10 «Bad» Advices That Will Improve Your Privat Life

15.01.2016 | 7:50

Cathleen Nolan


by Cathleen Nolan

If you lack sexual diversity in the normal meaning of the word, you will definitely appreciate some ‘bad’ pieces of advice that will open new horizons in relationships and improve your sexual life, even the most stable one.

10 "Bad" Advices That Will Improve Your Privat Life

№1. Arrange sexual dates

If you live together for years or months, you need to plan dates that are sure to end in bed. Background to have it a lot. If this is not just a triangle-stripped-dinner in bed, it will be much more romantic and desirable. Go to the park for a walk, ride a carousel, or motorcycles, dine in the restaurant, and then get engaged in sex. It will bring you much more romantic feelingd than in normal circumstances. What you are doing before you have lovemaking brings pleasure to both, hence the process itself will cause a lot more emotion.

Spend nights away from home occasionally

№2. Spend nights away from home occasionally

Strange advice, but works best. At least once in every two weeks have the action in unfamiliar surroundings, in the hotel or at the cottage of friends, etc. There are all sorts of romantic options that diversify your love life. According to psychologists, the best experience of making love is the one that couples get now, not yesterday and not tomorrow. In unfamiliar surroundings the brain shuts down and stops thinking about what you would think you do about the house.

For those who have been together for a long time, it’s a good time to change the situation. The best way to get to a place that does not contain the memories of your time spent together. New sensations out of home are the new sensation in intimacy. They may not be the brightest in your life, but still…

Change your bedroom design

№3. Change your bedroom  design

The same pathogen for a long time may be a bored interior, sexologists believe. Your usual bedroom interior can bore both, even if you provided it with the big mirrored ceilings and a romantic twilight. Change the design of your bedroom drastically. For example, replace the pastel colors into bright red or yellow. This simple move can make a difference in your sexual feelings.

№4. Share sexual fantasies

Many people live to a ripe old age, and do not admit to themselves (not to mention the partner) what they want from coitus. Of course, it becomes boring, unless the day you practice the same missionary position in the same bedroom, etc. So please courage and answer each other’s questions: «What would you like to (a) change in making love with me?» You’ll see a discussion of these fantasies with your partner will bring a new tone in your intimate life.

Ask what sex your partner really wants to have

№5. Ask what your partner really wants to have

Perhaps you never asked your sweetheart this simple, but courage question. And thus you do not know what real sexual desires of your partner are. Maybe they coincide with your own sexual desires?

№6. Constantly learn something new in the subject

If you do not do this, the monotony in the intimate life will bore very quickly, even with great love. Read books, buy CDs with new methods, change your underwear, etc. Try the role-playing games in short, constantly experimenting. This will give the newness and brightness of your sexual relations.

onfess in sexual problems if any

№7. Confess in sexual problems if any

You can not ignore the complexity of making love. If you do it all the time, the quality of intimacy is greatly reduced. If this is the problem of health care, you need to take a little break and to cope with them. Do not do it for fear that the partner won’t understand is fundamentally wrong. If the problem will worsen the quality of sex will decline and the situation may arise when making love.

An obstacle to the bright intimate life may be psychological problems too. Then they, too, need to be addressed together. Straight talk, and a visit to the sexologist will help to cope with any tasks on the love area.

Do not hurry

№8. Do not hurry

When the couple is slowly exploring each other and are not in a hurry to take advantage of the most experienced, but the shortest method, it brings pleasure to both. Many couples make the same mistake: they learn what the patner loves and constantly use the same method (or a couple of methods). This is the shortest and true road to pleasure. But such monotony soon becomes boring. In addition, studies show that premature ejaculation in men disappear without treatment as soon as steam starts to slowly experiment. Playfulness, calmness and creativity — these are the three pillars of success.

№9. Do not compare yourself with movie stars

Compare yourself with someone whose level will always be irresistible for you is harmful. It makes no sense to try to look like movie stars or models. The best method to diversify the relationship is to be yourself.

Do not stop

№10. Do not stop

Do not be afraid that any attempt to improve your intimate life will lead you the wrong way. The most interesting road is unbeaten. According to it, move forward, it will bring a lot of interesting things for you and your date or spouse.

You should not stop trying to find a middle ground in love-making and stick to it. Experiment!. This is a grateful way. It is important to constantly learn, work — and then your lovemaking as constant experimentation with a partner you will never get bored or stop loving him/her.


You can read these 10 tips on how to improve your intimate life, and follow them. Or you can come up with your own, even more successful and bright. The main thing is not to stand still, and your success will find you.

Feel free with your comments and do not forget to share the useful tips.

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