10 Secrets To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

24.11.2015 | 3:05

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

Many people do not believe that long distance relationships may work. No wonder, it is sometimes hard to preserve normal relations when you see each other every day not mentioning living on a distance from each other.

long distance relationships may work

However, long distance relationships have a place in normal life and Kovla.com is going to share some secrets how to make long distance relationship work.

  1. Stay normal

Preserving normality is always the hardest part of the long distance relationships. You should learn how to communicate more than once a week. It is better to remind of yourself every day somehow in any convenient or possible way: via phone, chat in Skye, e-mails or instant messengers. Of course it cannot substitute the live communication, but at least you both stay connected.

  1. Maintain communication

Try to work around your schedule. You can always honeslty warn your partner that you are really busy and will call  or e-mail later, etc. When you are not too busy, pick time for leisure or a hobby, reading books, etc. Anyway, do not forget to share it with your partner on distance. Flexibility will be a key to success in this case.

  1.  Visit each other

Do your best to visit the partner as often as you can, do not miss an opportunity to go and see him or her. Do not forget about pleasant gifts or flowers. You may also create a special ritual over your visits to make them though seldom, but really unforgettable. Practice meeting out of home, learn to pack and travel fast and spontaneous, discover new places, etc.

  1. Know each other

Despite the lack of time to deeply communicate, do some activities together to know each other better. You cannot go deeper when you are over the phone or e-mailing all the time, it’s hard. Arrange dates regularly and do mutual activities. Pursue common interests if there are any and get interested in each other’s favorite activities.

  1. Support each other  

Support is an important element of any relationships, do not forget to support each other even on distance. When something happens, no matter good or bad, you may share and support. Do not forget to implement the love letters, sending post cards, gifts and other real tings to each other to make your connection same real.

  1. Take boredom for granted

Celebrate the boring moments of your relations too because boredom is  apart of life and any relationships. It is sometimes normal to get bored. Besides, do not be afraid to discuss it, tell about the most boring days, mundane things normal couples do: grocery shopping, cleaning, rearranging, etc.

  1. Achieve trust

To create trust is the hardest part of any relations, both long distance and normal. You should void temptations and stay honest with the partner. Avoid putting yourself ion such situations that would make you tempted. Stop being too anxious, envious or jealous. Staying calm and being truthful to yourself as well as your partner is the easiest way and always work.

  1.  Take Internet advantages

You may arrange many interesting activities and share it via the i-net. For example, playing computer games, sharing online journal or scrapbooks, social media, calendars, playing intellectual games online, etc. Feeling of commitment and share is the best what you can experience here. Go to sleep together with the help of Internet communication means or sending sms with goodnight wishes, etc.

  1. Learn something together

You can try video conference communication learning something to do it together like cooking, knitting or yoga and enjoy the virtual presence of each other to the fullest as if you are really in one room.

  1. Discuss future

Despite your relations on distance, do not avoid discussing your future. If you are planing something together and see the perspective of such relations in a different — real dimension, that means that despite the distance you manage to preserve relations stronger than some traditional bonds.

To Sum Everything Up

Long distance relationships have place in normal life too. If you are in your distance relations and want to succeed, now that you know the secrets to make long distance relationship work it  will sure make it easier to save and move them into a new level.

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