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Belarusian Women

What are beautiful Belarusian women like?

Belarus women are a treasure of Eastern Europe that is definitely worth a discovery. Belarus is a much smaller landlocked country that borders Russia. Foreign men usually date Russian women because they are well-known for their stunning appearance and nice character traits. But many men simply do not know about the beauty of Belarusian women, which has its own unique fascination. So what are Belarus women like?

The portrait of a typical Belarusian woman

Belarus women possess unique features that are typical of this part of Easter Europe. What sets them apart from Russian women is a more natural approach towards their looks. They tend to use less makeup and wear less accessories in order to stand out from the crowd. Belarusian women choose a more relaxed style and do not spend all their free time on shopping; they are also less inclined towards swallowing fashion magazines and following the latest trends.

Natural looks and a unique style of Belarusian women

However, Belarus women look very attractive thanks to their natural beauty. There have been many international marriages among Belarusian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian people over the years, so Belarusian women possess a unique mixture of Slavic features that make them look incredibly gorgeous. In this country, you will meet many single blonde ladies with fair complexion and strongly marked bones. What is more, you will find Belarus women attractive not only from a physical standpoint, but also from a personality perspective. In fact, warm and loving souls live in their appealing bodies.

Belarusian women look young until an old age

Belarus women prefer eating healthy food and cook delicious meals on a daily basis. A healthy approach towards cooking helps them look young and attractive until a very old age. Foreign visitors who come to Belarus say that the food in this country does not contain a lot of fat or oil. Belarusian women are still beautiful even when they are 60 years old. The secret of their appeal also lies in regular exercises in gym. Women in Belarus usually go in for sports, starting from an early age, and try to keep fit all the time.

Belarusian women like elegance

Belarus is known worldwide for its strict rules and traditions. This also concerns social stereotypes, of course. As a rule, Belarusian women are well mannered and extremely polite. They also look very feminine, wearing long skirts, fitted dresses and high heels. Even single Belarusian women choose an elegant and exquisite style, unlike Ukrainian women who are more likely to dress in a sexy way. Belarus women tend to look rather decent, less provocative and flashy than other ladies in Eastern Europe. Such style is also reflected in their public behavior: Belarus women are really modest and usually do not like showing off.

Belarusian women are easy-going

Belarusian women might seem rather distanced and even unfriendly at a first glance. However, when a foreign man starts dating a Belarusian woman, he often finds out that he was misled by the first impression. Belarus women are not that serious and cold at all. They are usually nice and polite, they are friendly towards the people who treat them well. When the ice is broken, the date with a Belarusian woman turns into fun. When she gets to know you well, she becomes much more open, cheerful; she will chat a lot with you. A Belarusian woman loves having fun, partying, dancing and sometimes even being in the limelight, becoming the center of your attention. Just give her some time to get used to you, and your Belarusian women will become approachable.

Belarusian women are excellent housekeepers

Performing traditional social roles, most Belarus women respect classical gender roles since their early childhood. Their mothers usually teach Belarusian women by their own example. In most cases, they show perfect understanding, warmness, nice attitude towards their husband and appreciation of his decisions.

Foreign men say that women from Belarus become amazing wives. Belarusian women are called excellent housekeepers and cooks, using secret recipes that their mothers and grandmothers shared with them long ago. They take a very good care of the house and become great mothers. Belarus women love taking care of small children, so there will be no need to hire a nanny. Belarus women love looking after their husbands as well. This appealing feature is the main reason why many foreign men choose Belarusian women to be their loving wives.

Belarusian women expect a man to be a leader in the relationship and become the head of the family. They usually do not tend to take over the responsibility for making decisions and are not likely to make their career a #1 preference. The family in Belarus is considered to be of a much more importance. A Belarusian woman worships her husband and children and does her best to make them happy. By the way, Belarus women keep close relationships with their families even after relocation to another country and will definitely try to establish a good relationship with your parents as well.

Divorce rates are dramatic in Belarus

The Economist says that Belarus obtained the fourth highest place in the world for divorce, behind South Korea, Russia and Aruba. To be honest, Belarus is a world leader in terms of divorce rates. About 35,000 families go through a divorce each year. There are approximately 4.2 divorces per 1,000 citizens.

Beautiful Belarusian women want to marry foreigners

Unfortunately, beautiful Belarusian women are often unable to build a strong family in their home country for a number of reasons, that is why they want to meet a foreign man. Marriages to foreigners are becoming a trend in Belarus. Many Belarusian women believe that meeting a foreign man will change their life entirely. Luckily, foreign men find their love in Belarus, so international marriages are quite often there nowadays.

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