of the selfish purposes of marriages of such girls, surfing the overseas countries to earn money often ending up in prostitution or being limited to a search of millionaires (with the ultimate goal — a divorce). Young girls from 18 and over, trapped in a strip of complete anarchy, are working out a new philosophy of life: to live full.

 'dolce vita'

Myth 7

There are a lot of fraudsters among girls seeking for a husband abroad. Actually it’s not a myth, but a reality. They think the safest way to receive money is to get a lot of foreigners fall in love and send money. Girls that write through agencies or on their own, are asking the representatives for money for various needs, including the arrival to see them. Naturally, nobody comes and the money does not return. The young men are no longer so naive and cautious.

 the safest way to receive money

Myth 8

Another issue is Russian and Ukrainian media which is very critical on the subject of women migration to marry the foreigners. If a few years ago, all the fashion magazines were writing entertaining stories about girls who happened to meet foreigners on tour and stayed with them (always with a happy ending and a bit of a romantic flavor), today you can often come across reports about the American or European crimes or scandals with the Russians involved, etc. The myth of the good life if married to a foreigner is busted which may complicate the relations of international couples who are truly in love.

The myth of the good life

Myth 9

Slavic girls think that all husbands-foreigners are bad, greedy and bloodthirsty. In fact, it’s not quite so. People are people and there are a lot of different people among all nationalities and races. You’ll never know if you get enrolled with a good person or not till you try, indeed.

different people among all nationalities and races

Myth 10

Russian girls do not understand the foreign jokes, have different sense of humor and are easier to get offended. This is ridiculous because sense of humor is a universal notion which has nothing to do with ethnicity, nationality and so on. You simply either have ultimate sense of humor or have not. Slavic girls understand many jokes including black or racist jokes, but of course won’t welcome humiliating and stupid pranks.

Slavic girls understand many jokes

Myth 11

There is a popular myth that a typical Russian woman is a round-faced girl with rosy cheeks, full breasts and a plump figure that creates incredible fantasies in the male heads. In fact, girls there are different just like everywhere around the world. Of course, you can come across a woman with a big buttocks and boobs or with a wasp waist like in the old fashioned movies, but it will be rather an exception.

a woman with a big buttocks and boobs

With the myths explained, you will be more careful in search and choose of a wife from Slavic women. If you have anything to add, just do it, share the info with your friends and comment below. Good luck!

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