Belarusian wife

Belarusian wife is a dream of many foreign men who are already familiar with this unique land. If you still have no idea who these noble creatures are and what natural beauty and awesome character traits they possess, welcome to – online dating website where you can find the real profiles of Belarusian girls, meet your soulmate and find love.

Choose a girl for marriage and be happy! This will be a good choice if you want your wife of Belarus to be fully engaged in a family. Belarusian wives follow old traditions where the woman takes care of the family and the house while the man is a leader, a breadwinner and guides a woman through life, supporting and protecting her. In response, this lady will give you her best gifts – lots of love and tons of care.

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Why women from Belarus make awesome wives?

Due to their strict traditions and classical gender roles that have remained permanent for many centuries, wives in Belarus possess a number of special features that no other girls have. They are rather conservative and at times timid, but they embrace a great compassion in their big heart. You will see much understanding in the eyes of your Belarusian wife who will listen patiently to you any time you need it, never neglect your feelings or have doubt in your ideas.

In fact, such women are summoned to inspire men, providing light to their way and giving them energy for achieving their goals. You will be surprised in a pleasant way that your wife pays so much attention to satisfying your needs, both expressed and unsaid. You will be happy to feel charged with love that will empower you to overcome any obstacle in your life and reach any level of success.

How to make a beautiful Belarusian girl your wife

Here you will find the tips how to make a beautiful woman of Belarus your wife. Keep them in mind while chatting with pretty single ladies at and choose the right one for marriage!

Tip # 1. Amuse your Belarusian girlfriend

You probably heard that single Belarussian women are rather shy, especially on the first date. If you manage to amuse a girl from Belarus, then you will have more chances to win over her heart than anybody else. Belarussian women might seem wintry at first, but it is only a matter of time that your lady will open her heart. To reveal her inner beauty, start with a compliment on her stunning appearance.

Of course, women are difficult to please with compliments and it is very hard to find the right words. So if you decide to make a compliment, be sincere and think about what you like about your lady, gather the courage to tell her and go on! Try to prove that you really like her. Tell her some funny things that happened in your life and ask her to share the same experience. Listen carefully and look into her eyes. Thus, you will feel when it is the right time to start flirting with her and making jokes.

Tip #2. Do not pressurize a Belarussian girl

A beautiful single lady from Belarus needs more time to get used to a foreign man. In contrast, a Ukrainian wife would probably feel more comfortable with a foreign culture. However, if you want to discover this exceptional Belorussian treasure, arm yourself with patience. Women from this country are very traditional and modest, so let your relationship develop gradually. Do not make her go to bed with you if she is not ready at the beginning of your relationship. Do not press her to report for every second spent without you in the middle of it. Avoid setting strict limits for her in a marriage and let her meet her friends whenever she wants.

Your excessive pressure might scare a girl off. However, make your intentions clear, so that she understands that you are a reliable and a trustworthy person.

Tip # 3. Never play games with her

Do not play games if you want to build a family with a girl from Belarus. If you play tricks, your relationship will go to nowhere. If you start with a lie, it is all likely to end in her tears. For example, you should not say that you just ended a long-term relationship to make her feel sorry for you when it is not true. If you see that the girl is looking for something different in a relationship, do not try to manipulate her. Tell her directly what you are looking for, and discuss with her if it is okay for both of you.

Tip # 4. Buddy up with her family and friends

It is not that hard, despite you are a foreign man. When you come to visit your future Belarusian wife in her home country, establish a trust-based relationship with her. When you start feeling comfortable with each other on a date, ask your girlfriend to invite her friends to her favorite place and hang out with them. If you like her friends, there will be more chances to win her heart, too. Remember, girls often consult with their friends in terms of relationship. So make sure that you make a good impression on them.

In case you have serious intentions and want to make a proposal to your girlfriend, insist on a meeting with her parents. Bring them some presents and show them your respect. This will be a nice gesture. This meeting will increase your chances to win your lady’s heart and finally take your beautiful Belarusian wife home.

What if you have an argument

No matter what happens, always remember that the best weapons in your arsenal are tranquility and patience. Those are not easily achieved, but it is the best way to resolve any conflict. A Belarusian woman is not likely to argue at all, but she is emotional deep inside, as well as a Russian wife. So if you manage to open a Pandora’s box and start arguing with your date or wife, she will recollect all your mistakes and probably think, why should she stay with a guy who has so many shortcomings? This sounds rather stupid, but it is necessary to take such “logic” into account and stay patient, preserving the loving attitude. If you do not swallow her bait, she will calm down very soon.

Using these rules, you will be able to achieve the maximum rapprochement with the girl you like.
Good luck!