11 Commandments for Successful Russian Online Dating You Should Know

15.03.2016 | 8:43

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Today, acquaintance or even marriage with a foreigner will not surprise anybody. You can get acquainted with the representatives of other countries on a trip abroad or at home, walking down the streets of your native city, and so on. However, it is much easier to meet single people through the Internet. You are able to chat among the huge number of people on the Internet, play relationships of your dream, and take serious actions for love and marriage.

If you are interested in dating online for communication, marriage, language learning and traveling together, these 11 commandments for successful Russian online dating rules are for you.

11 Commandments for Successful Russian Online Dating You Should Know

Rules for Russian Brides

Define your goal

In the case that you need to discover a partner for correspondence or learning new dialect, there are individuals who need the same thing. Most outsiders are enrolled on dating sites to clear something up, not really having faith in constructive result, and just 5-10% meet Russian ladies online in reality subsequently. So go ahead to write: ‘I want to meet interesting people to talk, date and marry.’ in your profile with no hesitation. Be precise. You can gain more fans than those ladies who demand only serious relationships in words, but man something different when it comes to an action.

Upload good pictures

Whether you want to date for a serious relationship or communication with the other purposes, an attractive, smiling photo in the profile is required. Make some nice, alive and natural photos. The bright colors of the clothes and the beautiful scenery in the background will look excellent in the search results on the dating website.

The bright colors of the clothes

Reply immediately

If you like someone, reply as soon as possible. Check your e-mail 2-3 times a day. The applicants may write to Russian several brides online, like them at the same time. You can have a lively conversation, while the other lady is waiting for the answer.

Dating for marriage work better if you speak English

Even if the applicant does not really like you, take the opportunity to practice your English. Do not promise him the unforgettable love. Do not believe that approach to meet Russian girls online is necessarily for marriage. If you are ready to start communicating, you can possibly find just a friend or a business partner, etc. Let it be up to him whether he wants to continue the conversation.

Dating for marriage

Use video chat

For Russian women online there is a free online chat that preserves their anonymity and allows communicating in private. To make friends and know each other better, exchange e-mail addresses, talk via Skype or use other online communication. The biggest problem of online Russian brides is that they find it difficult to communicate live with native speakers from Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand or Canada. For the purpose of looking for love and marriage, serious relationships, it is important to demonstrate that you are a real woman, not just a collection of photographs and letters, so do not be afraid to communicate live no matter what. Online community will help to overcome this problem because you’re not alone.

Until you meet in person, it’s all virtual

Do not think that this is true love, not yet been introduced to the admirer in real life. Russian girls online may fall in love before meeting, talking for hours through the camera and Skype. However, strong feelings can arise only with time, so keep them under control. If you want a real relationship, your goal  is meeting in the real world.

Russian girls online

Safety is the most important

Any serious man realizes that for a woman, her safety comes first. You definitely need to talk on the video several times, and ask him to prove his identity, strive for transparency of intentions and not to send address and telephone number first till they’re sure everything is ok. Only when you are 100% sure of the candidate and you have nothing to worry about, only then you should meet in private.

Informal approach works the best

To chat online Russian women often behave too official. In order to attract nice guys it’s better to be easy and enjoy everything without thinking about the result: new profiles, writing the first letters, conversations via web cam and on the phone, arranging meetings, communication in general. If you go on with delight, learning and development of relations with a foreigner will take place naturally.

Always send new photos

Fresh information is needed. If you want the relationship to seem real to him, make new interesting images every day or at least up date your profile once a week. Start with the personal info and the development of communication, send pictures to friends and family. You may check it out from mobile devices, and the web camera should be your best friends in online dating.

 personal info and the development

Men are not trying to offend you

Some girls are constantly offended by boys. They are not trying to hurt you on purpose, they just do not think when they text. The ability to communicate with the opposite sex is a skill, the same as playing sports or driving. Better to let him know how you feel when he says or does certain things, and that you want him to do instead. Learn both how to build and break personal boundaries.

Just do it!

Many Slavic women were able to achieve success in online dating, you can do that too. It does not matter whether you are looking for acquaintance with foreigners living abroad to learn the language or to get married, it is still in your power. Learn the language, you will greatly increase your chances of building a serious relationship with someone from a different culture, be open and do not be afraid to try. Anyone can learn to drive a car or speak 5 languages. Dating is the same — a skill that can be practiced. So, never stop and just do it.

Now that you are aware of the top 11 commandments for successful Russian online dating, you may get to action right away and succeed in search of your true love, serious relations and marriage.

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