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Belarusian lady

A single lady from Belarus can be compared to a hidden treasure. Most foreign men direct their efforts at courting Russian girls, not knowing that they can also meet an amazing harmonious woman from Belarus. What differs Belarusian ladies from other mail-order brides is their natural looks and inborn modesty. These women are incredibly beautiful and elegant. In this country you will hardly ever see a girl who is wearing very provoking clothes. She is also not inclined towards putting on bright make-up, unlike a Ukrainian lady. Nevertheless, ladies of Belarus possess their own unique attraction and become excellent wives.

What does a Belarusian lady look like

Belarusian women are well-known for their natural beauty. They embody the best features of a typical Slavonic appearance: fair complexion and blonde hair that shines like gold. These girls are usually very slim thanks to paying much attention to a healthy lifestyle. A beautiful Belarusian lady starts attending gym since early age and tends to keep fit in the course of all her lifetime.

What is more, she always eats healthy food, while fast-food and fatty products are not her choice. Even at the age of 60 such woman will still keep a good shape, an open mind and prefer an active lifestyle, making regular exercises on a daily basis.

Character traits of Belarusian ladies

Due to the historical factors, Belarus is a country of severe rules and traditions, which greatly affected the outlook and behavior of Belarusian women. They carefully follow their customs and keep their habits. Ladies in Belarus are rather conservative, balanced and very polite by nature. A single lady from Belarus has nice manners, dresses in a decent way without too much extravagance and behaves in a less conspicuous and provocative way than a Russian lady.

Ladies of Belarus successfully participate in all spheres of life. The portrait of a Belarusian woman combines the diversity of modern era. On the one hand, she has a high level of education, professional and personal consistency; she often makes a successful career and pays attention to the spiritual and creative self-development. She has a desire to achieve good results in sports, at work, in social and cultural life. On the other hand, a woman from Belarus is keen on her family and puts much effort into building a strong relationship and raising children, which is good for marriage.

Relationship with a Belarusian lady

You will never forget your first meeting with a Belarussian lady. These women might seem rather unfriendly at first glance, but it is not true. Single ladies in Belarus are quite shy and need some time to come out in the open. Wait for a while, and your date will become agreeable, cheerful, easy-going and chatty. You will soon find her approachable and will be puzzled at how you could ever think that she was wintry. When you take this woman to an offline date, you will see that she loves dancing and having fun, so you will both have a great time partying.

Marriage with a Belarusian lady

Women from this country make excellent spouses. They are the treasure that a foreign man so eagerly wants for marriage. Beautiful Belarusian ladies make faithful, loyal and caring wives. They are brought up with strong family values and a great respect towards a man who is considered to be the breadwinner and the leader. Such woman will open her heart to a man whom she will trust and whom she will be able to follow in life.

If you also believe in traditional gender roles, you will be happy to build a family with a Belarusian woman. Her remarkable homemaking skills will be a pleasant surprise for you. You will also be glad to see how she puts her heart and soul into raising children and making your home the most comfortable place on Earth.

Social activity of Belarusian ladies

Of course, professional and social viability of a Belarusian lady is very important for her self-realization, but it will not be complete without a solid foundation, which is her family and children. However, ladies in Belarus are very active in the social sphere. Approximately one-third has higher education. They are successfully engaged in business, economy, politics, management, advertising, public relations and administration. The proportion of women among the heads of organizations is 47.6%, and among specialists it is 74.5%.

Belarusian women are actively involved in the improvement of their social status and the expansion of social partnership of women's associations with the government. The country has more than 30 women's organizations, and each of them deals with a number of specific projects, aimed at solving various issues. The most relevant and crucial issues in Belarus nowadays are maintenance of the reproductive health of women and fighting domestic violence, which is finally becoming a public issue

Why Belarusian ladies want a foreign husband

Numerous women suffer from domestic violence in Belarus. Every fourth girl is physically abused by her partner. Belarusian women hope to find a decent husband from abroad who will not be inclined towards violence.

Unfortunately, many men become domestic bullies and behave in an offensive way towards their wives. It is often a result of an excessive alcohol consumption, drug addiction, unemployment and economic problems that Belarusian men might face at the age of 30-40. If a man has a lower social status, it may be another source of conflict in a family, especially if it is experiencing financial strain. However, alcohol still remains the main cause of domestic violence. According to the World Health Organization, in 2011Belarus obtained the 10-th place among 188 countries in alcohol consumption.

A Belarusian lady is eager to meet a good-tempered and well-balanced foreign man who will love her. In fact, a man’s strength lies in his ability to love and care, to protect a woman from danger and provide her with a safe shelter, not in being a tyrant and slave-driver. Such lady will give her heart to the man who will also find happiness in building an equitable relationship and creating a strong family.